Gregory J. Wismar

Short Name: Gregory J. Wismar
Full Name: Wismar, Gregory J., 1946-
Birth Year: 1946 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Gregory J. Wismar (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Across the sky the shades of nightGregory J. Wismar, b. 1946 (Author (st. 4))English2
From all Thy saints in warfareGregory J. Wismar, b. 1946 (Author (sts. 14, 24, 27))English2
By all your saints still strivingGregory J. Wismar, b. 1946 (Author (st. 26))English1
From God can nothing move meGregory J. Wismar, b. 1946 (Translator (st. 4-5))English2
Gracious God, You send great blessingsGregory J. Wismar, b. 1946 (Author)English3
In holy conversationGregory J. Wismar (Alterer)English3
We gather in the name of God, our mighty FatherGregory J. Wismar (Author)2
We praise You, Jesus, at Your birthGregory J. Wismar, b. 1946 (Translator (sts. 1, 6))English3

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