Short Name: Wipo
Full Name: Wipo, active 11th century
Birth Year (est.): 1000
Death Year (est.): 1050

Wipo (Wippo or Wigbert), a native of Burgundy, chaplain ot Emperor conrad IIl, A. D. 1000, Authroship is claimed for him, but not definitely estabished.

Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, 1908

Texts by Wipo (14)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christ the Lord is risen again! Christ has broken every chain!Wipo, d. 1050 (Author)English1
Christ the Lord is risen, Ye dear boughtWipo of Burgundy (Author)2
Christ the Lord is risen today, Christians, haste your vows to payWipo of Burgundy (Author)English50
Christian people, sing your praisesWipo (Author (attributed to))English2
Christians, praise the paschal victim (Víctimae Pascháli laudes)Wipo of Burgundy, d. 1048 (Author (attributed to))English, Latin7
Christians, praise the paschal victim! (Victimae Paschali laudes)Wipo of Burgundy (Author)English13
Christo dem Oster-LämmeleinWipo (Author)German2
Chrystus był w śmierci mocyWipo z Burgundii (Author)Polish2
Forth to the Paschal Victim, Christians bringWipo (Author)2
Let Christians all their voices raiseWipo of Burgundy, c. 1000-c. 1050 (Author (attributed to))English3
Nuz velikonocni chvaluWipo (Author)Czech2
Víctimae Pascháli láudesWipo of Burgundy (Author)6
Więc już wielkanocne chwalyWipo (Author)Polish2
Ye dear bought Christians, come and singWipo (Author)English5

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