Kate B. Wilkinson

Short Name: Kate B. Wilkinson
Full Name: Wilkinson, Kate B., 1859-1928
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1928

Little is known about Kate Barclay Wilkinson’s (b. England, 1859; d. Kensington, England, 1928) life: a member of the Church of England, she was involved in a ministry to girls in London and a participant in the Keswick Convention Movement. She was married to Frederick Barclay Wilkinson.

Bert Polman

Texts by Kate B. Wilkinson (4)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إجعلني أنيرKate B. Wilkinson (Author)Arabic1
Keep me shining, LordKate B. Wilkinson (Author)English2
May the mind of Christ, my SaviorKate B. Wilkinson (Author)English, Spanish57
Que el sentir de JesucristoKate B. Wilkinson (Author)Spanish4
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