Charles B. Widmeyer

Short Name: Charles B. Widmeyer
Full Name: Widmeyer, C. B. (Charles Brenton), 1884-1974
Birth Year: 1884
Death Year: 1974

Widmeyer, Charles B. (Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, 1884--California, December 14, 1974). Studied vocal music from age 12 under J.M. Cowgill; at age 15 began teaching classes of his own. First song was written at age 15. The first one published, "Upon the Cross," was written at age 20.

Bachelor of Music degree from Bethany-Peniel, Bethany, Oklahoma. Wrote more than 350 songs; edited or contributed to many songbooks. "Come and Dine" was written following the reading of John 21:12 and his meditation on the similarity between the tired, hungry disciples and people of his day both spiritually and physically hungry; translated into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Serbian.

--E. Roger Taylor, DNAH Archives

Texts by Charles B. Widmeyer (35)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All the treasures of time will decayC. B. Widmeyer (Author)4
Back to the Bible, 'tis the motto we'll obeyC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Beautiful strains of sweet music I hearC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Behold, He weeps over JerusalemC. B. W. (Author)English3
Beyond the golden hue, there lies almost in viewC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Broader than the ocean wideC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English13
Cuando cesen los conflictos de la vida terrenalC. B. Widmeyer (Author)Spanish5
當我跑盡應跑道路 (Dāng wǒ pǎo jǐn yīng pǎo dàolù)Charles B. Widmeyer (Author)Chinese2
From morning's dawn till eveningC. B. Widmeyer (Author)2
Here at times we are so happy that our hearts beat high with joyC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Hoy la mesa lista estáCharles B. Widmeyer (Author)Spanish2
هيأ الفادي الغداءCharles B. Widmeyer (Author)Arabic1
I will sing a song of my happy heavenly homeC. B. Widmeyer (Author)2
In de world dere's much belevinC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
In our Father's house above, filledC. B. Widmeyer (Author)3
In Saint John three and sixteenC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
In the Garden of Eden, God made Him a manCharles B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Jesus has a table spreadC. C. Widmeyer (Author)English67
Jesus is calling, O come unto meC. B. Widmeyer (Author)2
Just beyond the silent river, Where the sages weep no moreC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Lean harder on Jesus, he'll care for theeC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English3
Led by God's almighty handC. B. Widmeyer (Author)5
On the cross of Calvary, Jesus shed His blood for me (Widmeyer)C. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
One bright and blessed morn, the Son of God was bornC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Someone will knock at the beautiful gateC. B. W. (Author)English5
Steadily marching on in the name of Christ our KingC. B. W. (Author)English2
سوف ينتهي العناءCharles B. Widmeyer (Author)Arabic1
The rugged cross uplifted highC. B. Widmeyer (Author)2
There's a call comes ringing throughout earth's domainC. B. W. (Author)English2
There's a place in the ranks to be filled todayC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English9
There's a vacant place to be filled once moreC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English2
Upon the cross my Savior died, upon the cross was crucifiedC. B. Widmeyer (Author)2
We will preach the four fold Gospel, of our heaven ascended LordC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English4
Wenn des Lebens Kampf vorüberC. B. Widmeyer (Author)German1
When the toils of life are over, And we lay our armor downC. B. Widmeyer (Author)English42
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