William Whittingham

Short Name: William Whittingham
Full Name: Whittingham, William, -1579
Birth Year (est.): 1524
Death Year: 1579
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Texts by William Whittingham (20)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Those that do put their confidenceW. W. (Author)English1
Ascribe to God, ye sons of menWilliam Wittingham (Alterer)English2
Attend my people and give earW. W. (Author)English2
I to the hills will lift mine eyes, From whence doth come my aidW. Whittingham (Author)English2
യി-സ്രായേലിന്നു സത്യം ചൊല്ലട്ടെ (Yisrāyēlinnu satyaṁ ceāllaṭṭe)William Whittingham (Author)Malayalam2
Behold and have regardW. W. (Author)English3
Blessed are they that perfect areWilliam Whittingham (Author)English3
Except the Lord the house doth makeWilliam Whittingham (Author)English3
Grudge not to see the wicked menWilliam Whittingham (Author)3
I lift mine eyes to Zion hillW. W. (Author)English3
Lord to thee I make my moanW. W. (Author)English3
O how happy a thing it isW. W. (Author)English3
O Lord consider my distressW. W. (Author)3
The Lord is only my supportWilliam Whittingham (Author)3
The mighty God, The Eternal hath thus spokeW. W. (Author)3
When as we sat in BabylonWilliam Whittingham (Author)English3
When Israel by God's addressW. W. (Author)English3
When that the LordW. W. (Author)English3
Now Israel may say, and that trulyW. Whittingham (Author)English7
The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want; He makes me down to lie (Rous)William Whittingham (Author)English17

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