Rae E. Whitney

Short Name: Rae E. Whitney
Full Name: Whitney, Rae E., 1927-
Birth Year: 1927
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Texts by Rae E. Whitney (62)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A small thing like a hazelnutRae E. Whitney (b. 1927) (Author)3
[A Sower Went Forth to Sow, He Did]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
[Because He Was the Son of God]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
Beloved Jesus, shepherdRae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Versifier)English2
Christ has promised to be preasentRae E. Whitney (Author)English3
Christmas has its cradle, where a Baby cried;Rae E. Whitney (Author)3
[Create in Me, O Lord]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
Dear Lord, I believe and I trust in your promiseRae E. Whitney (Versifier)English2
[Dear Lord of All, Come Near to Me]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
Excelso Deus, Senhor da Eternidade (God in the highest, Lord of all, we praise you)Rae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Versifier)English, Portuguese3
For God so loved the world (Whitney)Rae E. Whitney (Author)2
From all the world's temptationsRae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Versifier)English3
[Give With Simplicity]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
[God Made Us in His Image]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
[God Placed Our Fragile World]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
Grant us wisdom to perceive youRae Whitney (Author)English2
[Have Mercy, Lord, Have Mercy]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
How the years are swiftly passing! (Vão-se os anos, vão-se as eras)Rae E. Whitney (Versifier)English, Portuguese2
[I Built My House on Rock]Rae E Whitney (Author)English3
[I Lift My Eyes to See]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[I Never Asked for Sight]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[I Went, Lord, to the Temple]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
[In Everything Give Thanks] (Whitney)Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
In silver light of early morningRae E. Whitney (Versifier)English2
[I've Eaten Honey from the Comb]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
[Jehovah Is Our Shepherd Still]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[King Jesus Went Sailing on Lake Galilee]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
Let us come now to the kingdomRae E. Whitney, b. 1926 (Author)English2
Lord God, you now have set your servant freeRae E. Whitney (Paraphraser)English8
[Lord, Light Your Lamp]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
Lord, make me an alleluiaRae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[Mary Magdalene Had Come]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
"My elder son, go work todayRae E. Whitney, b. 1926 (Author)English3
[My Soul Proclaims God's Greatness]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
Myrrh-bearing Mary from Magdala cameRae E Whitney (Author)English4
O come, let us sing with the saints at God's throneRae E. Whitney (Versifier)English2
[O Come to the House of the Lord]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[O Eve and Adam, I Give You this Garden]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
O my God and King and SaviorRae. E. Whitney (Author)2
O what pain, what bitter anguishRae E. Whitney (Versifier)English2
[Old Year, Take Off My Temper]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
Qual mirra fragrante (Like myrrh's precious fragrance)Rae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Versifier)English, Portuguese3
Redeem the time, my friend (Redime o tempo)Rae E. Whitney (Versifier)English, Portuguese3
Que estou fazendo se sou cristão?Rae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Versifier)Portuguese1
Sunday's Palms are Wednesday's ashesRae E. Whitney (Author)English4
Take up the song, and sing the praise of GodRae E. Whitney (b. 1927) (Author)4
[Teach Us to Laugh Amid Our Tears]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
[That King, Before Whose Majesty]Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[The Holy Gifts of God]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
The Lord is my Savior, who saves me from sinRae E. Whitney, b. 1926 (Author)English2
They disbelieved for joyRae E. Whitney,b. 1927 (Author)English2
[They Have No Wine]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
To hail the MessiahRae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Versifier)English2
To love just those who love youRae E Whitney (Author)English3
We are stewards of God's graceRae E. Whitney (Author)English2
What are these wounds in your hands, dear Saviour?Rae E. Whitney, 1927- (Paraphraser)2
[Whatsoever things are true] (Whitney)Rae E. Whitney (Author)English2
[When Abraham Met Three Strangers]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
When the voices of believersRae E. Whitney (Versifier)English2
Without the Fire, there is no BurningRae E. Whitney, b. 1927 (Author)2
[Woman Bent Double]Rae E Whitney (Author)English2
Young Mary lived in NazarethRae E. Whitney (Author)2
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