C. E. F. Weyse

C. E. F. Weyse
Short Name: C. E. F. Weyse
Full Name: Weyse, C. E. F. (Christoph Ernst Friedrich), 1774-1842
Birth Year: 1774
Death Year: 1842

Weyse, Christoph Ernst Friedrich; b. Mar. 5, 1774, Altona (now in W. Germany), d. Oct. 8, 1842, Copenhagen; Danish composer of German extraction

Tunes by C. E. F. Weyse (11)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A life together in love and troth]C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)453143 25653 16554
CHEERFULNESSC. E. F. Weyse (Composer)355432 43567 17652
CHRISTMAS BRINGS JOYChristopher E. F. Weyse (Composer)731353 12316 65432
DEN SIGNEDE DAGC. E. F. Weyse, 1774-1842 (Composer)3313335 51653 65542
INGEMANN (Weyse)Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse (Composer)351711 22353 21761
[Lo, the Lord extends His hand]C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)432565 12346 53243
[Now bells are ringing far and wide]C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)251525 17124 3
[Skulde jeg min Gud ei prise] (Weyse)C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)315136 54325 56714
[The flowers now awaken, refreshed by morning dew]C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)453234 51366 66532
[Vor Jesus kan ei noget Herberg finde] (Weyse)C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)213211 23456 43253
[Ye birds, awake, for dawn is near]C. E. F. Weyse (Composer)253176 51235 54323

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