Clair Weldon

Short Name: Clair Weldon
Full Name: Weldon, Clair, 1928-2007
Birth Year: 1928
Death Year: 2007 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Clair Weldon (23)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
"¡A Cristo, oh mundo entero!"Clair E. Weldon, 1928- (Translator)Spanish2
A este niño da, oh DiosClair Weldon (Translator (Spanish))Spanish2
Al daros el ConsoladorClair Weldon (Translator)Spanish2
Con firmeza y fe andemos en uniónClair Weldon (Paraphraser)Spanish2
Con tu Espíritu ven a tocarmeClair Weldon (Translator (Spanish))Spanish2
Cristo se baja a la varClair Weldon (Translator)Spanish2
Cual hermanos elevemosClair Weldon (Translator)Spanish2
¡Cuán admirable amor, nos ofreces, Señor!Clair E. Weldon, 1928- (Translator)Spanish2
Cuán tiernamente Jesús hoy nos llamaClair E. Weldon, 1928- (Translator (es. 3))Spanish1
Dios que a todos ves preciososClair E. Weldon, 19828- (Translator)Spanish2
Escuchad, Jesús nos diceClair E. Weldon, 1928- (Translator (es. 3))Spanish1
Estupendas y vastas sonClair Weldon (Translator)Spanish2
For the Book of Mormon's witnessClair Weldon, 1928 - (Author)2
Great and marvelous are Thy works, O Lord of hosts, almighty One!Clair E. Weldon, 1928-2007 (Translator (Spanish))English1
Jesús la luz del universo eresClair E. Weldon, 1928- (Author)Spanish2
Kneels at the feet of his friendsClair E. Weldon, 1928-2007 (Translator (Spanish))English1
Lord, who views all people preciousClair E. Weldon, 1928-2007 (Translator (Spanish))English1
Oh, qué privilegio estarClair Weldon (Translator)Spanish2
Puedo oír tu voz llamandoClair E. Weldon, 1928- (Translator (es. 3-5))Spanish1
Te loamos, Dios excelsoClair Weldon (Translator)Spanish2
There's an old, old path Where the sun shines throughClair E. Weldon, 1928-2007 (Translator (Spanish))English1
Touch me, Lord, with thy Spirit eternalClair E. Weldon, 1928-2007 (Translator (Spanish))English1
Una senda hayClair E. Weldon, 1928- (Translator)Spanish2
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