Charles F. Weigle

Short Name: Charles F. Weigle
Full Name: Weigle, Charles F. (Charles Frederick), 1871-1966
Birth Year: 1871
Death Year: 1966 does not have biographical information about this person.

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أحيا لربي في سلامCharles F. Weigle (Author)Arabic1
Cristo hallome en la miseria y el pecadoCharles F. Weigle (Author)Spanish2
Do not worry about tomorrowCharles F. Weigle (Author)English3
Give me the mind of the MasterCharles F. Weigle (Author)English2
God changeth notCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
God has given us a message for the nationsCharles F. Weigle (Author)English2
I am happy in JesusCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
I have a Friend in whom I am confidingCharles F. Weigle (Author)English3
I have found a hiding place when sore distrestCharles F. Weigle (Author)English9
I shall rise to meet my KingCharles F. Weigle (Author)4
I sing of Thee, O blessed ChristCharles F. Weigle (Author)English3
I want my Savior near me with his hand in mineC. F. W. (Author)English2
I was so lonely, so very lonelyC. F. W. (Author)English13
I will follow where He leadethCharles F. Weigle (Author)English2
I would love to tell you what I think of JesusC. F. Weigle (Author)English49
If Jesus leads this armyC. F. W. ("Furnished by")English1
If while fighting for our Savior on the battlefield belowCharles F. Weigle (Author)English2
If you should ask me why the Savior died for meCharles F. Weigle (Author)English3
I'm on the sunny side (Chorus) Charles F. Weigle (Author)English1
In Jesus I am trustingC. F. W. (Author)English4
I've found the old way to the city of goldCharles F. Weigle (Author)3
I've found the Savior, and I'm happy now in HimC. F. W. (Author)English11
Jesus, Savior I am leavingC. F. W. (Arranger)English2
Jesus was rich; He became poorC. F. W. (Author)English7
كم أود أن أشيد بيسوعيCharles F. Weigle (Author)Arabic1
Life everlasting JesusCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
Living for Jesus O what peaceC. F. Weigle (Author)English22
My life is not what it used to beC. F. W. (Author)English15
My sins have been cast in the depths of the seaC. F. W. (Author)English6
O brother, the Savior is callingC. F. Weigle (Author)English2
O church of the living GodC. F. W. (Author)English3
O Spirit, come, descend upon my heartCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
O I love to walk with JesusC. F. W. (Author)English42
¡Oh! yo quiero andar con CristoCharles F. Weigle (Author)Spanish6
Once I was sad, my heart was sore distressedC. F. W. (Author)English2
Once my life was like a dreary wildernessCharles F. Weigle (Author)4
讓我向你述說主耶穌的寶貴 (Ràng wǒ xiàng nǐ shùshuō zhǔ yēsū de bǎoguì)Charles F. Weigle (Author)Chinese2
Since I started on my journey toward the heavenly landCharles F. Weigle (Author)English4
Since Jesus is living withinCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
Someone is living not far from meCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, on Him I relyCharles F. Weigle (Author)3
There's a promise I have foundC. F. W. (Author)English4
There's a thrill in my soulCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
There's an old, old story of grace and gloryCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
There's something to do for JesusCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
Waiting on the Lord, for the promise givenC. F. W. (Author)English31
We have met once more on the old camp-groundCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
Weary one, Jesus is calling to restCharles F. Weigle (Author)English15
When our faith in God is clearCharles F. Weigle (Author)4
When the days are drear, and no friends are nearC. F. W. (Author)English4
When you start for heavenCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
While living here below, you'll see much sin and woeC. F. W. (Author)English2
While traveling the heavenly roadCharles F. Weigle (Author)2
我歌頌你,尊貴的主 (Wǒ gēsòng nǐ, zūnguì de zhǔ)Charles F. Weigle (Author)Chinese2
Wondrous grace hath blest my soulCharles F. Weigle (Author)3
Ya no es mi vida cual antes fuéCharles F. Weigle (Versos)Spanish2
Yo quisiera hablarte del amor de CristoC.F.W. (Author)Spanish5
You need never be in doubtCharles F. Weigle (Author)2

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