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Short Name: W. S. Weeden
Full Name: Weeden, W. S. (Winfield S.), 1847-1908
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year: 1908

Winfield S. Weeden was born in 1847 in Middleport, OH. In his early life he was active in teaching singing schools throughout that area in Ohio. As singer and associate to Judson VandeVenter in his evangelistic campaigns, Weeden assisted in meetings at East Palestine and Sebring. He compiled several collections of hymns among them The Peacemaker, Songs of the Peacemaker, and Songs of Sovereign Grace. Weeden died in 1908. (see 101 More Hymn Stories, Osbeck, Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 1985)

Mary Louise VanDyke

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[A little while with Jesus]W. S. Weeden (Composer)353453 24432 76556
[All my sins I bring to Jesus]W. S. Weeden (Composer)232317 12243 42143
[Are thy days full often drear]W. S. Weeden (Composer)233556 65176 56543
[Around the world the chorus rings] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)551767 17621 56712
[As I drift upon life's billows]Winfield Scott Weeden (Composer)713544 53135 33221
[Burn every heart with quenchless love]W. S. Weeden (Composer)253456 62234 56765
[Buy up the opportunity] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)355312 17777 47655
[Christian, how can you stand waiting]W. S. Weeden (Composer)235123 12117 61577
[Come, sinners, to the gospel feast] (51234)W. S. Weeden (Arranger)351234 56531 12715
[Fall in! ye soldiers of the Lord!]W. S. Weeden (Composer)351535 12334 41433
[For Christ and for the church of Christ]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[For me, for me, this holy calm]W. S. Weeden (Composer)211365 33211 13516
[God give us homes, homes where the Bible is honored]W. S. Weeden (Composer)5
[God's word, as a lamp to the feet]W. S. Weeden (Composer)3
[Hail! bearer of the cross]W. S. Weeden (Composer)217167 55443 23121
[Hark! the gracious proclamation]W. S. Weeden (Composer)212312 34234 51432
[Have you heard the voice of Jesus] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)3853655 36571 55655
[He will gently, gently lead thee]W. S. Weeden (Composer)3
[Hear your blessed Master pleading]W. S. Weeden (Composer)254333 23517 61765
[How often in moments of sorrow]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255451 23212 32167
[How precious the love of my Savior]W. S. Weeden (Composer)253213 21355 43221
[I am here to search for jewels]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[I am walking thro' this earth-life]Winfield Scott Weeden (Composer)634554 33223 44323
GREENLAND (Haydn)W. S. Weeden (Adapter)235555 13322 44323
[I have found a friend divine] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)1151123 11522 34225
[I hear the heavenly bells tonight]W. S. Weeden (Composer)356535 12334 56532
[I know I love Thee better, Lord] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)313332 34535 54324
[I never can forget the day] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)4933451 71244 47665
[I see the days glide down the West]W. S. Weeden (Composer)633323 44322 21233
[I stand; but not as once I did]W. S. Weeden (Composer)355565 35111 71655
[I wandered in the shades of night]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[I'm glad I've got religion]W. S. Weeden (Arranger)255313 55353 13225
[Impatient heart, be still, be still]W. S. Weeden (Composer)355653 32122 34342
[Jesus alone came down from above]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[Jesus, see me at Thy feet] (Slater)W. S. Weeden (Arranger)255352 34332 12671
[Just a little sunshine song]W. S. Weeden (Composer)4
[Lift up your heads, ye pilgrims]W. S. Weeden (Composer)613515 11232 17136
[My heart is full of gladness]W. S. Weeden (Composer)355653 21146 16556
[My pain and sorrows will be over]W. S. Weeden (Composer)453334 32315 22123
[My son, dost Thou dwell in a country afar]W. S. Weeden (Composer)453333 21216 16671
[My soul is panting to be free]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255176 16533 21235
[The Savior's arms are opened wide] Winfield Scott Weeden (Composer)813556 53123 33221
[Not all the gold of all the world]W. S. Weeden (Composer)213334 32135 55655
[O the cross of Jesus lifts me]W. S. Weeden (Composer)234556 53555 12165
[O weary one falling]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255555 43444 43233
[O we're a loyal army]W. S. Weeden (Composer)253215 65567 13256
[O that I knew where I might find] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)253656 12332 56455
[Our Savior, 'tis of Thee]W. S. Weeden (Composer)3
[Precious Savior, I would know Thee]W. S. Weeden (Composer)232432 13223 42123
[Ring out, ring out ye gospel bells]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255565 13556 53155
[Sing, happy song, in my heart tonight]W. S. Weeden (Composer)332156 71235 55444
[A bud the gardener gave me]Winfield Scott Weeden (Composer)353312 15561 16155
[Sinner, Jesus pleads with thee]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[Some day, when time shall be no more]W. S. Weeden (Composer)333155 61332 34432
[Somebody did a golden deed] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)6633333 3215
[Spirit of holiness, I come in my distress]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
SUNLIGHT (Weeden)Winfield S. Weeden (Composer)9751112 33345 55655
[Sunshine, sunshine in my soul to-day]W. S. Weeden (Composer)217654 44447 65434
SURRENDER (Weeden)Winfield S. Weeden (Composer)22233432 23211 43231
[Take hold of the promise of Jesus]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[Take my life, and let it be] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)213556 65123 54321
[Tell it out among the people that the Lord is King] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)234555 56551 17771
[The bread that bringeth strength I want to give]W. S. Weeden (Composer)4
[The dear loving Saviour has found me]W. S. Weeden (Composer)4855123 33315 57244
[The gospel songs of saving grace]W. S. Weeden (Composer)212333 45653 22123
[The paschal lambs in silence pointed]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255123 32343 11216
[The sin taint of earth is still clinging]W. S. Weeden (Composer)233234 32313 45456
[The storm sweeps over Galilee]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255531 21114 56655
[The storms of life beat high and strong] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[The world was all I cared for in the past]W. S. Weeden (Composer)251117 61765 56665
[There came one running eagerly]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[There is One to our hearts most precious]W. S. Weeden (Composer)333555 66533 35231
[There went to the temple to offer up prayer]W. S. Weeden (Composer)351111 11171 12221
[There's never a pathway so lonely]W. S. Weeden (Composer)4
[These bodies of ours are the temples]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
CHICHEN ITZAW. S. W. (Arranger)151173 66533 34322
[Thou knowest all about me]W. S. Weeden (Composer)232143 25566 65431
[Tossed on the waves of this life's story sea]W. S. Weeden (Composer)2
[Unspotted is the fear of God] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)411712 22123 56643
[Wake! weary Bride, from slumber]W. S. Weeden (Composer)253231 21231 16552
[Was it for me that Jesus died]W. S. Weeden (Composer)334455 66556 71216
WASECAW. S. Weeden (Composer)253215 65243 34265
[We are soldiers of the King] (Weeden)W. S. Weeden (Composer)354321 35176 54562
[We lay our dear ones down to rest]W. S. Weeden (Composer)234323 16552 32716
[We pass along through toil and care]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255775 51133 22665
[We've enlisted in the army of the Lord]W. S. Weeden (Composer)454321 23543 22344
[What makes the Christian happy]W. S. Weeden (Composer)255531 21561 76555
[What though sad may be my plight]Winfield Scott Weeden (Composer)455533 33112 17655
[When Jehovah passed through Egypt]W. S. Weeden (Composer)256531 23554 53422
[Hark! I hear Hope sweetly singing]W. S. Weeden (Arranger)232132 16151 13322
[When we see the King of kings appear]W. S. Weeden (Composer)434555 65321 11165
[When you see a mighty forest]W. S. Weeden (Composer)312315 12326 67151
[Why should I fear that the way will be dreary]W. S. Weeden (Composer)1
[Will Jesus hear me when I pray?]W. S. Weeden (Composer)433565 12347 12333
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