W. S. Weeden

Short Name: W. S. Weeden
Full Name: Weeden, W. S. (Winfield S.), 1847-1908
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year: 1908

Winfield S. Weeden was born in 1847 in Middleport, OH. In his early life he was active in teaching singing schools throughout that area in Ohio. As singer and associate to Judson VandeVenter in his evangelistic campaigns, Weeden assisted in meetings at East Palestine and Sebring. He compiled several collections of hymns among them The Peacemaker, Songs of the Peacemaker, and Songs of Sovereign Grace. Weeden died in 1908. (see 101 More Hymn Stories, Osbeck, Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 1985)

Mary Louise VanDyke

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