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Carl Maria von Weber
Short Name: Carl Maria von Weber
Full Name: Weber, Carl Maria von, 1786-1826
Birth Year: 1786
Death Year: 1826

Carl Maria von Weber; b. 1786, Oldenburg; d. 1826, London

Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, 1908

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Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber (18 or 19 November 1786 – 5 June 1826) was a German composer, conductor, virtuoso pianist, guitarist, and critic who was one of the first significant composers of the Romantic era. Best known for his operas, he was a crucial figure in the development of German Romantische Oper (German Romantic opera).

Tunes by Carl Maria von Weber (22)AsInstancesIncipitsort ascending
[Ein treues Herz bleibt stark in Mut und Hoffen]C. M. von Weber (Composer)255531 32123 11712
WEBER (55365)Carl M. von Weber, 1786-1826 (Composer)955365 17671 76536
EPHESUS (Auber)C. M. Von Weber (Composer)254333 33456 55432
[There is a happy home]Von Weber (Composer)453453 17671 77717
[In the cross of Christ I glory] (Weber)C. M. Von Weber (Composer)453154 22551 11755
JEWETT (Weber)Carl Maria von Weber (Arranged from)27053132 43231 35543
GRACE AT MEALSVon Weber (Composer)251555 25555 56155
HORTON (Schnyder)Carl Maria von Weber, 1786-1826 (Composer)951311 65542 31657
FLOTOWCarl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) (Composer)251143 21123 33212
[I'll hie me down to yonder bank]Weber (Composer)251117 17655 11212
VERMONT (Weber)Carl Maria von Weber, 1786-1826 (Composer)335654 65435 67176
EVENING PRAYER (Weber)Carl Maria von Weber, 1786-1826 (Composer)435654 65435 672
[Again, as evening's shadow falls] (Weber)von Weber (Composer)235565 46543 56672
HINGHAM (Weber)Weber (Composer)234321 76567 13532
[Eternal are thy mercies, Lord] (Weber)Weber (Composer)633455 36553 17767
[O thou heir of heaven]Weber (Composer)233335 32254 33333
SEYMOUR (Weber)Carl Maria von Weber (From)45832436 53233 33471
[Jesus, the Conqueror, reigns]Von Weber (Composer)213513 53175 426
[Die Sonn' erwacht!]K. M. v. Weber (Composer)113455 72354 4317
[Wir wollen naus in Garten und wolln des Sommers warten]C. M. v. Weber (Composer)213256 56715 53321
WILMOT (Weber)Carl Maria von Weber (Arranged from)18013215 13215 61533
MANOAH (Greatorex)Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) (Arranger)512321 77662 3432

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