Christopher Webber

Short Name: Christopher Webber
Full Name: Webber, Christopher, 1932-
Birth Year: 1932 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Christopher Webber (31)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
JehovĂ¡ es mi luz y mi saludChristopher L. Webber (Author (English version))Spanish1
All peoples, clap your hands, And shout with joy and singChristopher Webber (Author)English2
As deer long for the streams, O LordChristopher Webber (Author)English2
Do you not know that all who were baptizedChristopher Webber (Author)English2
Each good and perfect giftChristopher Webber (Adapter)English2
Fret not for those who do wrong thingsChristopher Webber (Author)English2
Give judgement, LORD, for I have livedChristopher L. Webber (Author)English2
God's law is perfect and gives lifeChristopher Webber (Author)English2
How can we thank our GodChristopher Webber (Author)English2
I plead my innocenceChristopher Webber (Author)English2
I will give thanks with my whole heartChristopher L. Webber (Author)English2
Let us draw near the throne of GodChristopher L. Webber (Versifier)English2
O God, You are my God; I seek You eagerlyChristopher Webber (Author)2
O hear, all people in the worldChristopher L. Webber (Author (sts. 1-3))English2
Show us, O Lord, your steadfast loveChristopher L. Webber (Author)2
The God and Father of our Lord and Savior Christ be praisedChristopher Webber (Adapter)2
The heavens above declare God's praiseChristopher Webber (Author)English2
The Lord's my Shepherd, all my needChristopher L. Webber (Author)English2
Then let us glory in the crossChristopher Webber (Author (vvs. 2-5))English2
There will be signs in sun and moonChristopher Webber (Author)2
This we proclaim about the Word of lifeChristopher Webber (Adapter)English2
Those who are holy, loved of GodChristopher L. Webber (Author)English2
When God our Savior's love for usChristopher Webber (Author)English2
When Herod reigned in IsraelChristopher Webber (Adapter)English2
Your word, O God, a living swordChristopher L. Webber, 1932- (Author)English2
Have mercy in your goodness, LordChristopher L. Webber (Author)English3
On a barren hilltop Christopher Webber (Author)English3
The kingdom of our God is likeChristopher L. Webber (Adapter)English3
To you, O Lord, we lift our eyesChristopher L. Webber (Author)English3
Lord, who may dwell within Your houseChristopher L. Webber (Author)English5
Lord, why have You forsaken meChristopher Webber (Author)English7
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