Barney Elliott Warren

Barney Elliott Warren
Short Name: Barney Elliott Warren
Full Name: Warren, Barney Elliott, 1867-1951
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1951

Barney Elliott Warren was an American Christian hymnwriter and minister.

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Barney Elliott Warren was an American Christian hymnwriter and minister. He was born in Lewiston, New York on February 20, 1867. In 1884, during a revival meeting at Grand Junction near Bangor, Michigan, he converted to the Church of God of Anderson, Indiana. Two years later, he joined Daniel Sidney Warner as a bass in his company of singers. He married Nannie Kigar, another member of that company. He served as minister and pastor to several congregations. From 1888 to 1940, he worked on song books and hymnals for the Gospel Trumpet Company, the publishing arm of that Church of God. He died on April 21, 1951 in Springfield, Ohio, and is buried in Vale Cemetery there. He has been credited with writing either the words or the music or both for more than 2000 hymns and children's songs; but a

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كلمة الرب ترينا في الأرض لنا آلامBarney Elliott Warren (Author)Arabic1
ملابسا بيضاءBarney Elliott Warren (Author)Arabic1
A fount of cleansing flows so freeB. E. W. (Author)English4
A glorious blessing bestowed upon meB. E. W. (Author)English6
A precious rose-bud, plucked from earthB. E. Warren (Author)English2
A ruler in Judah came humbly one nightB. E. W. (Author)English2
A terrible scene is before meB. E. W. (Alterer and Author (stanzas 6, 7, and Chorus))English2
All but Christ, the wondrous secretBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Almost decided, sinnerB. E. W. (Author)English4
¿Amas tú al mundo con su maldad?Barney Warren (Author)Spanish2
Are we in this world of sorrowBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Are you building on the Rock eternal?B. E. W. (Author)English13
Are you living, my belovedB. E. W. (Author)English2
Are you not weary and tired of your sinBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Are you ready when the Bridegroom comes?B. E. W. (Author)5
As the pure glowing sky on a clear summer dayBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English3
Ask, and it shall be given you, brotherBarney E. Warren (Author)English9
Auf dem Altar bleibe ichBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Auferstanden, sprach der EngelBarney E. Warren (Author)3
"Be not afraid, 'tis I, 'tis IB. E. W. (Author)English4
Be thou ready, he doth callBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Beautiful Christ; a Savior trueB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Beautiful holiness! theme of the BibleBarney E. Warren (Author)English5
Beautiful robes so whiteBarney E. Warren (Author)English54
Beder. saa slal der gives digBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Behold the dear Lord on the crossB. E. W. (Author)English2
Behold what love, yes, love divineBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
Bitte, mein Bruder, dir wird gegebenBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Blessed God of mercy, as we start in lifeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, I am bringingB. E. W. (Author)English4
Blessed Redeemer, I love Thee so wellB. E. W. (Author)English4
Blow the gospel trumpet, brother, over land and seaBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
By the grace of God I am saved todayB. E. W. (Author)English6
Can I defeat my Savior's planB. E. W. (Author)English5
Cast thy bread upon the water 'Twill return in many daysB. E. W. (Author)English4
Cast your care on Jesus, trust him nowB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Charity suffereth long and is kind (Warren)B. E. Warren (Author)English2
Child of God, thou ’rt called for serviceB. E. W. (Author)English3
Christian, when thy way seems darkestB. E. W. (Alterer)English2
Clouds are enfolding that gatherB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Come, all together nwBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Come, all ye broken heartedB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Come and reason now with meB. E. W. (Author)English2
Come brethren, all, in phalanx strongB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Come Home, poor sinner to the Lord (Warren)B. E. Warren (Author)English2
Come, little children, to JesusB. E. W. (Author)English2
Come, my child, for I will teach theeBarney E. Warren (Author)English2
Come, prodigal child, to your FatherB. E. Warren (Author)English4
Come to the fountain so full and so freeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Come unto me, the Savior criesB. E. W. (Alterer)English1
Come worship the Lord, the gracious One is heBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Come, ye prodigal in sin, far awayB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Coming home from far awayBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Das Kindlein, das verschiedenBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Den heilgen Gottessohn ich seh'Barney E. Warren (Author)2
Der Arm des Herrn erh'lt michBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Do you love the world, in its pomp and show?Barney E. Warren (Author)English5
Do you see the Fountain open wide todayB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Du kannst heute sein deines Heils gewissBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Durch die Gnade sind meine Fuess' gestelltBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Ein Loblied Jesu steig' emporBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
Er ist m'chtig, zu erloesen dichBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Erkennt doch die Treue unsres Herrn und HortsBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Es gibt eine St'tte, wo Engel sindBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Eternity draws nearBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
Eternity! no mortal knowsB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Every hour for Jesus, shall my motto beBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English6
Far away among the angelsB. E. W. (Author)English5
Far away beyond life's oceanBarney E. Warren (Author)1
Farewell, dear friends, a long farewellB. E. W. (Alterer)English5
Father, mother, sister, brotherB. E. W. (Author)English2
Following Jesus, following JesusB. E. W. (Author)4
For me the blessed Savior cameB. E. W. (Author)English5
Forward, forward is the battlecryB. E. W. (Author)English6
Fremad, fremad, er vort Krigsraab herBarney E. Warren (Author)2
From afar in that city of lightB. E. Warren (Author (chorus))English2
From the shining courts aboveBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Égi kegyelem, ami ért engemBarney Elliott Warren (Author)Hungarian2
Glorious things are spoken of theeB. E. W. (Author)English4
Glory to God in the highest, Said the angels to the shepherds on the plainB. E. W. (Author)English5
榮耀歸與至高神!榮耀歸神!榮耀歸神 (Glory to God in the highest)B. E. Warren (Author)Chinese2
God is my keeper, whom shall I fear?B. E. W. (Author)English4
God loves my soulBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
God's arms are underneath meBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
God's children were scattered in Babel so coldBarney E. Warren (Author)2
God's love divine has won my heartB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Hör' des Geistes sanften Ruf, Jesus bittet für dichBarney Elliott Warren (Author)German3
Halleluja, froh erklingt unser LiedBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Hallelujah, what a thought! Jesus full salvation broughtB. E. W. (Author)English62
Hark! from the regions of darkest nightBarney E. Warren (Author)English2
Have you heard the gospel, sinner?B. E. W. (Author)English6
Have you heard the trumpet sounding?B. E. W. (Author)English3
He hears me when I callBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
He is able to deliver thee, O sinnerB. E. W. (Author)English5
He is fairer than the fairest morn of earthBarney E. Warren (Author)2
He is risen, said the angel to the womenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
He pardoned my transgressionsB. E. W. (Author)English37
He saves my soul from sin's domainB. E. W. (Author)English2
He shall cover thee here with his feathersB. E. W. (Author)English3
"He that followeth Me shall not walk in darknessB. E. W. (Author)English4
He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing seeds to every landB. E. W. (Author)English3
He that goeth forth with yearning heartBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
He who was Lord of lords on highBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Hear the call for soldiersBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Hear the gentle Spirit's callB. E. W. (Author)English18
Hear the loving Savior gently callingBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
Hear the tidings, loud and clearB. E. Warren (Author)English4
Heed the glorious invitation, come, oh, comeB. E. W. (Author)4
Here's a lesson we should heed, try try againB. E. W. (Alterer)English1
Hermoso manto realBarney Warren (Author)Spanish4
Herr, ich bringe gl'ubig dirBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Herrlich Heiligkeit, Botschaft der BibelBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Herrliche Kleider reinBarney E. Warren (Author)German3
His blood is all my plea, Through grace divine aloneB. E. W. (Author)English4
Hold fast to the Savior, He loves you stillB. E. W. (Author)English4
Holy is the bible, holy is the LordBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Holy Spirit, take thy placeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
How can I please my Lord the most?B. E. Warren (Author)English2
How can you part with JesusB. E. W. (Author)English4
How could I hope to cross life's plainB. E. W. (Author)English2
How sweet is the comfort and rest of my soulBarney E. Warren (Author)English5
How sweet the dear Redeemer's Name!B. E. Warren (Author)English2
How wonderful the thoughtB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Hvilande paa Jesu armarBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
I am clinging to Jesus, for I love Him so wellBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
I am coming, Lord, to Thee with my broken heartBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
I am free in the all-cleansing bloodB. E. W. (Author)English5
I am happy in the Lord for the love He showed to meB. E. W. (Author)English4
I am reigning with my blessed LordBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
I am satisfied in Jesus, What a sweet soul rest I feelBarney E. Warren (Author)English4
I am satisfied with Jesus, His salvation is completeB. E. Warren (Author)English3
I am so glad that the Savior hath saidBarney E. Warren (Author)7
I am Thine O blessed Jesus! I have died to all but TheeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
I have a home prepared for meB. E. Warren (Author)English5
I have a sure and safe retreatB. E. W. (Author)English5
I have found his grace is all completeBarney E. Warren (Author)English83
I have left all sin's dominion, I'll obey Thy sweet commandB. E. W. (Author)English4
I have the grace my soul doth needB. E. W. (Author)English2
I have wandered afar form the guiding starBarney E. Warren (Author)2
I hear celestial music strainsB. E. W. (Author)English4
I heard a loving angel's voiceBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
I hunger to know more of JesusBarney Elliott Warren (Author)4
I know there'll be no earthly dutyB. E. W. (Author)English2
I love the dear Redeemer's nameB. E. W. (Author)English3
I love to serve my Jesus, a privelege sublimeBarney E. Warren (Author)English6
I love to think of Jesus, when he was here on earthB. E. Warren (Author (refrain))English2
I must be a soldier and bear the crossBarney E. Warren (Author)2
I need thy help, dear FatherBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
I never will leave thee, O be not afraidB. E. Warren (Author)English2
I now am running in the Christian raceB. E. W. (Author)English7
I once was blind, but now I seeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
I will bear the cross with my Lord todayBarney E. Warren (Author)2
I will sing hallelujah, for there's joy in the Lord,Barney E. Warren (Author)English8
I wonder if mother is praying for meB. E. Warren (Author)English2
I would be closer, my SaviorBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
I yield to thee, Savior, forsaking my allBarney E. Warren (Author)English4
Ich bin ganz im Herrn zufriedenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Ich folge Jesu, Ich folge JesuBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Ich will bleiben in JesuBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
If I ever reach that happy home aboveB. E. W. (Author)English2
If Satan tempts me soreB. E. W. (Author)English2
If there's one that's more dear than anotherBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
If you should feel sad and dejectedBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
If you want pardon, love and sweet peaceBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
I'm abiding in Jesus, what a blessed place!Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
I'm in the Lord's sacred pavilionB. E. W. (Author)English5
I'm on the road to heavenB. E. Warren (Author)English2
I'm redeemed, I will proclaim itBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
I'm resting in the arms, Of love's infinite powerBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
I'm walking with Jesus from day unto dayBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
In des Himmels heil'gen HallenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
In Gerechtigkeit, freude und friedenBarney E. Warren (Author)3
In that happy home in glory I would dwell eternallyB. E. W. (Author)English2
In that home, with our friends and RedeemerB. E. W. (Author)English2
In that land of rest with its joys untoldBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English3
In the awful age of nightBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English6
In the Bible Jesus tells us we must suffer for His sakeB. E. W. (Author)English5
In the Church of Jesus onlyB. E. Warren (Author)English2
In the dawning of the morning, How our hearts with praises swellB. E. W. (Author)English4
In the fold of Christ the ShepherdBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
In the holy array we've enlistedBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
In the hour of sore temptation I may beBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
In the resurrection morning, When the Savior comes, 'tis saidBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
In the shadow of his wings Doth my heart rejoiceB. E. W. (Author)3
In the twilight's sacred stillnessB. E. W. (Author)English2
In this cold, dark world we're livingBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Is God calling thee, O guilty sinner?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
"It is finished," said Jesus, my SaviorB. E. W. (Author)English2
It is time to be thinking of heavenB. E. W. (Author (stanzas 4-5))English1
Jesu Christ, the holy SonBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Jesus bracht' mich auf die HoehenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
Jesus brought me on the mountainBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
Jesus is able to save you, He is so loving and kindB. E. W. (Author)English2
Jesus is my Shepherd, so kind and trueBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Jesus is tenderly calling, Why longer in sin remain?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Jetzt ich komm, mein Herr und HeilandBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Keep me as the apple of Thine eyeB. E. W. (Author)English5
Keep me in touch with theeB. E. W. (Author)English4
Keep me near the crossB. E. Warren (Author)English3
Kept by the power of God, says the wordBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Lass dein Brot auf's Wasser fahrenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)German3
Lass nie das Herze dir entfallenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Lead me gently by thy hand, SaviorBarney E. W. (Author)English3
Lead me, my Savior, Lead me through this world of careB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Leaning on the arms of Jesus, O it is so sweet and precious!B. E. W. (Author)English6
Lebt wohl, ihr Freunde, lebet wohlBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Let cloven tongues of holy fireB. E. W. (Author)English4
Let not your weary heart be troubled, Believe in God, believe in MeBarney E. Warren (Author)English6
Let the children comeBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Let us all be good and trueBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Let your light so shine that the world may seeB. E. W. (Author)English4
Like a rock in the billows I would stable beB. E. W. (Author)English4
Little children, do not fear, Jesus loves youBarney E. Warren (Author)English5
Long have they waited in the dark heathen landsB. E. Warren (Author (refrain))English6
Lord, I come to Thee with an aching heartB. E. W. (Author)4
Lord Jesus, my sweet Rose of SharonBarney Elliott Warren (Author (refrain))English4
Mighty to save, and mighty to keepB. E. W. (Author)English5
Mit Suend' befleckt war einst mein KleidBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Muss ich geknechtet sein in Suend'Barney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Must I in sinful bondage beB. E. W. (Author)English5
My blessed Lord, I will be ThineB. E. W. (Author)English4
My garments stained with sin and guiltBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
My grace, my grace for thee, my childB. E. W. (Author)English2
My heart with sin is brokenB. E. W. (Author)English2
Nimm dein Kreuz und folge JesuBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Nothing but leaves, Nothing but leavesB. E. W. (Author)English2
Now I come, my Lord and SaviorBarney E. Warren (Author)English5
Now is the precious seedtimeB. E. W. (Author)English2
Now the harvest time is comeB. E. W. (Author)English2
Now the shadows slowly lengthenBarney Elliott Warren (Adapter)English4
Now the true light is shiningBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Now we come in Thy name, loving ChristB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O blessed Lamb of God so dear!Barney E. Warren (Author)English6
O brother, will you bear the crossBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
O Christ divine, O God of loveB. E. W. (Author)English4
O come to the blessed Redeemer nowBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
O, come to the Lord todayBarney E. Warren (Author)English10
O come with the army of the Lord todayBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
O drik nu af Lifligheds FlodenBarney E. Warren (Author)2
O eil' zu dem treuen Erloeser hinBarney E. Warren (Author)2
O, ett 'mne saa skoent foer mitt sinneB. E. Warren (Author)2
O Grab, wo ist denn nun dein SiegBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
O grave, where is thy victory? O sting of death, I'm free from theeBarney E. Warren (Author)English2
O herr dein blut alleinBarney E. Warren (Author)2
O how loving, our RedeemerB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O Jesus, I'm lost in Thy sightB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O komme zum Herrn noch heut'Barney E. Warren (Author)2
O land of bliss, of grace and gloryB. E. W. (Author)English2
O lieblich holdes GotteslammBarney E. Warren (Author)2
O look at the faithfulness of Christ our LordBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English6
O Lord most holy, to theeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
O my brother, trust in Jesus, watch and prayB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O praise the Lord, my song shall beBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
O precious Savior! O precious Savior!Barney E. Warren (Author)English4
O sehet, welche grosse Lieb'Barney Elliott Warren (Author)2
O singet doch mit mit das Lied, Vor Freud' meinBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
O sinner, will you listen To the Redeemer's callBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
O soul, be afraid, thou shalt reckon with GodB. E. W. (Author)English4
O teurer Heiland, O teurer Heiland, BlutigBarney Elliott Warren (Author)4
O the blood of Christ I seeB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O the glad joy to know God is loveBarney E. Warren (Author)2
O the Lord is pure and preciousB. E. W. (Author)English2
O the loving Christ, our SaviourB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O trink von dem Wasser der FreudeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
O, trouble not thy heartBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
O what a blessing that heaven has sentBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
O what a joyful assuranceBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
O who can be idle look o'er the hill and plainBarney E. Warren (Author)2
O wie so dunkels ist's in der WeltBarney E. Warren (Author)3
O will you come this very night?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
O will you count the cost today?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
O ye blessed, happy pilgrimsB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O yes, my Saviour's voice I hearB. E. Warren (Author)English2
O come receive the gospel lightB. E. W. (Author)English3
O drink of the river of pleasureB. E. Warren (Author)English6
O let thy fear be on my heartB. E. W. (Author)English2
O praise the blessed Lord of hosts!B. E. W. (Author)English2
¡Oh, qué divino, gran amorBarney Warren (Author)Spanish2
Oh, the wonders of the greatest blessing!B. E. W. (Author)English2
Oh, when I remember God's goodness to meB. E. W. (Author)English2
On earth there are trials and crosses to bearBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
On the altar I abideB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Our mother is sleeping in Jesus todayB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Out on this dark world, Savior, am IB. Elliott Warren, 1867-1951 (Author)English6
Over the hills the sun is fast descendingBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Praise God for his grace bestowed upon meB. E. W. (Author)2
Praise the Lord! My heart with his love is beamingB. E. W. (Author)English12
Praise the Lord, my soul is freeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Praise the Lord, there's sunlight in my happy soul todayBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Praise the Lord, who made the earthBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Praise the Lord with singingBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
Praise the Lord, ye angelBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Praise the name of Jesus, for His love to meB. E. W. (Author)English4
Praise to Christ anew is springingBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord, praise ye the Lord (Warren)Barney E. Warren (Author)2
Precious soul, prepare for the midnight callBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
Preist den Namen Jesu Fuer die frosse Lieb'Barney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Press on, my brother, sisterBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Prince of glory condescended, He has favored meB. E. W. (Author)English4
Rejoice in the Lord, I say rejoiceBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Remember thy great Creator in the days of thy youthB. E. W. (Author)English2
Riches of grace I've found in TheeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Rippling brook and flowing streamBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Rock of ages, hide my soulBarney Elliott Warren (Author)5
Ruhe in den armen JesuBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Safely hiding, should I fearB. E. W. (Author)English4
Salvation echoes gladdenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Sanft und still sanft und still ruhest du nun ausBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Savior, coming to TheeBarney E. Warren (Author)English5
See the crucified RedeemerBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
See, the dear children around you todayB. E. W. (Author)English4
See the great promises, brotherBarney E. Warren (Author)English6
See the storm raging in fury todayB. E. W. (Author)English4
Seht, die Erntezeit ist da, wo der SchnitterBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Shall I die without a Savior?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English6
Shall I wear that bright crown God has offered to meBarney Elliott Warren (Author)4
Should you see all kinds of sinBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Shout his praises louderB. E. W. (Author)English2
Silently, silently, Sleep the peaceful deadBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Simply trusting in the SaviorBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Sin mancha ni culpa, tan limpiaBarney Warren (Author)Spanish2
Since you're happy in the service of the LordBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Sing about Jesus who died to saveB. E. W. (Author)English5
Singt von Jesu, der fuer uns starbBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Sinner, hark! the Savior's callingB. E. W. (Author)English4
Sinner, have you any room for JesusBarney E. Warren (Author)English5
Sinner, see the blessed Savior, on the reeking cross for theeB. E. W. (Author)English2
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, blessed placeBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Soll ich ohne Heiland sterbenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Standing on the promise it is right, I knowBarney E. Warren (Author)English3
Stehst du in Hoffnung, Suender, Was nur gedenkstBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Steht dein Bau auch wirklich auf dem FelsenBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Sweet and precious JesusBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
Sweet love that moved the heart of GodB. E. W. (Author)English4
Sweet moments of pray'r I loveB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Sweet paradise! my future homeB. E. W. (Author)English5
Sweet peace is flowing, peace that will abideBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Sweet rest in Jesus, home of the soulBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Sweet vale of Eden, soul-rest foreverB. E. W. (Author)3
Take the cross and follow JesusBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Tempted and tried, we're oft made to wonderW. E. Warren (Author)English35
Ten lepers to Jesus for healing once cameBarney E. Warren (Author)2
That little form before usBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
The angel choir is singingB. E. W. (Author)English2
The blessed Christ of God I seeB. E. W. (Author)English4
The change is soon coming, and who will be readyB. E. Warren (Author)English2
The Comforter abides withinB. E. Warren (Author)English4
The door of his mercy is openBarney E. Warren (Author)4
The Lord invites you inB. E. W. (Author)English4
The Lord make his face to shine on theeBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
The more I learn about Jesus,Barney E. Warren (Author)English4
The ninety-nine are safely lyingB. E. W. (Author)English5
The seal of my pardon is written in his bloodBarney E. Warren (Author)2
The vict'ry is mine, the vict'ry is mineB. E. W. (Author)English4
There are beams of brilliant sunlight along the holy wayB. E. W. (Author)English4
There are no shadows without the sunshineBarney E. Warren (Author)2
There is a precious healing streamB. E. Warren (Author)English2
There is life forevermoreB. E. W. (Author)English4
There is peace and joy in the Lord todayB. E. W. (Author)8
There's a land of delight where the angels dwellB. E. W. (Author)English5
There's a place I long to beBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
There's a promise divine in the Bible for youB. E. W. (Author)English2
There's a sparkling crystal riverB. E. Warren (Author)2
There's a theme that is sweet to my memoryBarney E. Warren (Author)English11
There's a voice full of sweetness and loveBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
There's power in the blood to save from sinB. E. W. (Author)English4
They that be wise shall shine, They that be wise shall shineBarney E. Warren (Author)English2
Think of your soul, poor sinner, todayB. E. W. (Author)3
Though I walk through the valley and the tempter's stormB. E. W. (Author)English2
Thou wilt keep me my Savior for Thyself aloneB. E. W. (Author)English2
Though thou art so sinful, come to meBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Thy love, O God! in Christ I seeB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Thy peace, O God, doth onward flowBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Thy will be done, thy will be doneWarren (Author)English3
Trau den Verheissungen, BruderBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Trusting in the promise of my blessed LordB. E. W. (Author)English2
Truth divine, by angels spokenB. E. Warren (Author)English6
Voran, o GlaubenskriegerBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Wacht, denn der Heiland wird kommenBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Wacht, denn der Meister kommtBarney E. Warren (Author)3
Walking through life's dark shady valleyBarney (Author)English4
Watch and pray, Watch and pray, Will you watch and will you prayB. E. W. (Author)English2
Watch for the Master's coming, O watch and waitBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English4
Watch, for the Savior is comingBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English5
We are in the harvest timeB. E. W. (Author)English3
We are kept by the power and favor of GodB. E. W. (Author)English4
We are little flowersB. E. W. (Author)2
We are sowing every momentB. E. W. (Author)English4
We have met in the name of our God and kingB. E. W. (Author)English2
We remember well how the Savior was temptedD. S. W. (Author)English1
We will see our home in heavenB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Weeping Jesus, suff'ring OneB. E. W. (Author)English4
Weighed in the balance of justice trueB. E. W. (Author)English17
We'll go to the Sunday-School todayB. E. W. (Author)English2
Wenn der Abend gekommenBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Wenn ich das Abends muede binBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Wenn mein Tagwerk beendetBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Wer steht da vor deiner HerzenstuerBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
We're living by faith in the Savior aloneB. E. Warren (Author)English4
We're living in the end of timeB. E. W. (Author)English2
We're on the road from earth to heavenBarney Elliott Warren (Author)3
What are you sowing, sinnerB. E. W. (Author (refrain))English4
What hast thou done to show thy loveB. E. Warren (Author)English2
What if the Master should come tonight? Would you be ready to go?B. E. Warren (Author)English5
What so great, so grand, and lovelyB. E. W. (Author)English3
"What will you give in exchange for your soul?" (Warren)B. E. W. (Author)English4
When all the dear children are gathering homeBarney E. Warren (Author)English6
When Galilee was raging with a great tumultuous stormB. E. W. (Author)English2
When I behold my blessed Savior's faceBarney E. Warren (Author)2
When I come to the end of my pilgrimage hereBarney E. Warren (Author)2
When I get weary with toils of the dayB. Elliott Warren, 1867-1951 (Author)English6
When my lifework is ended, And the summons has comeB. E. Warren (Author)4
When the evening is comingB. E. W. (Author)English4
When the marriage feast is ready in that palaceB. E. W. (Author)2
When the night has passed awayBarney E. Warren (Author)2
When the port of heaven opens, we shall meet to part no moreB. E. W. (Author)English2
When the storm clouds rise and conceal the skiesBarney E. Warren (Author)1
When you wake from your slumber in the morningBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Where is my wayward boy tonight?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English2
Where is thy hope poor sinner?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English11
Where shall I spend my eternity?Barney Elliott Warren (Author)English3
Whither shall I go for helpBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Who hath washed my sins awayBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Who is knocking at your heart today?B. E. W. (Author)English6
Wie kannst du Abschied gebenBarney E. Warren (Author)2
Will you come and be free from the bondage of sin?B. E. Warren (Author)English3
Will you come to Jesus? he is callingBarney Elliott Warren (Author)English7
With joyous tidings we singB. Warren (Author)2
With the blessed promise of our FatherB. E. Warren (Author)English2
Without spot and blameless, O SaviorBarney E. Warren (Author)English6
Wo werd' ich sein in der EwigkeitBarney Elliott Warren (Author)2
Wohl geborgen bin ich daBarney E. Warren (Author)2
You may know this day that your sins are goneBarney E. Warren (Author)English6
Youth is the time to serve the Lord While the heart is tenderB. E. Warren (Author)English2

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