Anna Bartlett Warner

Anna Bartlett Warner
Short Name: Anna Bartlett Warner
Full Name: Warner, Anna Bartlett, 1824-1915
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1915

Warner, Anna, daughter of Henry W. Warner, and sister of Sarah Warner, author of Queechy, and other novels, was born near New York City about 1822. She is the author of the novel, Say and Seal, 1859, and others of a like kind. She also edited Hymns of the Church Militant, 1858; and published Wayfaring Hymns, Original and Translated, 1869. Her original hymns in common use include:—
l. Jesus loves me, this I know. The love of Jesus. In Say and Seal. 1859.
2. 0 little child, lie still and sleep. A Mother's Evening Hymn. In Temple Choir. 1867.
3. One more day's work for Jesus. Evening. From Wayfaring Hymns. 1869.
4. The world looks very beautiful. A Child Pilgrim, circa 1860. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Pseudonym: Amy Lo­throp

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Texts by Anna Bartlett Warner (48)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ananipenda kweliAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)Swahili2
Anipenda ni kweli Anna Bartlett Warner (Author)Swahili1
Be faithful to the endAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)English1
Come children on this wayAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)1
Cristo me ama, bien lo séAnna B. Warner (Author)Spanish13
Cristo me ama, me ama a míAnna B. Warner (Author)Spanish4
Cristo tem amor por mimAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)Portuguese2
De su trono, mi Jesús, A morir aquí bajóAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)Spanish2
Ein Tagwerk für den HeilandAnna B. Warner (Author)German8
Ein Tagwerk mehr für JesusAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)German1
En Arbejdsdag for JesusAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)2
God doth not leave His ownAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)English2
Hatak yoshoba moma (Every child of God is lost)Anna Bartlett Warner (Author (English refrain))Choctaw, English2
He aloha ke IesuAnna B. Warner (Author)Hawaiian3
Heavenward our road doth lieAnna Warner (Author)1
Jeso o, Mpitia anayAnna B. Warner (Author)Malagasy2
Jesus A namehotaAnna B. Warner, 1820-1915 (Based on)Cheyenne2
Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure lightAnna Warner (Author)English16
Jesus from His throne on highAnna Warner (Author)English3
Jesus har mig, liten, k'rAnna B. Warner (Author)4
Jesus, help conquer, my spirit is sinkingAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)1
Jesus liebt mich, das weiß ichAnna B. Warner (Author)German7
Jesus liebt mich ganz gewissAnna B. Warner (Author)German5
Jesus liebt mich, ich bin frohAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)German2
Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me soAnna B. Warner (Author)English490
Jesus älskar mig, jag vetAnna B. Warner (Author)5
Jesus nahaemehotaAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)Cheyenne2
Makitami comat' lañga ni JesusAnna B. Warner (Author)Tagalog2
Momxevoomo JesusAnna Bartlett Warner (Based on)Cheyenne2
My Jesus the sinner receives!Anna Warner (Author)English2
My life flows on in endless song, Above earth's lamentationMiss A. Warner (Author)English2
My whole desire doth deeply turn awayA. Warner (Translator)English1
O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are soreAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)English2
O little child, lie still and sleepAnna B. Warner (Author)English12
One more day's work for JesusAnna Warner (Author)English102
Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little childrenAnna B. Warner (Author)English1
Ruh sanft in deiner ErdengruftAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)German1
Since I one day from yonder sleepingA. Warner (Translator)English1
Source of all good to which I aspireAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)1
Stets mehr für meinen HeilandAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)German1
سيدي الفادي الغنيAnna B. Warner (Author)Arabic1
The world looks [is] very beautiful, And full of joy to meAnna B. Warner (Author)English29
Thou who in that bitter nightAnna Warner (Author)2
Today mine, tomorrow thineAnna Bartlett Warner (Author)English1
Un día más por CristoAnna B. Warner (1820-1915) (Author)Spanish2
We would see Jesus; for the shadows lengthenAnna B. Warner (Author)English221
യേശു സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നെന്നെ ചൊല്ലുന്നിദം വേദത്തിൽ (Yēśu snēhikkunnenne ceāllunnidaṁ vēdattil)Anna Bartlett Warner (Author)Malayalam2
යේසුස් මට ආදරෙයි (Yēsus maṭa ādareyi)Anna Bartlett Warner (Author)Sinhala2

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