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William L. Wallace

Short Name: William L. Wallace
Full Name: Wallace, William L. (William Livingstone)
Birth Year: 1933
Death Year: 2024 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by William L. Wallace (86)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All our hearts and minds, O GodWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
All will be well, all things shall be well!William L. Wallace (Author)2
As we give we shall receiveWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Autumn comes in all its fullnessWilliam L (Bill) Wallace (Author)2
Be like young childrenWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Behind the bread there lies the baker's craftWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Between our thoughts there lives a spaceWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Carol my heart, carol myselfWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Christ Jesus praying from the cross imploredWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Christmas in the summer?William L. Wallace (Author)English2
Come dream the pattern in your mindWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Come join the cosmic familyWilliam L. Wallace (Adapter)English3
Come join with me and genlty craftWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Come, let us dwell in that place of great wonderWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Deep in the human heartWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Each fam'ly in its heartWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Empty lay the tombWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Enter the stillness and find your true peaceWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Epiphany of wisdom's dawnWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Ev'ry plant reveals the cyclesWilliam L. Wallace (Adapter)3
For all Christ's friends whose pilgrimage we blessWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
For wrongs of the past we offer healing wordsWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
From Jordan's clear waters, O Christ, you emergedWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
From Nazareth to CalvaryWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
From the fireball's searing alphaWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Give joyful praise and honorWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Gloria! Gloria! To God the process, God the lifeWilliam L. Wallace (Author)2
God has mercy on us all, AlleluiaWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
God is beyond all wordsWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
God now calls us each to seekWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
God the sacred cosmic life-bloodWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Help me to pray as Jesus prayedWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
How can the people's cries, O GodWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
"How many times must I forgive when wronged?William L. Wallace (Author)English2
I will talk to my heart in the stillnessWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
If my heart grows icy coldWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
In mothers' pain, in babies' birthWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
In nature as in Jesus, all life is truly oneBill (W. L.) Wallace (Author)English2
In the wonder found in lovingWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Let the whole of the Cosmos praise you, praise you, O GodWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Live like Jesus in the momentWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Many people die in anguishWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
May our friend whose breath has ceasedWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
May the peace of God be in our mindsWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
O God of Earth and God of SkyWilliam L. Wallace (Author)3
'O Lazarus, don't beg beside my door"William L. Wallace (Author)English2
O threefold God of tender unityBill Wallace (Author)6
On the day of Pentecost, People seemed to be on fireWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
On top of the mountain where minds are transformedWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Out of the stillness comes the Spirit's fireWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Reflecting on your life, Saint LukeWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Rejoice, rejoice at ChristmastimeWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Sing praise to God, sing praise to God for lifeW. L. Wallace (Author)English1
Sound a mystic bamboo songBill Wallace (Author)3
Spirit felt in raging watersWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
That of God within us allWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
The claim that wealth is God's great giftWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
The humble poor shall nurture EarthWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
The inner Christ still questions usWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
The last shall be firstWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
The miracle of lifeWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
The planet is pregnant with death and new lifeWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
The Way of the Christ is the oceanWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
There shall be life and loveWilliam L. Wallace (Author)2
Though rocks move and wheels fall silentWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Though the earthly life of the dead has ceasedWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Through the love of God our SaviorWilliam L. Wallace (Adapter)English1
Through the rivers of our tearsWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Throughout the realms of beingWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Wake up, wake up, it's morning!William L. Wallace (Author)English3
We are an Easter peopleWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
We call the wealthy richWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
We follow the God of NoahWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
We will celebrate with praisesWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
What does our God require of usWilliam L. Wallace (Author)2
What image shall I useWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
What is the patternWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
When Earth wakes from out of sleepWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
When the child is at the centreWilliam L. Wallace (Author)2
When the temple vail is torn in twoWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Which place can we call homeWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Why has God forsaken me?William Livingstone Wallace, 1933- (Author)English15
Within your heart and mind, O ChristWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
You came upon a donkeyWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2
Your cross provides a window, ChristWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English3
Your myst'ry, O God, lies around usWilliam L. Wallace (Author)English2

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