Christopher Walker

Short Name: Christopher Walker
Full Name: Walker, Christopher, 1947-
Birth Year: 1947 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Christopher Walker (45)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
You opened the gates of heavenChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English2
You have put on Christ, Alleluia!Christopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English3
You are chosen. You are blestChristopher Walker (Author)English2
With water of life, refresh usChristopher Walker (Author)English2
We pray to the LordChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)1
[Walking Up to Jesus]Christopher Walker (1947-) (Author)English2
Veni Sancte Spiritus, Veni Sancte SpiritusChristopher Walker (Author)Latin3
Those who seek your face, LordChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Adapter)English2
There is no greater love than thisChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English2
The Word of the Lord lasts foreverChristopher Walker (Author)6
[The Sower] (Freeburg and Walker)Christopher Walker (1947-) (Author)2
[The Pharisee and the Sinner]Christopher Walker (1947-) (Author)English2
[The Money Box]Christopher Walker (Author)English2
The love of Christ is the rule of my lifeChristopher Walker (Author)English2
The Lord is my light, my help, my salvationChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English5
The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?Christopher Walker (Author (refrain))English2
Stay awake, be readyChristopher Walker (Author)English5
Speak, Lord, your servant is listeningChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Adapter)English2
[People Worry]Christopher Walker (Author)English2
One in body, heart and mindChristopher Walker (Author)English2
Now with the strength of your WordChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)6
My God I am not proudChristopher Walker (Author)English8
May the word of God strengthen youChristopher Walker (Author)English2
May it be your light in darknessChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English3
May God bless and keep you. May God's face shine on youChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English5
Lord, we adore youChristopher Walker (Author)English4
Let us take the words you giveChristopher Walker (Author)English6
Jesus, you are truly the Savior of the worldChristopher Walker (Author)English2
In the faith of Christ we walk hand in hand (Caminamos juntos en la fe de Cristo)Christopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English, Latin7
I was glad when they said "Let us go to God's house"Christopher Walker (Author)2
I thank you, your love is eternalChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English5
I have all I needChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, Lord of light, From the clear celestial height (Walker)Christopher Walker (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, Lord of Light, Radiance give from celestial heightChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Adapter)English4
He emptied himself, as a slave, yet freeChristopher Willcock, b. 1947 (Adapter (verses))English5
God's people, called to serveChristopher Walker (Author)English2
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, For his mercy endures forever (Den gracias a Señor porque es bueno) (CCD - Psalm 118)Christopher Walker (Author (vs. 1 and refrain))English, Spanish1
[Fishing for People]Christopher Walker (1947-) (Author)English2
Father, we praise you as LordChristopher Walker (Author)English4
[Canticle of Zechariah]Christopher Walker (1947-) (Author)English2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, O Lord, how great you are!Christopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English5
Because the Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need (Walker)Christopher Walker (b. 1947) (Author)6
Be still and know that I am God. You are my chosen one, to whom my love I giveChristopher Walker (Author)English3
Now he is living, the ChristChristopher Walker, 1947- (Author)12
AlleluiaChristopher Walker, b. 1947 (Author)English, German1
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