John Francis Wade

Short Name: John Francis Wade
Full Name: Wade, John Francis, 1711 or 1712-1786
Birth Year: 1711
Death Year: 1786

John Francis Wade (b. England, c. 1711; d. Douay, France, 1786) is now generally recognized as both author and composer of the hymn "Adeste fideles," originally written in Latin in four stanzas. The earliest manuscript signed by Wade is dated about 1743. By the early nineteenth century, however, four additional stanzas had been added by other writers. A Roman Catholic, Wade apparently moved to France because of discrimination against Roman Catholics in eighteenth-century England—especially so after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. He taught music at an English college in Douay and hand copied and sold chant music for use in the chapels of wealthy families. Wade's copied manuscripts were published as Cantus Diversi pro Dominicis et Festis per annum (1751).

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Texts by John Francis Wade (35)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ye faithful, with gladnessJohn Francis Wade (Author)1
With hearts truly grateful, comeJohn Francis Wade (Author)18
വിശ്വാസികളെ! വാ തുഷ്ടമാനസരായ് (Viśvāsikaḷe! vā tuṣṭamānasarāy)John Francis Wade (Author)Malayalam2
Venid, todos fieles, y cantad triunfantesJohn Francis Wade (Author)Spanish1
Venid, fieles todos, A Belén vayamosJohn Francis Wade (Author (attributed to))Spanish13
Venid, adoremusJohn Francis Wade (Author (attributed to))Spanish2
Umati wa Yesu, njooni kwa furahaJohn Francis Wade (Author)Swahili2
神の御子(みこ)は今宵(こよい)しも (Kami no miko (miko) wa koyoi (ko yoi) shimo)John Francis Wade (Author)Japanese2
Прыйдзіце да Збаўцы, верныя са сьпевам!John Francis Wade (Author)Belarusian2
பக்தரே வாரும் (Paktarē vārum)John Francis Wade (Author)Tamil2
Oh, vinde, fiéis, triunfantes, alegresJohn Francias Wade (Author (attributed to))Portuguese2
Ô peuple fidèle, Jésus vous appelleJohn F. Wade (Author)French1
O, deuwch ffyddloniad Oll dan orfoledduJohn Francis Wade (Author)Welsh1
O come, let us adore himJ. F. Wade (Attributed to (stanza 1))English9
O come, all ye faithful, triumphantly sing!John Francis Wade (Author)English2
O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphantJohn Francis Wade (Author)English362
O come, all ye faithful, gladsomeJohn Francis Wade (Author)English3
ขอเชิญท่านผู้วางใจชื่นใจยินดีมีชัย (K̄hx cheiỵ th̀ān p̄hū̂ wāngcı chụ̄̀n cı yindī mī chạy)John Francis Wade (Author)Thai2
Jama’ar Ɗan Allah, Ku Taru ku yi murnaJohn Francis Wade (Author)Hausa2
In triumph, joy and holy fearJohn Francis Wade (Author)English2
Hither, ye faithful, haste with songs of triumphJohn Francis Wade (Author)English55
Hither, ye faithful, adoring triumphantJohn Francis Wade (Author)English1
Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen, fröhlich triumphierendJohn Francis Wade (Author)German22
Hasten, ye faithful, joyful, glad, and holyJohn F. Wade (Author)English2
Hai mari berhimpun, dan Bersuka riaJohn F. Wade (Author)Indonesian2
Gjith’ ju që besoniJohn Francis Wade (Author)Albanian2
E hele mai oukouJohn F. Wade, 1711-1786 (Latin)Hawaiian2
Come hither, ye faithful, Triumphantly sing!John Francis Wade (Author)English77
참 반가운 신도여 다 이리와서John Francis Wade (Author)Korean2
Be present, ye faithful, joyful and triumphantJohn Francis Wade (Author)English2
Avia, ry mino!J. F. Wade (Author)Malagasy1
Assemble, ye faithful, be joyful, and triumphJohn Francis Wade (Author)English3
Alestu, fidelaj, ĝoje triumfantajJohn Francis Wade (Probably by)1
Adeste fidelesJohn Francis Wade (Author)Latin54
සැදැත් සැම එව් දැන් (Saedaet saema ev daen)John F. Wade (Author)Sinhala2

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