Mrs. Vokes

Short Name: Mrs. Vokes
Full Name: Vokes, Mrs. (See also Draper, B. H. (Bourne Hall))

Pseudonym. See also Draper, B. H. (Bourne Hall), 1775-1843)

Votes, Mrs . A long correspondence has failed to elicit any information concerning this hymn-writer beyond the facts that the earliest work in which her hymns are found is a Selection of Missionary and Devotional Hymns, edited by the Rev. J. Griffin, a Congregational minister at Portsea, and published in 1797. Several of these were repeated in J. Dobell's New Selection of Seven Hundred Evangelical Hymns, &c, 1806. There are also 7 of her hymns, all with the signature "Mrs. Vokes," in W. B. Collyer's Collection, 1812. Of her hymns the following, all published in 1797, are still in common use:—
1. Behold the expected time draws near. Missions.
2. Behold the heathen waits to know. Missions. This begins with st. iii. of No. 1.
3. Proud Babylon yet waits her doom. Fall of Babylon predicted.
4. Ye messengers of Christ. Missions.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Vokes, Mrs., p. 1227, i. Other hymns attributed to Mrs. Vokes, but not satisfactorily authenticated, are:—
1. Hasten, O Lord, that happy time. Missions.
2. Soon may [shall] the last glad song arise. Second Advent.
3. When shall the last bright song arise. An altered form of No. 2.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Mrs. Vokes (21)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Behold, the expected time draw nearVoke (Author)English46
Behold the heathen waits to knowMrs. Voke (Author)English46
Come, O come to Jesus, Why will ye stayMrs. Vokes (Author)2
Exert thy power, thy rights maintainMrs. Vokes (Author)English38
Go, friends of Jesus, and proclaimMrs. Vokes (Author)English13
Go, saith the voice of heavenly loveVoke (Author)5
Hasten, O Lord, that happy timeMrs. Vokes (Author)English3
Jesus, the triumphs of thy crossMrs. Vokes (Author)2
Leaning on thy paternal breastMrs. Vokes (Author)2
Let thrones, and powers, and kingdoms beMrs. Vokes (Author)English2
Lo Abram warned of oldMrs. Vokes (Author)2
Lo another Sabbath morningMrs. Vokes (Author)2
My raptured soul in hope rejoicesMrs. Vokes (Author)2
No time to waste in slumberMrs. Vokes (Author)3
Proud Babylon yet waits her doom, Nor can her tottering palace fallVoke (Author)English9
Soon may the last glad song ariseMrs. Vokes (Author)English176
Sovereign of worlds, display Thy powerMrs. Vokes (Author)English23
Thy people, Lord, who trust thy wordMrs. Vokes (Author)English36
'Tis in the mount the Lord is seenMrs. Vokes (Author)2
Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaimMrs. Voke (Author)English14
Ye messengers of ChristMrs. Vokes (Author)English137

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