James D. Vaughan

James D. Vaughan
Short Name: James D. Vaughan
Full Name: Vaughan, James D., 1864-1941
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1941

Vaughan, James D(avid); b. Dec. 14, 1864, between Lawrence Co. and Giles Co., TN; d. Feb. 9, 1941, Lawrenceburg, TN; music publisher, composer and compiler of gospel songs in shape notation

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James David Vaughan (December 14, 1864 – February 9, 1941) was an American music teacher, composer, song book publisher, the founder of the Vaughan Conservatory of Music and the James D. Vaughan Publishing Company.

Texts by James D. Vaughan (63)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All for Christ, the SaviorJames D. Vaughan (Author)3
All glory to Jesus, my loving kingJames D. Vaughan (Author)3
As the twilight shades were falling, slowly dying mother layJ. D. V. (Author)English3
At thy heart's door Jesus standsJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
Christians, as you [we] journey onwardJ. D. V. (Author)6
Christians, will you tell the worldJ. D. Vaughan (Author)2
Don't you want to go to that happy home on high?James D. Vaughan (Author)English18
Following in the way our blessed Master trodJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
For fear, the hearts of men are failingJames D. Vaughan (Author)3
Fountain of life and light, Scattering shades of nightJames D. Vaughan (Author)English8
Gathering sheaves in life's great harvestJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
Here we have a time of sorrowJ. D. V. (Author)English13
Here we must part from those we loveJ. D. V. (Author)English2
I am going home, nevermore to roam, O let me travel alongJ. D. V. (Author)English1
I have read in God's word of a beautiful homeJames D. Vaughan (Author)2
I need the prayers of those I love, While traveling over life's rugged wayJames D. Vaughan (Author)English58
I want to be a faithful worker, each dayJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
If we come to God believingJames D. Vaughan (Author)English6
I'm glad I heeded God's commandJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
In a lonely churchyard [graveyard], many miles awayJ. D. V. (Arranger)English4
In God's word we read of a wonderful landJ. D. V. (Author)4
I've fought a good fight, I've finished my courseJ. D. V. (Author)English2
Jesus left his home on high (Vaughan)James D. Vaughan (Author)2
Mother died rejoicing in a Savior's loveJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
My work will soon be overJ. D. V. (Author)English3
Oft I think with delight of my dear, happy homeJames D. Vaughan (Arranger)English1
Often I've heard of heaven, wonderful country somewhereJames D. Vaughan (Author)English14
O brother, have you been saved from sinJ. D. V. (Author)English2
On Calvary's mountain one terrible dayJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
On life's ocean I am sailing (Vaughan)James D. Vaughan (Author)2
On the resurrection morning we shall riseJames D. Vaughan (Author)English4
Orad por mí los que me amaísJames D. Vaughan (Author)Spanish2
Our dear ones are torn from our tender embraceJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
Our Savior is coming the saints to rewardJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
Savior, bless us as we part, fill our souls with love divineVaughan (Author)English17
See the precious golden grainJames D. Vaughan (Author)English6
Since the angels took my mother home to heavenJ. D. V. (Author)English2
Sinner, the Savior is pleadingJames D. Vaughan (Author)2
Sweet gospel chimes sound forthJames D. Vaughan (Author)2
Sweet the assurance found in His WordJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
The silver cord of life will breakJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
The terrible day of judgment is comingJames D. Vaughan (Author)English7
There is a land beyond somewhereJames D. Vaughan (Author)2
There is work on every handJames D. Vaughan (Author)English5
There'll come a morning when this world will endJames D. Vaughan (Author)2
There's a blessed time that's coming, coming soonJames D. Vaughan (Author)English8
There's a precious fountain opened, for uncleanness and for sinJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
This life is a warfare, the enemy's strongJames D. Vaughan (Author)English3
We are journeying home to a cityJames D. Vaughan (Author)3
We are marching on to a mansionJames D. Vaughan (Author)3
We are marching on to the clime aboveJ. D. V. (Author)English4
We are nearing that bright mansionJames D. Vaughan (Author)English10
We are seeking a better countryJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
We will sing the praise of Jesus (Vaughan)James D. Vaughan (Author)English3
We will sing the precious story of our Father's loveJames D. Vaughan (Author)English6
Welcome, day of peaceful restJ. D. V. (Author)English4
We'll sing golden songs of gloryJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
When I shall cross over the dark rolling tideJames D. Vaughan (Author)English12
When I with sin was all defiledJas. D. Vaughan (Author)English5
When shall end our labors hereJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
When the day of life is done, at the setting of the sunJames D. Vaughan (Author)English2
Will you bring your brothers to Christ the LordJ. D. V. (Author)2
With gladness we join in a festivalJames D. Vaughan (Author)2

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