S. J. Vail

Short Name: S. J. Vail
Full Name: Vail, S. J. (Silas Jones), 1818-1884
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1883

In his youth Silas Jones Vail learned the hatter's trade at Danbury, Ct. While still a young man, he went to New York and took employment in the fashionable hat store of William H. Beebe. Later he established himself in business as a hatter at 118 Fulton Street, where he was for many years successful. But the conditions of trade changed, and he could not change with them. After his failure in 1869 or 1870 he devoted his entire time and attention to music. He was the writer of much popular music for use in churches and Sunday schools. Pieces of music entitled "Scatter Seeds of Kindness," "Gates Ajar," "Close to Thee," "We Shall Sleep, but not Forever," and "Nothing but Leaves" were known to all church attendants twenty years ago. Fanny Crosby, the blind authoress, wrote expressly for him many of the verses he set to music.

--Vail, Henry H. (Henry Hobart). Genealogy of some of the Vail family descended from Jeremiah Vail at Salem, Mass., 1639, p. 234.

Texts by S. J. Vail (13)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Bwana, U sehemu yanguS. J. Vail (Author)Swahili1
Christ is the way, in him I'd walkS. J. Vail (Author)3
Everywhere with Jesus, O how sweetSilas J. Vail (Author)3
Jesus alone is our hope of salvationSilas J. Vail (Author)3
Jesus, blessed Jesus, I would follow TheeSilas J. Vail (Author)English8
Jesus, teurer Jesus, dir folg ich alleinS. J. Vail (Author)German4
O, mów, czy krew swą przelał PanSilas James Vail (Author)Polish2
There is no wound for which Christ has not healingSilas J. Vail (Author)3
There's a wideness in God's mercySilas J. Vail (Author)English5
What memories are stirred within meS. J. V. (Author)2
What shall it profit me by and by, O what shall it profit me then?S. J. Vail (Author)English1
When Christ in Judah's land was bornSilas J. Vail (Author)3
White as snow, O what a promiseSilas J. Vail (Author)English1
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