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Short Name: Christopher Tye
Full Name: Tye, Christopher, 1497?-1572
Birth Year (est.): 1497
Death Year: 1572

Tye, Christopher, MUS. D., born at Westminster in the reign of Henry VIII. He was celebrated as a musician, and was granted the degree of MUS. D. at Cambridge in 1545. He was musical tutor to King Edward VI., and organist of the Chapel Royal under Queen Elizabeth. Besides composing numerous anthems, he rendered the first fourteen chapters of the Acts of the Apostles into metre, which were set to music by him and sung in Edward 6th's Chapel, and published in 1553. He died circa 1580.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Tunes by Christopher Tye (8)sort ascendingAsInstancesIncipit
YATTENDON 15Christopher Tye (Composer)551234 55452 43117
WINCHESTER OLDChristopher Tye (Composer)1813321 44323 55453
SOUTHWARKChristopher Tye, c.1497-1572 (Composer)1351234 54343 21172
SALFORD (51236)C. Tye (Composer)251236 54332 55453
GETHSEMANE (Tye)Christopher Tye, c. 1508-1572 (Composer)955511 71132 12517
WINDSOR (Tye)Christopher Tye (Composer)3911232 11735 43233
DUNDEE (Ravenscroft)Christopher Tye (Arranger)4213451 23432 11715
ACTS (Tye)Christopher Tye (Composer)3
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