Thomas H. Troeger

Thomas H. Troeger
Thomas Troeger
Short Name: Thomas H. Troeger
Full Name: Troeger, Thomas H., 1945-2022
Birth Year: 1945
Death Year: 2022

Thomas Troeger (1945-2022), professor of Christian communication at Yale Divinity school, was a well known preacher, poet, and musician. He was a fellow of Silliman College, held a B.A. from Yale University; B.D. Colgate Rochester Divinity School; S.T. D. Dickinson College, and was awarded an honorary D.D. from Virginia Theological Seminary. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1970 and the Episcopal Church in 1999, and remained dually aligned with both traditions. Troerger led conferences and lectures in worship and preaching throughout North America, as well as in Denmark, Holland, Australia, Japan, and Africa. He served as national chaplain to the American Guild of Organists, and for at least three years he hosted the Season of Worship broadcast for Cokesbury. He was president of the Academy of Homiletics as well as Societas Homiletica. He had, as of 2009, written 22 books in the areas of preaching, poetry, hymnody, and worship. Many of his hymn texts are found in New Hymns for the Lectionary (Oxford, 1992), and God, You Made All Things for Singing (Oxford, 2009).

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Texts by Thomas H. Troeger (97)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A cheering, chanting, dizzy crowdThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
A single unmatched stoneThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
A spendthrift lover is the LordThomas Henry Troeger, 1945- (Author)English4
[A Star Not Mapped on Human Charts]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Above the moon earth risesThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
All people that on earth do dwell, Sing out your faith with cheerful voiceThomas H. Troeger (Adapter)English3
All things of dust to dust returnThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
As a chalice cast of goldThomas Troeger (Author)English9
As new parents in the nightThomas H. Troeger (Author)2
As servants working an estateThomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English3
Before the fruit is ripened by the sunThomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English3
[Before the Temple's Great Stone Sill]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Beyond the Press and Pull of Crowds]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Christ is made the sure foundationThomas H. Troeger (Adapter (st. 3))English1
Come singing, come singingThomas H. Troeger (Translator)English2
[Crown As Your King]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Crown Him with many crownsThomas H. Troeger (Adapter)English1
Each breath is borrowed airThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Far from the Markets of Rich Meat and Wine]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Far More Than Passion's Passing Flame]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
For God risk ev'rything!Thomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English2
For remembered music soundingThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Forever in the Heart There Springs]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[From Pharaoh to King Cyrus]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Gangling Desert Birds Will Sing]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
God folds the mountains out of rockThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
God made from one blood all the families of earthThomas H. Troeger (Author)English12
God marked a line and told the seaThomas H. Troeger (Author)English5
God weeps with us who weep and mournThomas H. Troeger (Author)English7
Holy and good is the gift of desireThomas H. Troeger (Author)2
How buoyant and bold the stride of Christ's friendsThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
How long, O God, how long? The ancient cry is oursThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
How many times we start againThomas H. Troeger (Author)2
If all you want, Lord, is my heartThomas H. Troeger (Author)2
[If Christ Is Charged with Madness]Thomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author (attributed to))English3
Kneeling in the garden grassThomas H. Troeger, b.1945 (Author)English7
Learn from all the songs of earthThomas H. Troeger, 1945- (Author)English2
Let all who pray the prayer Christ taughtThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Let the truth shine in our speakingThomas H. Troeger, 1945- (Author)English3
Let us with a gladsome mind (Milton)Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
Let wonder be rebornThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Listen to the Cloud that Brightens]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Look who gathers at Christ's table!Thomas H. Troeger (Author)2
Make our church one joyful choirThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Make Your Prayer and Music One]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! Even though it be a crossThomas H. Troeger (Adapter)English1
[Neither Desert Wind Nor Sun]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[No Iron Spike, No Granite Weight]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
O praise the gracious powerThomas H. Troeger (Author)English13
Our Savior's infant cries were heardThomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English6
Praise the source of faith and learningThomas H. Troeger, 1945- (Author)English7
[Praise to the Spinner Who Twisted and Twirled]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Savior, Thy dying love Thou gavest meThomas H. Troeger (Adapter)English1
[Seek for the Kingdom with All Your Powers!]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Seek not in distant, ancient hillsThomas H. Troeger (1945-) (Author)English3
Set free, set free by God's grace (Kwa neema na pendo)Thomas Troeger (Translator)English, Swahili2
Silence, frenzied, unclean spiritThomas H. Troeger (Author)English14
Sing to God as sings the oceanThomas H. Troeger, 1945- (Author)English2
[Soundless were the Tossing Trees]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Source and Sovereign, Rock and CloudThomas H. Troeger (Author)English9
[Startled By a Holy Humming]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Suddenly God's Sovereign Wind]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Swiftly pass the clouds of gloryThomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English8
[The Branch that Bends with Clustered Fruit]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
The first day of creationThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
The hands that first held Mary's childThomas H. Troeger (Author)English9
The hidden stream that feedsThomas H. Troeger (1945-) (Author)1
[The Leper's Soul Was No Less Scarred]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[The Love That Lifted Lyric Praise]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
The moon with borrowed lightThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
[The Sails Were Spilling Wind]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[The Scantest Touch of Grace Can Heal]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[The Sheep Stood Stunned in Sudden Light]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
The wind that stirs the sea to singThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[The Word of God Was from the Start]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
These things did Thomas count as realThomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English10
[Though Every Sun Shall Spend Its Fire]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Through our fragmentary prayersThomas H. Troeger (Author)English5
[To Those Who Knotted Nets of Twine]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Too often, God, your name is usedThomas H. Troeger, b. 1945 (Author)English4
Too splendid for speech but ripe for a songThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
[Unless This Day Be Holy]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
View the present through the promiseThomas H. Troeger, 1945- (Author)English9
All people that on earth do dwellThomas H. Troeger (Adapter)English2
Water, River, Spirit, GraceThomas H. Troeger (Author)English4
[We Have the Strength to Lift and Bear]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
We, like Peter, Christ, protestThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
We need each other’s voice to singThomas H. Troeger (b. 1945) (Author)English3
We read the cross so many waysThomas H. Troeger (Author)English3
Welcome, Welcome! The Door Is Open Thomas H. Troeger (Author)2
What fabled names from Judah's pastThomas H. Troeger (Alterer)English2
What king would wade through murky streamsThomas H. Troeger (1945-) (Author)English5
[When Heaven's Voice Was Still]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Why stare at heavens' distant blueThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
[Wild the Man and Wild the Place]Thomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
Wind who makes all winds that blowThomas H. Troeger (Author)English, Spanish18
With glad, exuberant carolingsThomas H. Troeger (Author)English2
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