Lizzie Tourjée

Short Name: Lizzie Tourjée
Full Name: Tourjée, Lizzie, 1858-1913
Birth Year: 1858
Death Year: 1913

Lizzie Shove Tourjee Estabrook USA 1858-1913. Born in Newport, RI, daughter of a famed music educator, organist, and composer, he encouraged her efforts at composing. When 17, she composed the tune for the famous hymn “Wellesley”. When her father, founder of the New England Conservatory of Music, became editor of the Methodist hymnal, he included her tune in the 1878 edition of the book, naming it for the college she attended, as she had written the tune while attending that school. She married Franklin Estabrook in 1883. They had a son, Rufus. She taught music and was an organist in Auburndale, MA. She died in Newton, MA.

John Perry

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WELLESLEY (Tourjee)Lizzie S. Tourjée (Composer)34651217 52321 65432

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