Suzanne Toolan

Short Name: Suzanne Toolan
Full Name: Toolan, Suzanne, 1927-
Birth Year: 1927 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Suzanne Toolan (19)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
May Christ live in your heartSuzanne Toolan (Author)1
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me Because the Lord has anointed meSuzanne Toolan (Author)2
At the Name of Jesus Every knee shall bow (Noel)Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. 1926 (Alterer)English1
Come, let us worship ChristSuzanne Toolan (Author)English2
I am the bread of life, They who come to me shall not hungerSuzanne Toolan, RSM (Author)English34
Jesus Christ, inner lightSuzanne Toolan (Author)English2
Jesus Christ, source of lightSuzanne Toolan, RSM, b. 1927 (Author)English2
Let not your hearts be troubled, I am with youSuzanne Toolan (Author)English2
O radiant light, O Sun divine Of God the Father's deathless faceSuzanne Toolan, RSM. b. 1927 (Author)English1
Two fisherman, who lived alongSuzanne Toolan, SM, b. 1927 (Author)English15
We adore you, O Jesus ChristSuzanne Toolan (Author)English2
You are the God of my heartSuzanne Toolan (Adapter)English2
O radiant light, O sun divine Of our God's deathless faceSuzanne Toolan (Author)English, French, Gaelic, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese5
Blessed are you, blessed and holy (Eres bendito, tú eres santo)Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. 1927 (Author)English, Spanish2
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Yesterday, today and forever (Jesucristo ayer, Jesucristo hoy)Suzanne Toolan, SM, b. 1927 (Author)English, Spanish4
The will of your love (Tu voluntad)Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. 1927 (Author)English, Spanish2
Ubi caritas et amorSuzanne Toolan (Author)Latin1
Bendito el Señor Dios de Israel (Blessed be the God of Israel)Suzanne Toolan (Adapter)Spanish2
Yo soy el Pan de Vida (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan (b.1927) (Author)Spanish3
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