Charlie D. Tillman

Charlie D. Tillman
Short Name: Charlie D. Tillman
Full Name: Tillman, Charlie D. (Charles Davis), 1861-1943
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1943

Tillman, Charles "Charlie" Davis. (Tallahassee, Talapoosa County, Alabama, March 20, 1861--1943). Married Anna Killingsworth (Dec. 24, 1889); four daughters, one son (d.1910).

--Keith C. Clark, DNAH Archives

Wikipedia Biography

Charles Davis Tillman (March 20, 1861, Tallassee, Alabama – September 2, 1943, Atlanta, Georgia) —also known as Charlie D. Tillman, Charles Tillman, Charlie Tillman, and C. D. Tillman—was a popularizer of the gospel song. He had a knack for adopting material from eclectic sources and flowing it into the mix now known as southern gospel, becoming one of the formative influences on that genre.

Texts by Charlie D. Tillman (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A keeper went out in the morningCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English2
Brother hear the invitation, Jesus will saveCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English9
En un aposento altoC. D. T. (Author)Spanish3
Er zerbricht alle KettenCharlie D. Tillman (Author)German1
I am all on the altarCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English31
I must tell you what brought me to JesusCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English3
I now have the Spirit that setteth me freeC. D. T. (Author)English7
I was traveling the road appallingCharlie D. Tillman (Author)2
In dem obern Saal zusammenCharlie D. Tillman (Author)German2
It was good for our mothersC. D. T. (Author)English5
Jesus, my truth, my wayC. D. T. (Author (Chorus))English1
Long a small cracked vase had waitedC. D. T. (Author)English4
Long I've been in Satan's serviceCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English2
My Savior calls and I must goC. D. T. (Author)English4
O Lord, send the power just nowCharlie D. Tillman (Author)2
O soul so long bound down by sinC. D. T. (Author)4
O who can forget the kind care of a motherCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English2
പൂർവ്വ അമ്മമാർ ഭക്തി (Pūrvva am'mamār bhakti)Charles D. Tillman (Adapter)Malayalam2
The sands have been washed in the footprintsCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English3
The Spirit is calling O do not delayCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English3
There's a way that leads to glory, Which long has stood the testCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English3
They were in an upper chamber, They were all with one accordCharlie D. Tillman (Author)English116
Though like others you're not giftedC. D. T. (Author)English5
Unanswered yet? The prayer your lips have pleadedCharles D. Tillman (Author)English1
We greet you on this glad birthdayCharlie D. Tillman (Author)2
We will sing about the happy dayC. D. T. (Author)3
When you hear of good in people, tell itC. D. T. (Author (Chorus))English1
Ye who sow with anxious yearningC. D. T. (Author (Chorus))English2

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