Alexander Ramsay Thompson

Short Name: Alexander Ramsay Thompson
Full Name: Thompson, Alexander Ramsay, 1822-1895
Birth Year: 1822
Death Year: 1895

Thompson, Alexander Ramsay, D.D., a minister of the American Reformed Dutch Church, was born at New York, Oct. 22, 1822, and graduated at the New York University, 1842, and the Princeton Seminary, 1845. He was Reformed Dutch Pastor at various places, including East Brooklyn, St. Paul's (R. P. D.), New York City, North Reformed Church, Brooklyn (1874), and others. Dr. Thompson was joint editor of the Reformed Dutch Hymns of the Church, N. Y., 1869, and the Hymns of Prayer and Praise, 1871. He has contributed original hymns and translations from the Latin to these collections, to Schaff’s Christ in Song, 1869, and to the Sunday School Times, Philadelphia, 1883, &c. In addition two original hymns:—
1. 0 Thou Whose filmed and fading eye. Good Friday.
2. Wayfarers in the wilderness. Life a Pilgrimage.
are in the Hymns of the Church, 1869, with the signature "A. R. T." [Rev F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- Excerpts from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Alexander Ramsay Thompson (47)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A garden near the cross, and thereAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Blessed city, vision trueAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
Broken are the gates of death!Alexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
By Jacob's ancient wellAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Casting down their crowns before theeAlexander R. Thompson (Author)2
Cheerful Light of holy gloryAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)1
Eternal Father, God of peace, We bow before thy throneAlexander R. Thompson (Author)2
God's help is sure: across our wayAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Hail, Kingly Jesus, to Thy feetAlexander R. Thompson (Author)English8
Heavenly food for men wayfaringAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
Here the King hath spread his tableAlexander R. Thompson (Author)2
Jehovah is my Shepherd, IAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Versifier)1
Lamb of God, Holy and spotless One!Alexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Lamb of the cross, Thy one oblationAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Lay aside thy sorrow, MaryAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
Lift up your heads ye heavenly gatesAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Lo! from Edom comes a StrangerAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Lord of angels, Saviour JesusAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
May I enter Sion's portalAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
Miracle of heavenly kindnessAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Mizpah! God be the WatcherAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Morn is breaking, night is flyingAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Now; for a season; only nowAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Now the shades of eventideAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
O blessed Lord, so well Thy workAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
O God why did'st Thou put asideAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
O Jesus, to remember TheeAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
O stars of God, what did ye seeAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
O Thou, whose filmed and failing eyeAlexander R. Thompson (Author)English9
Oft, like the Psalmist, do we cryAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Oh the golden light adorningAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Out in the fields near BethlehemAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Praise our glorious King and LordRev. Alexander Ramsay Thompson (1822- ) (Author)English14
Praise the Lord, His glories showRev. Alexander R. Thompson (Author)English3
Saviour gentle, Saviour lowlyAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Sing a hymn of glory, wakingAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)English1
Sing aloud, children, sing to the glorious KingAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)3
The Lamb's great festival Alexander Ramsay Thompson (Translator)1
The morning purples all the skyA. R. Thompson (Translator)English32
The night the King was born, the starsAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
Thou art here! no symbol-cloudAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
To arms ye Christian soldiersAlex R. Thompson, D.D. (Translator)English3
Wayfarers in the wildernessAlexander R. Thompson (Author)English6
Wayworn pilgrim, weak and wearyAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)1
We keep the festival of the slain LambAlexander R. Thompson (Author)3
When from out the shining gatewayAlexander Ramsay Thompson (Author)English2
Zion, to thy Savior singingRev. Alexander R. Thompson (Translator)English15
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