Abel C. Thomas

Short Name: Abel C. Thomas
Full Name: Thomas, Abel C. (Abel Charles), 1807-1880
Birth Year: 1807
Death Year: 1880

Thomas, Rev. Abel Charles. (Exeter, Pennsylvania, July 11, 1807--September 27, 1880, Tacony, Penn.). A Universalist minister whose most important pastorate was at the Lombard Street Church, Philadelphia, 1830-1839, and again 1848-1863. A controversial writer and speaker. He edited Hymns of Zion, Philadelphia, 1839, the first Universalist hymn book to contain tunes. Five of his hymns are included in Church Harmonies: New and Old, 1895:

1. Far as Creation's bounds extend,
2. God of creation, our Father and Saviour,
3. O, where shall rest be found,
4. Praise ye the Lord,
5. Thou, whose wide extended sway.

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

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