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Christopher Tambling

Short Name: Christopher Tambling
Full Name: Tambling, Christopher
Birth Year: 1964
Death Year: 2015 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Christopher Tambling (59)sort ascendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Your saving Lord is near. Wake up!]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)255555 55543 15534
[You, O Lord, you, O Lord]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))215132 31
[We'd fished all night for nothng]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)251117 65544 43231
[We can plow and dig the land]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)212356 45123 12456
THIS IS THE DAY (Fijian)Christopher Tambling (Arranger)111231 12334 3223
SUANTRAIChristopher Tambling (Arranger)155613 23155 61323
[This is my body, broken for you]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)134315 54315 65315
[There is a Redeemer]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)133234 32312 34323
[The world is full of smelly feet]Christopher Tambling (Composer)2
[The voice from the bush said: Moses, look snappy]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)251335 67765 34466
[The virgin Mary had a baby boy]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)151111 21725 54444
[The Spirit lives to set us free]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)151177 66567 11151
[The righteous shall rejoice in the Lord]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))231121 23
[The Lord is the refuge of the poor]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))255457 7645
[The blessing of the Lord be upon you]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))251232 1
[Some were happy, some were sad]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)211765 31443 25651
ROCKINGChristopher Tambling (Composer)213556 64566 45
REJOICE (Anonymous)Christopher Tambling (Arranger)151111 23213 32123
[Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)156132 11111 21111
[Praise God in his holy place]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)211716 15532 1232
PLAISIR D'AMOURChristopher Tambling (Arranger)251233 44313 25671
PICARDYChristopher Tambling (Arranger)112345 54555 567
HYMN TO JOYChristopher Tambling (Arranger)233455 43211 23322
NOEL NOUVELETChristopher Tambling (Arranger)115645 34453 21156
STEAL AWAYChristopher Tambling (Arranger)111133 35556 23111
THE PEOPLE OF GODChristopher Tambling (Arranger)155554 35556 55554
MAKE PEACEChristopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)211212 35442 1711
[Love's like a boomerang, that's what we've found]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)233453 11644 22342
[Holy Trinity Service]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)217652 51765
[Life for the poor was hard and tough]Christopher Tambling (Composer)333454 32144 43213
[Let the peoples praise you, O God] (Tambling)Christopher Tambling (Composer (refrain))211556 54557 764
[Let love be real, in giving and receiving] (Tambling)Christopher Tambling (Composer)253243 21232 16512
KELVINGROVE (Scottish)Christopher Tambling (Composer)112352 31765 62212
[Jesus went away to the desert]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)234536 33425 43311
[Jesus said to His disciples] (Tambling)Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)213565 76524 54654
[I'm black, I'm white, I'm short, I'm tall]Christopher Tambling (Composer)351325 13251 2312
[I will give you thanks, O Lord, among the peoples]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))233231
[I watch the sunrise lighting the sky] (Murphy)Christopher Tambling (Arranger)155555 45654 56532
[I believe in Jesus]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)154433 22555 54433
HOLY HOLY (Owens)Christopher Tambling (Arranger)112334 33212 23466
WHOLE WORLD (Spiritual)Christopher Tambling (Arranger)155353 13555 55442
[Goliath was big and Goliath was strong]Christopher Tambling (Composer)351155 51155 66533
NEW WORLD (Dvorak)Christopher Tambling, b. 1965 (Arranger)335532 12353 23553
[God turned darkness into light]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)251265 12356 17561
[God sends a rainbow after the rain]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)232311 21256 71553
[Go and tell our neighbours]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)251511 76536 35543
[Forty days and nights afloat]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)255333 33453 44322
[When God restores the fortunes of his people]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))231671 21
[Do you ever wish you could fly like a bird]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)232315 17671 5567
[Come and meet around the table]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)212353 21235 61651
CAMERON'SChristopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)212354 34653 12312
CALYPSO CAROLChristopher Tambling (Arranger)155654 32461 72543
BROTHER JAMES' AIRChristopher Tambling (Arranger)113515 61543 11711
[Break the bread and pour the wine]Christopher Tambling (Composer)2
BIRNHAMChristopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)234567 17653 12354
BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLICChristopher Tambling (Arranger)255554 35123 33211
[Arise, O God, maintain your own cause]Christopher Tambling (Composer (Response))251151
[All of the creatures God had made]Christopher Tambling, b. 1964 (Composer)233355 43211 14422
[Abba, Father, let me be]Christopher Tambling (Arranger)135465 43617 65535

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