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Thomas Tallis
Short Name: Thomas Tallis
Full Name: Tallis, Thomas, ca. 1505-1585
Birth Year: 1505
Death Year: 1585

Thomas Tallis (b. Leicestershire [?], England, c. 1505; d. Greenwich, Kent, England 1585) was one of the few Tudor musicians who served during the reigns of Henry VIII: Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth I and managed to remain in the good favor of both Catholic and Protestant monarchs. He was court organist and composer from 1543 until his death, composing music for Roman Catholic masses and Anglican liturgies (depending on the monarch). With William Byrd, Tallis also enjoyed a long-term monopoly on music printing. Prior to his court connections Tallis had served at Waltham Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral. He composed mostly church music, including Latin motets, English anthems, settings of the liturgy, magnificats, and two sets of lamentations. His most extensive contrapuntal work was the choral composition, "Spem in alium," a work in forty parts for eight five-voice choirs. He also provided nine modal psalm tunes for Matthew Parker's Psalter (c. 1561).

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Tunes by Thomas Tallis (37)sort ascendingAsInstancesIncipit
[When Jesus to our rescue drew]T. Tallis (Composer)213211 17132 11713
VENI CREATOR (Tallis)Thomas Tallis (Composer)411715 54556 71117
THIRD MODE MELODYThomas Tallis (Composer)4413333 44555 55655
[The Lord be with you] (Tallis)Thomas Tallis (Composer)335555
[Chant] (Tallis 51177)T. Tallis (Composer)451177 71111 76666
[Chant] (Tallis 57655)Thomas Tallis (Composer)757655
TALYSThomas Tallis (ca. 1505-1585) (Composer)2
TALLIS'S HYMNT. Tallis (Composer)911111 23431 44332
TALLIS' SEVENTH TUNEThomas Tallis (Composer)2
TALLIS' ORDINALThomas Tallis (Composer)20713455 66551 76651
TALLIS CHANTTallis (Composer)355555 53656 71675
TALLIS' CANONThomas Tallis (Composer)42311711 22343 14433
SEVENTH MODE MELODYThomas Tallis (Composer)315234 55655 45152
SECOND MODE MELODYThomas Tallis, 1515-1585 (Composer)566716 77656 77662
[Chant] (Tallis 34322)T. Tallis (Composer)234322 31171
[Chant] (171223)Tallis (Composer)117122 32171
[Chant] (Tallis 55555)T. Tallis (Composer)255555 665
[O God, open my lips]Thomas Tallis (Composer)2
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Tallis)Thomas Tallis (Composer)211111 71117 2217
[Chant] (Tallis 12216)Thomas Tallis (Composer)212216 71
[Lord, have mercy] (Tallis)T. Tallis (Composer)355536 65655 53665
[Chant] (Tallis)Thomas Tallis (Composer)312167 1
[Response to Scripture] (Tallis)Thomas Tallis, 16th C. (Composer)255556 65
[Glory be to Thee, O Lord] (Tallis 555565)Thomas Tallis, d. 1585 (Composer)555556 5
[Glory be to Thee, O Lord] (Tallis 11111)T. Tallis, c. 1505-85 (Composer)611111 17
[Glory be to Thee, O Lord] (Tallis 44444)Thomas Tallis (c. 1510-1585) (Composer)244444 43
[Glory be to Thee, O Lord] (Tallis 5555665)Thomas Tallis, d. 1585 (Composer)855556 65
[Chant] (Tallis 33233)Tallis (Arranger)6333233 21223
[Glory be to the Father, and to the Son] (Tallis)T. Tallis (Composer)255555 55555 55555
FIRST MODE MELODYThomas Tallis (Composer)1511171 32222 5545
THE FIFTH TUNEThomas Tallis (Composer)3
[Enter thy courts, thou Word of Life]Thos. Tallis (Composer)251231 42321 71512
BENSON (Tallis)Thomas Tallis, d. 1585 (Composer)411216 71334 32221
[Chant] (Tallis 11566)Thomas Tallis (Composer)811566 71171
[Twofold Amen] (Tallis)Thomas Tallis, c. 1505-1585 (Composer)532412 167
[All-seeing Lord, whose pow'r unknown]Thos. Tallis (Composer)2
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