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John R. Sweney
Short Name: John R. Sweney
Full Name: Sweney, John R., 1837-1899
Birth Year: 1837
Death Year: 1899

John R. Sweney (1837-1899) was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and exhibited musical abilities at an early age. At nineteen he was studying with a German music teacher, leading a choir and glee club, and performing at children’s entertainments. By twenty-two he was teaching at a school in Dover, Delaware. Soon thereafter, he was put in charge of the band of the Third Delaware Regiment of the Union Army for the duration of the Civil War. After the war, he became Professor of Music at the Pennsylvania Military Academy, and director of Sweney’s Cornet Band. He eventually earned Bachelor and Doctor of Music degrees at the Academy.

Sweney began composing church music in 1871 and became well-known as a leader of large congregations. His appreciators stated “Sweney knows how to make a congregation sing” and “He had great power in arousing multitudes.” He also became director of music for a large Sunday school at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia of which John Wanamaker was superintendent (Wanamaker was the founder of the first major department store in Philadelphia). In addition to his prolific output of hymn melodies and other compositions, Sweney edited or co-edited about sixty song collections, many in collaboration with William J. Kirkpatrick. Sweney died on April 10, 1899, and his memorial was widely attended and included a eulogy by Wanamaker.

Joe Hickerson from "Joe's Jottings #9" used by permission

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[A burden was laid on my spirit]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[A Christian band from far and near]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)756533 56511 35177
[A dismal spectre, dark and tall]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[A feast of love together]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434551 35542 34764
[A land of light, a land of joy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353213 32617 65443
[A little more prayer as the years roll by]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 32155 53222
[A little while to sow and reap]J. R. S. (Composer)413553 21151 65325
[A little while together]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[A living Redeemer!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251116 53554 33325
[A sinner lost, and yet I came]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453335 61132 21235
[A trembling soul I come to Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453432 11132 22344
[A trembling soul, I sought the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)733451 76535 32234
[A voice from Calvary's cross we hear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255534 56655 15543
[A wave is rolling over the land]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351115 35123 34321
[A wonderful word in the Bible I see]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251113 21722 22522
[Abiding in Jesus, what blessing is mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 15563 44454
[Above earth's grief and sighing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355174 65555 65243
[Abundant salvation in Jesus I know]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 55511 16551
[Accepted I am]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255651 12123 56532
[Again within the house of prayer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334555 11772 34465
[Ah! whither should I go]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Alas! alas! a wayward sheep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453343 11132 22343
[Alas! and did my Savior bleed] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232111 23456 55322
[Alas! how long have I refused]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353335 66217 75433
[All, all to Jesus, I consecrate anew]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)551233 34444 33212
[All for Jesus, all for Jesus] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)612352 43112 36532
[All glory to Jesus on high!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212323 43215 17122
[All glory to my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[All glory to my Savior's name]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251115 12352 24315
[All hail the power of Jesus' name] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251132 11123 43212
[All is ready, the Master, said]John Robson Sweney (Composer)755565 35122 21231
[All the day in sweet communion]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432151 33223 45123
[All the earth shall worship Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355556 65515 31522
[All the fields are growing whiter]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)512351 33223 45743
[All to thee, O Savior mine]John R. Sweney (Composer)332135 65166 55323
[Alone with Thee, my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251375 61656 25351
[Along the line of soldiers]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[An open door, O, blessed thought]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Another hour with Jesus] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232117 65334 51712
[Are we fruitful branches]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255532 15171 25554
[Are we walking, daily walking, as the children of the light]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 34321 22232
[Are we walking in the counsel of the Lord?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234565 32132 11122
[Are we witnessing for Jesus?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)315351 23143 21712
[Are you groping on in blindness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234514 32642 75453
[Are you happy in the Lord?] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)1655111 11123 43271
[Are you sitting idle, while there's work to do?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353321 56116 55112
[Are you sowing, daily sowing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)533211 16511 11232
[Army of the living God]John Robson Sweney (Composer)353321 11177 67522
[As here we come to praise and worship]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255351 34321 23321
[As the bird flies home to its parent nest]John Robson Sweney (Composer)455321 51765 55432
[As the sunlight breaks through the clouds over head]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)712335 12177 23447
[As we part today in sadness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 13321 22224
[Ask and receive, that your joy may be full]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433332 15135 54323
[Ask the gracious Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255553 11776 75555
[At the '"Beautiful Gate" of the temple]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455111 32117 71223
[At the cross I found my Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
AWAKE! AWAKE! (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)3851515 13456 53156
[Awake, awake, O heart of mine]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1013456 15552 34313
[Awake! awake! O Zion, lift thy voice!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353215 35135 65425
[Awake, O ye careless, arise and away]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 31234 33552
[Awake, O Zion's daughter]John Robson Sweney (Composer)651113 45653 12
[Awake, sinful heart, the Savior is near]J. R. S. (Arranger)151117 56545 36543
[Be a helper in life's journey]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334555 55517 66512
[Be careful, O be careful]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255112 33332 21255
[Be not afraid, only believe]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333335 13244 44322
[Be strong and courageous whate'er may befall]John Robson Sweney (Composer)551345 13321 71322
[Be strong, O Christian soldiers]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251117 67155 61217
[Be strong, O ye faithful, be strong in the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 53566 66222
[Bear ye one another's burdens] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)315123 43225 23443
[Beautiful, beautiful land!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235435 43543 21254
[Behold the ark of God]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351365 23116 12333
[Behold the army of the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453515 61765 51131
[Serenely dwell the heirs of grace] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)453217 61555 42132
[I've reached the land of corn and wine]John Robson Sweney (Composer)15953332 11154 44322
[Beyond the stars that brightly gleam]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256531 32117 12432
[Beyond the stars that shine so bright]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254515 43243 47622
[Once in the dear dead days beyond recall]Jno. R. Sweney (Arranger)211111 17767 22222
[When in the morn of life, Jesus will save you]John Robson Sweney (Composer)351232 15133 25724
[Blessed are they who early seek]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213511 12354 32234
[Blessed, blessed Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255345 11176 65345
[Blessed life in Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)231321 54322 35315
[Blessed Lord, I am weary of sin and the world]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212356 53121 23551
[Blessed union, sweet communion]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232117 12243 22123
[Blessed words of truth and beauty]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251314 32132 12165
[Blessed words that with me dwell] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)632156 11133 22123
[Blossoms of the sunny spring]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235456 53254 36535
[Both by day and by night]John Robson Sweney (Composer)251333 32161 11765
BOTHELLJohn Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)1053232 21555 76551
[Everywhere with Jesus, thus I find sweet rest] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)332433 22123 15545
[Break forth, break forth, O joyful heart]John Robson Sweney (Composer)255131 21765 54765
[Breaking through mists of the valley]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255556 55444 44454
[Bright, beautiful morning]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333333 55234 36671
[Bring your sin to the loving Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233321 34517 24513
[Bring your vessels, not a few]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232156 15114 33232
[Broken hearted, weep no more] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[By his angel host attended]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212311 65112 31712
[Lord, take my heart, my wandering heart]John Robson Sweney (Composer)212333 21321 71
[Calling, calling, as in Galilee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)215153 33212 62621
[Can you read a clear title]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Care for the desolate]J. R. S. (Composer)3
[Carry me tenderly, Jesus, my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333332 13511 74444
[Carry the sunshine with us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251721 43332 12315
[Cheerily on, O Endeavorers, away]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351232 35421 17122
CHESTER (Sweney)Juan R. Sweney (Composer)234553 32234 644
[Child of God, be not discouraged]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)534556 54513 55234
[Children of the kingdom, while we journey here]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434321 32161 51112
[Christ in me the hope for all]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212345 11121 53255
[Christ, the Lord is coming to his loved ones again]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255135 42112 12333
CLINGING AND RESTINGJno. R. Sweney (Composer)434565 45111 15312
[Come and join our mission band]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255511 72444 66513
[Come and sit at Jesus' feet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432135 65165 32321
[Come away, the bells are calling]John Robson Sweney (Composer)353321 65171 24323
[Come away to Jesus, He is willing to forgive]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)633333 55653 12355
[Come back, come back to thy Father's home]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253334 33211 11216
[Come, contrite one, and seek his grace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3553321 34512 15325
[Come, dear friends, and let me tell you]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432116 51211 23321
[Come, Holy Ghost, and touch my tongue]John Robson Sweney (Composer)755653 51111 21655
[Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255611 21235 55312
[Come in, come in, O blessed One]John Robson Sweney (Composer)651171 23443 21715
[Come in, come into the grand old ark]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234532 13456 55517
[Come, let us sing redeeming love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 51232 22221
[Come, mourner, dry thy tears]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)451234 55425 51323
[Come, O Holy Spirit]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)335123 12116 57467
[Come, O my soul, my every power awaking]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1154535 13765 44342
[Come, O come with me where love is beaming]John Robson Sweney (Composer)232345 51765 32123
[Come sinner, come, why will you die?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234565 32135 12234
[Come, sinner, to the Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255365 54442 54435
[Come to the cross, thy Redeemer is there]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233231 35545 66655
[Come to the fount of mercy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Come to the throne of grace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355556 71111 66667
[Come, trembling sinner, in whose breast] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233213 56532 34323
[Come, we that love the Lord] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313332 17113 51655
[Come, weary traveler, haste, haste away]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232153 56512 55314
[Come while the Savior invites you]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253451 35442 34765
[Come with a promise to Jesus your Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233331 35555 66653
[Come, ye blessed of the Lord who know the joyful sound]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212316 55653 51123
[Come, ye saints of the Lord, who believe in his word]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255176 53511 23345
[Come, ye sinners, poor and needy] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412311 23262 34257
[Come, ye that love the Savior's name] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251165 35535 12321
[Come, ye who from your hearts believe]John Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)453331 17712 21235
[Conquering now and still to conquer]John Robson Sweney (Composer)8013515 35131 12321
[Consecrate me now, Jesus, my Redeemer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334321 12166 51112
COVA DA IRIAJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)434556 51211 76676
CRADLE SONG (Kirkpatrick)J. Sweney (Arranger)151123 11345 56423
[Daisies and buttercups sparkling with dew]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232356 51712 43456
[Day by day we journey here]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)356532 31222 12355
[Dear Father, for Thy tender love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351112 33215 42155
[Dear Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 55511 65
[Dear Savior, take this heart of mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234545 13455 17654
[Deep and deeper fell the shadows]John Robson Sweney (Composer)355653 45171 25223
[Delay not to come to Christ!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353211 76535 11162
[Depth of mercy! can there be] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253451 14655 76444
[Dies bleibt mein Ruhm, dass Christi Blut]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)354517 63443 47652
[Rejoice, O children of God, rejoice]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455556 71115 13365
[Do the cares of life press heavily upon thee?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234565 33267 21332
[Do they know we've been with Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351312 16533 45117
[Do you long to be made free from sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355116 51133 45653
[Do you seek the golden city]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234545 65317 76656
[Do you think that my Savior will leave me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332171 21653 51111
[Do your best while life's pilgrim way you tread]John Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)532116 65345 51177
[Does Jesus bless the children now]J. R. Sweney (Composer)255651 34316 22117
[Dost thou know at thy bolted heart's door tonight]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1612333 33412 35523
[Down at the cross of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253451 17423 47655
[Down at the cross where the Savior died] (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)433332 15112 22212
[Down into the fountain I will humbly go]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1555556 51343 24444
[Lord, I come, I wait no longer]John Robson Sweney (Composer)212312 32117 62165
[Earth has its sorrows, its heartaches, its anguish]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Empty me of self, my gracious Lord] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)955123 34433 21232
[Enlisted for Christ and his kingdom]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255345 67155 52343
[Eternal life is in God's Word]John Robson Sweney (Composer)553713 21555 76533
[Eternity is drawing near]John Robson Sweney (Composer)312333 23412 33326
[“Eternity! where?” It floats in the air] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)735434 44323 33666
[Every one may have a Friend]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333316 11332 21235
["Eye hath not seen" the city of the King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433233 21165 55511
[Falter not nor look behind thee]John Robson Sweney (Composer)351323 43113 55456
[Far, far from home, an exile on the deep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353215 34565 66666
[Far from home and marred by sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233435 65434 25435
[At our post as valiant soldiers]John Robson Sweney (Composer)216535 13176 51322
[Father above, a blessing I seek]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254565 54344 34766
[Father, I'm dying, O list what I'm saying]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253332 12676 55671
[Fearless and faithful, trusting and true]John Robson Sweney (Composer)332343 32122 12544
[Fierce was the billow wild, dark was the night]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
FILADELFIAJuan R. Sweney (Composer)451323 43121 721
FILL ME NOWJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)16633215 61234 56532
[Fill this temple with thy glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255451 76576 22125
[Finding in Jesus a present help]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333455 56651 21565
[Flow on, thou sparkling river]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355323 43332 12617
[Flowers breathe their fragrance]John R. Sweney (Composer)332151 35432 43267
[Follow thou me, says a gentle voice]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[For him who bore our guilt and sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[For his mercy endureth forever] (Sweney)J. R. S. (Composer)355646 51722 1
[For the blessings that we share]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355532 71576 54333
[For Thy goodness, O my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)237211 57623 46753
[Forward, forward! all the world for Jesus] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253156 17653 42311
[Freely the violets sweet perfume give]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255553 22165 75753
[Fresh young leaves upon the trees]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)331112 66746 76533
[Friends, good-night! friends, good-night!]John R. Sweney (Composer)353364 47777 47215
[Friends of yore have flown to heaven]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455151 35313 21231
[From my sin and danger Jesus saves]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)231165 31232 22544
[From sinful self, from doubts and fears]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213332 13556 61665
[From the rock amid the desert]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 11331 22222
[From the stranger country]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332354 32434 65354
[From worldly thought and busy care]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353431 76224 46721
[Gathering home, from all lands neath the sun]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332155 56541 17653
[Gentle Jesus, meek and mild] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233355 43424 44665
[Gentle Saviour, bend thine ear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253321 51252 35335
[Gentle Shepherd, Savior dear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253356 22776 53533
[Give me the mind of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232131 17454 12335
[Give us light for life eternal]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)356513 21325 65243
GLORY (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)412316 51135 66533
[Glory be to the Father] (32177)J. R. S. (Composer)432177 65432 11754
[Glory to God for His sunshine is free]John R. Sweney (Composer)755556 71111 66667
[Glory to God for the joy to meet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1933332 15612 34323
[Go and speak to others]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233333 12216 51112
[Go as an humble disciple]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232135 11742 75643
[Go in the strength of the Master] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Go on, go on, ye souls made free]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253235 32353 43232
[Go tell the story of Jesus]John R. Sweney (Composer)533213 45112 25433
[Go work in the vineyard, 'tis Jesus commands]John Robson Sweney (Composer)253333 23111 13222
[Go ye out in the highways]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 55651 11171
[God calling yet! shall I not hear?] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)356535 17666 55521
[God gives me this assurance sweet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[God has blessed us without measure]John Robson Sweney (Composer)234511 76715 43234
[God is here, and that to bless us]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1055655 11771 22123
[God is in heaven, and can he hear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251233 41233 32172
[God shall charge his angel legions]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234531 76533 45654
[God tells us in His word]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353333 13566 644
[God's word abideth ever]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255112 35332 17156
[Going home to be with Jesus, what a blessed hope is ours]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 55534 51111
[Going on with Jesus, where he leads the way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255123 34412 33321
[Good news! good news of a soul redeemed]John Robson Sweney (Composer)651511 11765 54347
[Good night, good night, we will meet in the morning]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235543 33321 23443
[Gracious Lord, for thy compassion]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234556 65312 33432
[Grander than the billowy ocean]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Great is the Lord, who ruleth over all]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)913455 65671 22173
GUANAJUATOJohn R. Sweney (Composer)351112 33517 66777
[Do you hear a song resounding through the strife]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)653325 22151 75443
[Hail, all hail, the Prince of glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Hallelujah, hallelujah! Shout aloud Jehovah's praise!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234556 71331 76546
[Hallelujah, praise to Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 33271 24321
[Hallowed be thy name, our Father!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233335 13244 44523
[I come to God, and my soul was lost]John Robson Sweney (Composer)212355 13322 2344
[Happy hours, happy hours]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253153 15345 65432
[Happy in Jesus! no life is so blessed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235117 55722 13513
[Hark! a message from the King of glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355553 45115 66666
[Hark! hark, my soul! angelic songs are swelling] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453455 67121 72234
[Hark, the voice of Jesus crying] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433432 13125 47123
[Toil on though the night may be dreary and long]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355456 53323 44434
[Has the day been dark with shadows]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Hast thou a treasure in glory?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255117 21553 11712
[Hasten, ye weary, why do you linger]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351217 52321 51353
[Have ye heard the song from the golden land]J. R. Sweney (Composer)1234511 13266 21776
[Have you learned to sing the blessed song]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234551 35434 43265
[Have you toiled all night near the shore in vain]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)812334 32165 34567
[He feedeth His flock like a shepherd] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)313432 12356 54322
[He has come! He has come] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)354333 33455 55556
[He is a whole Christ, he is a full Saviour]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[He leadeth His own with a gentle hand]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355653 21321 51215
[He pleads that all who wander far]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233231 17132 21254
[He sat by the well at the noontide]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353712 16535 11117
[He saves from guilt, His name is Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213451 76653 53234
[“He that believeth,” what a sweet and simple way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[He that dwelleth in the presence]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)834532 11771 24323
[He was wounded in the army]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332154 56517 54643
[When Jesus shall gather the nations] (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)1634565 31321 66511
[Hear as you wander where many are lost]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255554 56662 77776
[Hear the gospel invitation] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232111 35566 53532
[Hear the joyful carols]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255453 12161 51121
[Hear the shout and song of the gathering throng]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434326 23215 11252
[Hear the words of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 13456 54444
[Heard ye the voice of the Master call?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253453 45157 65465
[Heart bells, joyfully]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233321 55565 61165
[Heartily, heartily]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253451 17671 17665
[Heaven's joy bells are in my soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Heiland, nun bin ich zufrieden]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 56535 11121
[Help me, Lord, to tell the story]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Help me, O God, this day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232144 32123 54366
[Help me to sing, O Lord, help me to sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232315 61765 77121
[Help us, Lord, with every day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256565 31676 76427
[Here in Thy name we are gathered]John Robson Sweney (Composer)3211117 12522 22123
[Here, while we gather now]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235612 32123 35612
HILLSDALEJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)434533 21551 17521
HILTON HEAD (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)953451 76553 45653
[Hither, ye desolate, starving for bread]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256535 17121 21665
[Hold me closer, closer, Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232117 12243 22123
[Hold me up, O Lord, and direct my steps]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Hold on, my soul, to the end hold out]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)551113 21113 45553
[Hold up the gospel banner]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Holy is the Sabbath day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233322 11222 35533
[Holy Spirit, Teacher Thou] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)356543 71651 32155
[Hope has left me, all is dark]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251312 15345 56125
[How can I honor him? what shall I bring?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)211132 12321 55565
[How can we fall if the Savior uphold us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355553 45121 75555
[How glad I am there is room for me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332155 17622 21756
[How happy every child of grace] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251171 22123 23432
[How lovely are thy dwellings, O Zion bright and fair]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332134 65517 12433
[How much owest thou to the Father above]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253231 34512 33543
[How much we owe to Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255112 33332 12355
[How oft as you journey, some brother you meet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355655 35112 33321
[How restless the soul of the wanderer from Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355321 34511 17554
[However weak your faith today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251115 34567 17121
[Hundreds of years have vanished]John R. Sweney (Composer)232346 71511 17125
[Hushed is every sob of anguish]John R. Sweney (Composer)312313 21534 51712
[I am but a tiny cricket]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255555 43451 11217
[I am coming, O my Savior, and thy Name is all my plea]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 66512 31165
[I am happy in my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234517 46555 54643
[I am happy in the Lord, hallelujah]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I am leaning on the arm of God]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I am learning a song that with joy I shall sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234545 13432 12234
[I am only a little rose-bud]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233432 51171 13323
[I am resting in the Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234325 32211 23543
[I am resting, sweetly resting, O my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212321 32172 15123
[I am sav'd! the Lord hath sav'd me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1533311 11655 13232
[I am saved through the blood of my crucified Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255535 13332 12555
[I am saved, yes, I’m saved! Praise the Lord, O my soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I am singing all the day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334556 11112 24433
[I am waiting, O my Father]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455561 11233 32123
[I am walking today in that glorious way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 31122 24223
[I am walking with my Savior, I am walking in His path]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232153 45117 66662
[I asked thee, Lord, for gifts alone]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255332 13556 71565
[I believe that God in mercy]Jno. R. Sweney, by per (Composer)233315 65512 25432
[I came to the fountain of blessing so free]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I came to the fountain that cleanseth from sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)751111 23555 53444
[I came to the Master in sorrow one day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 32122 31117
[I found the love that long I sought]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253216 53551 11332
[I have a faith in Christ my Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I have a friend and He came to seek me]John Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)655135 47215 13565
[I have a gracious Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355332 34551 11232
[I have a home in glory] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355135 62171 25355
[I have come just now from the wayside well]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I have found a friend divine] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)934321 11251 23565
[I have found a friend who has saved my soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332111 43222 34554
[I have found a place for my weary head]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I have found the Savior precious] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1232213 45517 76562
[I have heard of a land, of a beautiful land]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455565 11121 23335
[I have laid my burden down]John Robson Sweney (Composer)834556 53213 57671
[I have the witness, Lord, within]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251535 12334 43123
[I heard a sweet voice saying "come unto me"]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255555 55511 17656
[I heard the voice of Jesus say] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355316 51712 44265
[I know in whom my soul believes]John Robson Sweney (Composer)413212 35565 54322
[I know not what shall befall me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351112 34433 33221
[I know that my Redeemer lives] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I learned it in the Bible]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1155331 17554 74355
[I lift the floodgate of my soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232156 44333 32212
[I long to be perfect, my Savior, in Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 35554 44432
[I love my Redeemer and Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255123 43325 57123
[I love my Savior dear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455345 11234 32125
[I love my Savior, His heart is good]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1053215 35611 11125
[I love Thy precious name]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233512 35563 45517
[I must have the Savior with me]John R. Sweney (Composer)3234531 65365 23543
[I need the blood of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253321 23156 11712
[I once was poor and lost in sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213313 21651 22544
[I praise the Lord that one like me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)953331 23215 61143
[I saw the reapers one by one]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)534551 76531 23543
[I sing at morning light, I shall not want]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312333 33554 43432
[I sit at the feet of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353231 65317 56712
[I thirst, Thou wounded Lamb of God] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256511 21355 46232
[I want a present living faith]John R. Sweney, by per (Composer)353321 76554 44321
[I was far away in the paths of sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 32132 22344
[I was lost upon the mountains] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212355 43113 32676
[I was once far away from the Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)512332 15351 12343
[I wearied in the way, the battle pressed me sore]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253555 51766 66177
[I will go to Jesus now, while the Holy Spirit calls]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355111 13212 22343
[I will look to the hills, to the beautiful hills]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I will not doubt my Savior's love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333257 21156 11655
[I will rise, I will rise]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I will sing when morning cometh]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)534511 11771 22222
[I will take my cross, and bear it]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235132 32156 51232
[I will tell the world around me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412333 22113 55544
[I’d rather get down at the feet of my Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[If the cup of life that you hold today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234545 11765 35544
[If the way be full of trial, weary not]John R. Sweney (Composer)434555 53217 62344
["If ye love me," saith the Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234655 11771 24365
[I'll praise the Lord, and this my song]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I'm as happy as can be, for I'm going home]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234553 45117 65555
[I'm happy, I'm happy as mortal can be]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 55123 45542
[I’m happy, so happy! no words can express]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)853331 11222 66776
[I'm singing for Jesus, a song of the heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255321 53466 21776
[I'm thinking just now of a beautiful rest]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[I'm with thee every hour]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313321 22344 32334
[In a little basket, under skies of blue]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333333 12116 51112
[In a world so full of weeping]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2312333 12111 21231
[In all the bright faces of earth's heavenly places]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213555 65356 71217
[In love divine I dwell]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212332 16511 32412
[In perfect peace I now can say]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453333 54322 22343
[In realms of bliss, where all is pure]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353153 54477 77653
[In that fair land where no shadows fall]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251132 12223 45544
[In the crimson of the morning] (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)355113 22134 56535
[In the dark and cloudy day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255135 42234 26553
[In the darkness, as I trod]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[In the day of trial, in the hour of need]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251333 21356 54322
[In the days of old, in a country far away]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21345 65123
[In the field of Christian duty]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[In the glory of the Father]John Robson Sweney (Composer)312153 43122 27165
[In the good old way where the saints have gone] (Sweneg)John Robson Sweney (Composer)1532165 35111 11221
[In the Gospel's sweet old story]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)755514 33255 57321
[In the house of many mansions] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)533171 32444 2123
[In the musings of the twilight]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212351 23556 53234
[In the secret of his presence] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)712333 34323 21161
[In the spacious halls of heaven, there is room for every one]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 34321 25552
[In the storm of life, in the waves of sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355171 12323 34531
[In the sunlight I'm abiding]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251323 43113 54565
[In the twilight of the morning]John Robson Sweney (Composer)334545 31734 54517
[In the way cast up for the ransomed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)812333 67133 45567
[In the world ye shall have tribulation]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[In this sinful world I'm walking]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434555 65335 11121
[In this vale of mists and shadows]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412312 16531 23117
[In Thy perfect peace divine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332135 17467 65132
[Into the fountain of cleansing we go]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433332 12151 51112
[Into the world, a light I come]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251112 33425 22234
[Into thy keeping our hearts we give]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233332 11724 44234
[Is it well with thee?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355111 55666 15554
[It is not the gloomy Christian, with his long and dismal face]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 55176 65555
[It needs but a touch, a touch of the heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 51765 54345
[It reaches me, it reaches me] (Chorus)John R. Sweney (Composer)153225 21176 54351
[It was night in the temple]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)211176 65577 65111
[I’ve been to the field with the reapers]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434545 12153 1723
[I've been to the fountain of blessing so free]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I've clasped the powerful hand divine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255434 56112 57654
[I've found a friend, O such a friend] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253213 54312 34543
[I’ve heard of a Savior whose love was so strong]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)651111 23217 13456
[I've heard of streets of purest gold]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351132 21111 22433
[I've yielded all for Jesus, that struggle now is past]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234556 54535 11216
[Jerusalem! thy mansions fair]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255115 53333 25221
[Jesus, and shall it ever be] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)454515 45355 44665
[Jesus, blessed Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255651 33252 15556
[Jesus calls us, listen, listen]Jno. R. Sweney. By per (Composer)353317 66556 71231
[Jesus, come in today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253451 17234 65336
[Jesus has promised a bright crown of life]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 51123 32523
[Jesus, I will take Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355513 32116 55567
[Jesus in purple robe arrayed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256532 21165 55435
[Jesus is here; is not your heart burning]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Jesus is lifting the cross He bore]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232117 65455 56724
[Jesus is living, and reigneth on high]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)634451 11767 56552
[Jesus is my joy and sunshine]J. R. Sweney (Composer)856531 35445 42
[Jesus is the light, the way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2612311 65111 77222
[Jesus is willing to save and to bless you]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Jesus is with me! O blessed the place]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)651233 34443 33212
[Jesus, keep me near Thee]John Robson Sweney (Composer)533321 53456 12222
[Jesus, keep us till we meet again]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333332 13556 65543
[Jesus, let me cling to Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)354352 31177 67655
[Jesus, lover of my soul] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)834517 67133 25234
[Jesus loves me, fondly loves me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334512 15312 33215
[Jesus, my faith I now confess]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Jesus my Savior, blessed Redeemer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256711 21235 66653
[Jesus reigns, in all His glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355153 17666 43213
[Jesus saves me and keeps me from sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312323 56711 12771
[Jesus the meek and lowly]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313456 35442 17671
[Jesus the Savior is passing this way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555651 13212 55523
[Jesus unerring Pilot, life's sea is rough and wide]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Jesus, when He left the sky] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334565 43123 43211
[I sing of Heaven, that world of light]John Robson Sweney (Composer)213553 32224 65235
[Join in song ere we part]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212323 13454 53551
[Joy is beaming in my soul, I'm happy all the day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 55176 66666
[Joy! joy! joy! wonderful joy, wonderful joy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Joyfully sing, let us joyfully sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351234 31365 31354
[Just a little music in the key of praise]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233334 32135 12222
[Just as I am, thine own to be] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235611 32133 55467
[Just on the border of the kingdom, thou]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251231 61535 52234
[Justified by faith in Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[Keep looking on the bright side]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Keep me faithful, blessed Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255456 55444 34543
[Kind angel of mercy, O close not the gate]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255123 23444 33321
[Then when the sun was set they came]John Robson Sweney (Composer)353333 21552 22765
[Lead me, ever lead me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232165 17512 35653
[Lead on, O King eternal] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251332 15561 14332
[Leading souls to Jesus who are sad and lost]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)633334 32176 51111
[Lean sweetly on Jesus, O child of His care]John Robson Sweney (Composer)255655 31212 33446
[Led by the hand of faith]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332156 12123 32156
[Let all the people praise Him]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Let it come, O Lord, we pray Thee] (Chorus)John R. Sweney (Composer)155421 23134 51712
[Let me go to the land where my loved ones are going]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234545 12154 33223
[Let me lean on Thy bosom, dear Savior, I pray]John Robson Sweney (Composer)234532 13655 43322
[Let me walk with Thee, dear Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232117 13223 42123
[Let the light of love shine clear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355556 11222 53335
[Let the way be dark, let the way be light]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334555 34515 57776
[Let the way be narrow, as the Master said]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21355 53211
[Let "the wings of the morning" my spirit uplift]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255565 15321 23335
[Let us ask the gracious Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234556 65312 33212
[Let us come with praise]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Let us counsel together]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212335 54432 22355
[Let us press toward the mark, though it shines far above]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255176 53456 71112
[Let us run with patience]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21235 55566
[Let us shape our lives more closely]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332132 16516 12412
[Let us sing the love of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234517 46512 35432
[Life wears a different face to me] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)5053213 21651 51332
[Lift me higher, blessed Savior] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256713 32125 7
[Lift up your ringing songs tonight]John Robson Sweney (Composer)413212 34565 1165
[Light after darkness, gain after loss] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1233456 55653 22345
[Light in our darkness, hope in our fear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)551233 54325 72446
[Like a shepherd, tender, true]John Robson Sweney (Composer)4034325 21121 72321
[Like the sunshine breaking through the clouds overhead]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212356 55467 15112
[Listen to the “still, small voice”]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)554535 13654 34276
[Listen to the voice of Jesus] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332153 51174 32557
[Little daisies nodding]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233345 55443 42223
[Little hands can serve him]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235421 51171 22432
[Little schoolmates, one and all]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235533 22477 44335
[Little voices, happy voices]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Live like the blessed Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253721 36553 72167
[Living all for Jesus, 'tis the golden way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355322 15117 75521
[Lo! the day is breaking]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Long years in doubt and bondage, in hope and pain and grief]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313331 21355 53556
[Look not on the clouds that gather]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Look up and press onward]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 53456 71122
[Look up! behold, the fields are white] (Sweney)John Sweney (Composer)655565 45112 17655
[Look up, brother, lift up your head]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)311153 51223 44443
[Looking to Jesus, bright Star of the day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355556 55434 44445
[Looking unto Jesus] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Lord, I come repenting]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)431165 12212 33344
[Lord, I hear of showers of blessing] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355532 13255 52123
[Lord, my strength and my Redeemer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251332 47155 5612
[Lord, thou hast tenderly reached from above]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255553 21365 66667
WHEN I AM GONEJno. R. Sweney (Arranger)111233 45653 54324
[Lord, with all my heart I praise Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332135 17653 13654
[Lord, with thy piercing eye]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234332 62232 11766
[Love everlasting, love Divine!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
MACHU PICCHUJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)233215 56111 51235
[Make the moments count for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333351 23322 26543
[There's a life on the heights, O Christian]John Robson Sweney (Composer)334555 51535 47654
[Many in their search for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355556 51232 22123
[Many mansions, many mansions]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251233 23215 34451
[Many souls are sinking in the wreck today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)651333 21235 54323
[March, march along; let us gladly sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433432 13266 65422
[March on, march on to victory] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Marching on, marching on] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Marching together with banners so bright]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351233 34443 32254
[Mary stood beside the tomb]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333234 33213 21533
MEDAN (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)432125 61565 43223
MEDICINE HATJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)2
[Just as a little tired child] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)2
MIRAFLORESJuan R. Sweney (Composer)233315 55322 23543
[More love to Thee, O Christ] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254653 24332 52114
[More room, more room at the cross of Christ]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251511 23133 45453
[Mourner, lay thy broken heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232156 11221 23532
[My Advocate is on the throne]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251331 33221 77717
[My faith, inspired with rapture, sings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351535 12321 23432
[My faith is clinging to the cross so dear]J. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[My fragile bark no more is tossed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313553 23151 65352
[My heart has been sighing, O Jesus, for Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455655 35123 31212
[My heart is fixed, eternal God] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313565 17655 34423
[My heart was once heavy with sadness] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)451113 21254 32126
[My hope in Christ is bright and clear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[My Lord and my Savior, my Brother and Friend]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[My loving Saviour, I am thine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353335 11122 23454
[My path is dark, Lord, very dark]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334555 43211 22335
[My Savior is abiding, abiding in my heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355323 43332 21255
[My Savior bore the curse for me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256551 17722 17655
[My Savior has purchased redemption for me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255551 11232 15653
[My Savior, O what glories shine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213451 76556 55321
[My Saviour! sweet spring of salvation and peace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 21116 55564
[My Saviour, when they brought thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256512 17576 25351
[My soul for light and love had earnest longings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)512334 33267 15123
[My soul in prison lay]John Robson Sweney (Composer)251565 53212 53511
[My soul shouts glory to the Son of God]John Robson Sweney (Composer)834551 17656 51233
[My soul sings glory all the way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)855651 32156 12165
[My soul, stay not in shadows]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353121 66551 72465
[My way is dreary and cold]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Nearing the harbor, nearing the strand]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234332 23212 16515
[Needful strength for me each day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Never will the Lord forsake us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251315 11772 44326
[New songs, new songs for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 15343 25132
[No cross for me, O blessed Lord and Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433335 65133 24444
[No God, no home, no refuge]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233445 13556 25355
[No home! no home! O hapless one]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312334 65535 13253
[No longer wait, my brother, even now]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232231 11765 56713
[No, not despairingly] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433343 32321 55565
[No one but Jesus can cleanse me from sin] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253451 33212 56572
[Not far to the gate of that beautiful city] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Not here! not here! not where the sparkling waters] (Sweney)J. R. S. (Arranger)3
[Not here the home for which we sigh]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255135 65117 12512
[Not one thing hath failed us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233213 31561 17771
[Not tomorrow, but today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355653 45177 71211
[Not where the work is the lightest]J. R. S. (Composer)2
[Nothing unclean can enter in]Sweney (Composer)253213 43234 51312
[O, the changes, constant changes]John Robson Sweney (Composer)334325 32151 17676
[Now I have found at Jesus' side]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251131 53615 51323
[Now the solemn shadows darken]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232153 45111 21232
[Now you're happy in the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255651 23343 25321
[O, be not discouraged, dear child of the King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 55132 11222
[O, bless the Lord, what joy is mine!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1713331 55535 44543
[O blessed Jesus, O Savior divine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353334 33212 54445
[O brother, have you heard the story]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351112 33325 22234
[O brother, if the Lord has forgiven your sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251112 33216 51777
[O Church of God, arise]John Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)451111 11333 33344
[O come, Holy Spirit, and help us to sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[O, come to the mercy seat, there tell your woes]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255123 33512 33444
[O give thanks unto the Lord] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555553 45566 55515
[O hail, blessed morn, when the Lord as he promised]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253215 34511 17543
[O how precious are the moments] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[O I am singing of Jesus]John Robson Sweney (Composer)253451 21566 65517
[O Jesus, my Friend and Redeemer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 76512 34321
[O Jesus, my Rock]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253433 12165 55111
[O Jesus, my Savior]John Robson Sweney (Composer)555651 34412 32232
[O Jesus, my Savior, how oft would I tell]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233215 43212 35176
[O joyful hour, O hallowed place]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251113 32252 22443
[O Kedron, lovely Kedron!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353141 23132 12321
[O Lamb of God, whose sacred brow]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353217 21517 12433
[O land of rest, for thee I sigh] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 33455 32223
[O light of my spirit and joy of my heart]John Robson Sweney (Composer)233561 11212 33456
[O Lord, in thy Zion praise waiteth for thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455517 62117 11321
[O Lord, thy mighty grace impart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313343 32124 32313
[O lost ones, in danger no longer remain]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)933456 53524 35661
[O love of Christ, who once for us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253234 33215 67143
[O love unmeasured, vast and deep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)553213 21665 17125
[O my brother, are you basking]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412334 33271 22321
[O, my heart is full of joy, for my sins are washed away]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412313 45556 11112
[O my Savior, I am weary]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)753653 13223 45376
[O my Savior, thou hast washed me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453213 21565 67132
[O, my song is ever new and my faith is bright and clear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[O my soul, the story tell]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233517 12447 67135
[O praise the Lord, I'm saved today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[O praise the Lord, when all the sky]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313343 32234 45431
[O precious Redeemer, what rapture is mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251113 33111 55111
[O prodigal, wandering afar today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213333 21553 32432
[O Savior, I long for thy tender forgiveness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[O Savior, tarry yet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256532 12676 55653
[O Savior, Thy voice I hear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 44313 25532
[O sing of the rapture, the holy delight]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351111 23565 55671
[O sing unto the Lord a new song] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251535 11321 23555
[O sinner, are you seeking that country in the sky?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234565 35423 43423
[O sinner, come home, the banquet is waiting]John Robson Sweney (Composer)255551 12123 33467
[O soul with thy doubting and fearing oppressed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255321 11171 25543
[O sweet is the voice of my Shepherd]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453234 32155 65617
[O the glory hallelujah]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1554333 33213 55535
[O the great salvation, offered full and free]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255555 53456 16666
[O the height and depth of mercy!]John R. Sweney (Composer)155664 65333 22345
[O the joy, the bliss divine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455151 23523 43155
[O the precious, precious moments]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)612312 31512 31232
[O there's sunshine, blessed sunshine] (Chorus)John R. Sweney (Composer)154312 16533 45135
[O this uttermost salvation!]John R. Sweney (Composer)3034553 22135 17654
[O to do something, something]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232121 65543 2343
[O trembling soul overwhelmed with fear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253155 61132 24243
[O troubled heart, behold and see]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333455 32117 62354
[O wandering one, come to the fountain of cleansing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255556 53513 32555
[O weary one, thirsty and faint]John R. Sweney (Composer)2
[O what a blessing, how can I express it?]John Sweney (Composer)433332 15555 44444
[O what a Savior in Jesus I've found]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 56531 22221
[O, what a wonderful Savior is mine] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233334 33561 22221
[O what blessing Jesus brings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255117 65114 332
[O what everlasting mercy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1051321 65351 76521
[O, what is thy hope for the future]John Robson Sweney (Composer)212333 32343 55222
[O, work for the Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351111 55123 45544
[Of Him I boast, who shed for me]John Robson Sweney (Composer)454533 33763 42244
[Oft I seem to hear sweet music]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434545 65313 32521
[Oh, beautiful story of Jesus our Lord]John Robson Sweney (Composer)255565 31212 33456
[O come to the feast on the hillside]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255565 45155 52345
[O come with hearts rejoicing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255171 27155 66217
[O for a vision of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)534352 43137 12165
[O glad are our hearts in a service of love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251765 45654 33224
[O happy day, that fixed my choice] (55321)Jno. R. Sweney (Arranger)255321 76552 56576
[O hear the words of the high command]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255535 11611 22771
[O how oft amid our labor]John Robson Sweney (Composer)412332 34332 11165
[O I am a son through faith in The Name]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213333 21355 55611
[O list to the brook, the bright little brook]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253321 54432 23455
[O my cup is overflowing]John Robson Sweney (Composer)412311 65113 22442
[O my hope is as bright as the clear noonday sun]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 32122 32234
[O rally round the standard]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1055333 31321 16155
[Oh, sing once more of Jesus]John Robson Sweney (Composer)255117 61651 17125
[Oh, the glorious day is coming]John Robson Sweney (Composer)234512 11771 22321
[O the gospel word is a word of grace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212355 34322 23455
[O the joy that fills my heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)655111 13554 46622
[O the Lord is rich in mercy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455117 65355 52543
[O the peaceful resting land]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232133 26776 51332
[O the precious promises of God's own word]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255535 11232 16616
[O the sweet and precious seasons]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255511 33223 42123
[O the time is flying fast]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312335 61132 21233
[O the world has need of sunshine as you go] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)812333 43216 51117
[O Thou in whom we live and move]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255545 65351 21653
[O to be like Him]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)635117 42476 55433
[O to have the mind of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)733432 11744 54323
[O we are young soldiers for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555555 55511 71217
[O what utter weakness fills this soul of mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455565 13116 54444
[O why do you linger yet longer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)533234 34535 17665
[Oh, wondrous love that Jesus shows]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[On Calvary's brow my Savior died]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)5232153 51743 26765
[On let us go where the valley of Eden fair]John Robson Sweney (Composer)155511 76671 65512
[On, little pilgrims, the Lord is King!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)231235 56151 12321
[On my way to Zion] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1
[On one and all yonder the sun is shining bright]John R. Sweney (Composer)3
[On the desert mountain straying]John Robson Sweney (Composer)651321 65121 23513
[On the mount of wondrous glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1134512 15312 36532
[On the Savior cast thy burden]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[On to the battle front]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233234 51743 46545
[On to the land of glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)6
["On to victory" shall our motto be]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555543 33321 22234
[Once again, once again, workers of another year]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 55556 71253
[Once, when a shower was falling]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233432 15332 21234
[One by one, our loved ones slowly Pass]John R. Sweney (Composer)356517 22132 13267
[One by one, the sheaves are gathered]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254345 45651 17721
[One more day its twilight brings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)732171 65652 12433
[One sweet hour alone with Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434565 32135 11165
[Only a band of children, sitting at Jesus' feet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232115 65111 23232
[Only a beam of sunshine]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1832115 65511 12324
[Only a little while; courage, sad heart!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333332 12343 55554
[Only a little while, sowing and reaping]John Robson Sweney (Composer)333353 32344 33336
[Only a little word, softly and kindly]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432343 12676 55111
[Only to follow, day by day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432151 17443 26765
[Onward, onward, onward, Christian soldiers!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)231531 17653 42351
[Onward still, and upward]John R. Sweney (Composer)1955555 11767 16666
[Open doors before us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254565 31143 24345
[Open the door that so long you have bolted]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Our banner to the breezes fling]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351234 56517 71271
[Our blessed Redeemer is passing this way]John Robson Sweney (Composer)512333 21561 11117
[Our dear Bible verses, how brightly they shine!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 34565 11255
[Our Fatherland, thy name so dear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)751351 35117 16522
[Our Jesus says that He will come]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455351 23155 61765
[Our lives, we are told, are but fleeting at best]John Robson Sweney (Composer)312333 32155 55565
[Our Lord and Saviour bids us shine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Our Lord can hold the ocean in the hollow of his hand]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Our Redeemer died to save us]John Robson Sweney (Composer)455151 23331 24672
[Our souls cry out, hallelujah]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2434555 11151 17646
[Our Sunday-school, how sweet, how dear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1056535 65135 17246
[Out in the sunlight, from under a cloud]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233332 35444 44443
[Out in the sunshine of infinite love]John Robson Sweney (Composer)455556 55434 44445
[Out on the cold, cold mountain]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255513 32444 76555
[Out on the deep, on a starless deep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Out on the desert, looking, looking]John Robson Sweney (Composer)3332135 61533 21356
[Outside the gate, and yet so near the fountain]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555345 56176 65552
[Over the river they call me]John Robson Sweney (Composer)756354 71513 21645
[Pass not by, O Savior mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233312 11655 17123
[Passing homeward, O how gladly]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334513 54322 34765
[Peter on the troubled sea]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
PHARESJohn Robsoon Sweney (Composer)654565 11712 56523
[Plant roses, sweet roses, in passing along]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412335 54234 45351
[Plant the banner of the cross on the hilltops of our land]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212323 43345 45655
[Praise God, from whom all blessings flow] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251112 34321 34543
[Praise Him for His glory, praise Him for His grace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)815345 13217 15566
[Praise him, O praise him! The golden harps are ringing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)315325 43212 35153
[Praise the Lord for all his blessings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)211134 56715 43215
[Praise the Lord, the Rock of ages]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Praise the Lord, ye saints of Zion]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251321 76653 17465
[Praise ye the Lord, the God of our salvation]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)6
[Pray on, pray on, O trusting heart] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555112 33334 43123
GOLDEN KEYJohn R. Sweney (Composer)3812356 55322 34523
[Precious Jesus, Savior dear]John R. Sweney (Composer)234532 34234 36535
[Precious lessons, precious lessons we are learning]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212314 32532 15123
[Precious Saviour, keep me close to thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233213 45174 43267
[Press forward! press forward! a crown is in view!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Press on, press on, ye workers]John Robson Sweney (Composer)751232 15351 12233
[Ready and ripe for harvest]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253212 35122 23435
[Redeemed, and with the price of blood]John Robson Sweney (Composer)353121 65611 22123
[Rejoice in thy youth, young man]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Rejoice, rejoice, the wilderness shall bloom]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 54275 51122
[Rejoicing evermore in our hopes laid up above]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 53451 11176
[Remember it is Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253121 53531 21557
[Rest, weary heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334433 32123 56653
[Resting in the love of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334511 17132 23475
[Return, O ye lost ones, for why will ye stray]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353166 55316 55612
[Rich are the moments of blessing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1031235 65122 22123
[Riches unsearchable, riches untold]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355533 32171 55544
RING THE BELLSJohn R. Sweney (Composer)534511 77764 66534
[Ring the merry Christmas bells] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212345 31777 11112
RIO DE JANEIROJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)255112 16542 34476
[Rise in your might, ye ransomed ones, arise]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232132 21712 21254
[Rise, O my soul, to higher joys awaking]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213513 32165 32462
[Rock-a-bye, baby, rock-a-bye, dear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)532155 32155 67135
[Rock in the desert, my shield from the blast]John Robson Sweney (Composer)755553 45671 66667
ROCKWELLJ. R. S. (Composer)2
[Room for the world at the cross of the Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)356551 23433 25655
[Sad and lonely, weak and weary] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234312 15351 71432
[Sailing down the stream of time]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233234 33111 27123
[Salvation! is the battle cry]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255555 11122 12335
[Salvation! O the joyful sound] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351121 35565 32125
[Saved, saved, O glory to God] (Chorus)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)135332 22344 42123
[Savior Thou didst die for me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Savior, bless us from above]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)215123 33272 34443
[Savior, break this heart of mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)456535 15617 66555
[Savior, come and dwell in me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)231615 61254 33223
[Savior, grant the children's prayer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)235517 12455 21235
[Savior, guide me down life's river]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253211 65123 43453
[Savior, I come with all my sins to Thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233333 43212 44444
[Savior, I have heard Thee pleading]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455567 11123 22212
[Savior, keep us in Thy side]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 56121 23235
[Savior, to thee our all we surrender]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453513 21653 53513
[Savior, we need Thee, be Thou our guide]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251234 32625 71232
[Scattering the seed, the precious, precious seed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355123 34444 33212
SCHINDLERJohn Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)353216 53532 13253
[Search the Scriptures daily]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[See our little soldier band]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233221 15112 53554
[See the faithful now returning]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[See the light of hope is beaming]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255556 51232 12355
[See the little roses, blooming fresh and fair]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)211111 53512 32222
[Seek ye first the kingdom; not the things of earth]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1533544 33252 11216
[Seeking Thy blessing, O Lord, I come]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256651 12123 32161
[Send out the glad tidings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Send out the search light in sin's stormy night]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334326 72165 12222
[Send out the sunlight, the sunlight of cheer] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)2133334 55432 44445
[Send the tidings, happy tidings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 43271 22231
[Shall I wait, until the sunset]J. R. S. (Composer)3
["Shall we all meet again?" 'twas the voice of a mother]Sweney (Composer)212321 53552 44351
SHANGHAIJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)233345 65453 24323
[Shepherd of Israel] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255554 32343 11115
[Shining for Jesus everywhere I go]John Robson Sweney (Composer)533343 32632 22176
[Should the summons, quickly flying]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1012316 15611 2333
[Sick and weary, broken hearted]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332153 46511 25123
[Rejoice, ye saints in Christ, the Lord]John Robson Sweney (Composer)351233 21556 52765
[Simply trusting every day] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1034556 11217 2165
[Since Christ by His Spirit hath entered my soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251123 34332 13556
[Since stormy winds and cloudy skies]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253432 16512 21233
[Sing a cheerful marching song]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355565 32131 11122
[Sing again, O heart of mine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233533 26774 72165
[Sing glory to God in the highest] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312334 54365 54543
[Sing Hallelujah, I'm saved today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251233 21655 12352
[Sing on, ye joyful pilgrims]John Robson Sweney (Composer)2655343 32511 21556
[Sing praise to God, our highest praise]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251115 67156 15324
[Sing praises, happy praises]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)311513 32225 24333
[Sing with a tuneful song, sing and adore]John Robson Sweney (Composer)354515 35634 43476
[Sing with me in joyful measure]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351233 21651 13556
[Singing and trusting, press onward, my soul!]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255551 23432 55557
[Singing in the sunshine of our Father's blessing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251123 12116 65351
[Singing of Jesus, happy refrain]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232315 53174 27576
[Sinner, fear not, Jesus loves thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253213 17616 55543
[Sinner, hear the voice of love] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Sinner, O why do you heedlessly stray]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355556 55444 44445
[Sinner, the Savior is calling today] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433334 56535 54344
[Sinners, turn; why will ye die?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)356511 23321 23535
[Slumber not, slumber not]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[So great is the work we are given to do]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255123 21512 33444
[So great, so wondrous is the love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253335 61132 22433
[So near the door, and the door stood wide] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)415432 12331 11465
[Soldiers are needed, is your name enrolled?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233435 13544 55234
[Soldiers of King Jesus, raise the shout again] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1055555 51234 35554
[As pants the hart for cooling streams] (Sweney)J. R. Sweney (Composer)555651 32171 56153
[Some little work for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 51776 65667
[Someone shall knock at the beautiful gate]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1
[Something more of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)533215 11143 22176
[Songs of deliverance let us sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253515 76711 35641
[Songs of praise I'll sing to the Lord my King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212323 34545 55522
[Source of life’s eternal spring]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)437213 46542 74624
[Sowing good seed for the Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256532 35122 17653
[Sowing to the Spirit]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353333 43221 25444
[Speak, dear Lord, Thy servant hears]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233312 16511 11321
[Speak for Jesus; He hath touched you]Jno,. R. Sweney (Composer)434322 32111 21465
[Speed thee, Christian, sweetly cheer thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254651 72676 56543
[Speeding onward to glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213555 65345 11155
[Spirit of life, we humbly bow]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233321 22355 54322
[Stand at your post, ye watchmen]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Standing fast for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[I am thinking today of the beautiful land]John Robson Sweney (Composer)16934545 13217 12234
[Step into the fountain]John Robson Sweney (Composer)355565 31232 11222
[Step over the threshold, and wander no more]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455433 21216 16511
STORY OF JESUS (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)12333213 45352 34323
[Suff'ring Savior, with thorn crown]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253312 16556 12225
SUNSHINE (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)22412356 71233 43252
[Sweet as the tones that from the harp of nature]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Sweet assurance, Thou hast sealed me]John Robson Sweney (Composer)454565 35117 71217
SWENEY (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)24355556 11122 22433
[Swiftly, so swiftly, the years roll along]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 11767 55555
[Swinging, gently swinging]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232343 15456 53434
[Take a promise with you]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255321 55153 44427
[Take courage, temperance workers] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 15356 66655
[Take my hand, O Father, take it]John R. Sweney (Composer)231132 11765 51332
[Take the balm of consolation]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232111 32134 51123
[Take the higher path to glory]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212352 31512 35532
[Take the world, but give me Jesus] (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)8212332 35443 21231
[Take up, take up thy burden]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Boast thou not of thy golden hoard]John Robson Sweney (Composer)333323 44312 22343
[Teach me, O Lord, this very day]Jno. R. Sweeney (Composer)235432 12351 76621
[Tell it to others, the story of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433331 55555 31111
[Tell me the story of wonderful love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Tell the whole wide world of Jesus]John Robson Sweney (Composer)456535 11771 27675
[Telling the story of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355553 11755 55471
TERAZ, W MŁODYCH ŻYCIA LATACHJohn Robson Sweney, d. 1899 (Composer)312355 11723 46765
[Thank God and take courage, rejoice evermore]John Robson Sweney (Composer)253333 23322 23453
[Thankful hearts today we bring]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333432 62232 15335
[The blood of Jesus' precious gift]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234517 46543 55254
[The blood of the Savior for sinners was shed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351111 71222 24321
[The blood that Jesus shed for me]John Robson Sweney (Composer)355553 51235 52234
[The boys and girls for Jesus, the children's blessed Friend]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 15332 12333
[The children to Jesus may come]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)553215 34517 71254
[The dear little birds are as glad as can be]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 55511 75555
[The dear old story of a Savior's love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1134556 53132 22344
[The earth is the Lord's and the fulness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355317 67151 72176
[The evergreen branches are waving around us] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)233333 45654 53344
[The flush of morn is on the mountains]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355451 33432 35444
[The Fountain of Life we have found, we have found]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253333 13216 55111
[The God of Jacob will today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251111 22334 32171
[The golden sun is shining]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255332 15117 76555
[The gospel word, so freely given]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353511 76533 53234
[The hands that in healing and blessing were laid]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 32135 55556
[The harvest is coming, 'twill come by and by]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255345 13524 31123
[The joy of His salvation, O happy, happy theme]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 33321 11651
[The King, as he stood by his chariot one day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[The light is here, the blessed light]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355451 33235 11236
[The little birds are singing for Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212355 16712 16651
[The Lord hath set up His sweet kingdom of peace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255123 23412 33253
[The Lord in His word has commanded]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355321 23155 11233
[The Lord is faithful to his precious word]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312333 23455 53211
[The Lord is my banner and the Lord is my King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312333 32135 55556
[The Lord is my light, then why should I fear] (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)655123 35412 33346
[The Lord sends me blessings again and again]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[The love of God to sinners, his "everlasting love"]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213116 65131 16511
[The Master commandeth his servants]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255433 23155 11132
[The Master is calling for you, dear friend]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)553234 31216 65111
[The mountain-path is rough and steep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412333 12333 12354
[The music springs within my heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253235 61132 21235
[The night has passed away]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255535 11765 17771
[The pleasures of a life of sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253332 11132 22344
[The promises, how precious]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312333 33313 55555
[The promises of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334545 65157 66566
[The road we must travel is sometimes rough and steep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255346 55542 34443
[The robin's carol, gay and sweet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251117 12225 22343
[The Savior in mercy is calling today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255345 11176 55565
[The Saviour is mine; yes, all the day long]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[The Saviour is mine; yes, all the day long]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[The Savior's little stars are we]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255535 13333 21231
[The Spirit and the Bride say "Come!"] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455123 21255 34565
[The stars now shining over me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334565 33223 43543
[The tranquil hours steal by]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)8
[The trump of the gospel is sounding]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251513 13533 32123
[The way grows brighter every day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251165 11355 65325
[The way is long and rough]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[The world is growing better] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255351 33334 63222
[There are lonely hearts to cherish] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)612333 12111 21231
[There are ringing hallelujahs in my grateful heart today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 23332 11165
[There are songs of joy that I loved to sing]John Robson Sweney (Composer)3434545 11712 11766
[There are sunbeams all around us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[There comes to my heart, in a still, quiet way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[There is a green hill far away] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253334 33127 77124
[There is a joy that fills my soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233211 16556 51332
[There is a King of glory] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253212 31534 25711
[There is a light that shines for aye]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255653 51133 21233
[There is a voice above the storm]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233215 13555 62233
[There is joy in my soul, for the Savior is mine]John Robson Sweney (Composer)312316 53451 11111
[There is joy within when faith is bright]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412333 34555 61653
[There is no shelter for the soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)754513 54447 64455
[There is pardon sweet, at the Master's feet]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)512333 21222 76543
[There is singing up in Heaven]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1212355 65321 33221
[There will be no sin nor pain] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)454343 21551 22333
[There'll be music over Jordan]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21513 32212
[There's a balm for thy weary spirit]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251232 16531 71254
[There's a bright and happy home]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 13333 22227
[There's a city that looks over the valley of death] (Doane)J. R. S. (Arranger)351332 31211 65545
[There's a cleansing stream, and it flows for all]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234511 23466 21756
[There's a far off happy shore]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234543 21712 24323
[There's a fountain, precious fountain]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254343 22134 56721
[There's a gladness in the sunshine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21513 55543
[There's a glorious jubilee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251334 43132 52151
[There’s a hand held out in pity]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2612333 21172 34443
[There's a hill lone and gray] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334534 51117 61766
[There's a land beyond the billows, where the roses never die]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351332 32115 76462
[There's a light in the cloud hanging over the way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 31355 65341
[There's a mansion for me, and its gleams I see]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312323 43432 27122
[There's a message from the Lord]John Robson Sweney (Composer)934555 65111 53465
[There’s a place in heaven prepared for me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1512334 45511 23332
[There’s a precious bible story]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412334 32621 76565
[There's a rustling in the tree-tops, there's a cloud upon the sky]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[There's a shout from a host]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[There's a shout in the camp, for the Lord is here]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1835111 15133 35653
[There's a song in heaven they sing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[There's a song in my heart, 'tis a song of joy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)434565 12177 22347
[There's a song of hope like a chime of bells]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255513 34322 57222
[There’s a thought that comes when, my day’s work done]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[There’s a veil that hangs before me] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1017457 65334 32655
[There's a voice that comes in my lonely hours]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 45111 12221
[There's a wideness in God's mercy] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233315 65122 27653
[There's a wondrous light]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21561 22212
[There's a word for me in the blessed book]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232116 55113 33224
[There's a word we've often heard]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212335 61324 31233
[There's many a heart is breaking]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253231 57661 21767
[There's music ringing in the air]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253217 44311 21251
[There's no comfort in the pleasures of the earth]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 12116 53451
[Thine forever, gracious King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334513 21234 76533
[Thinly hangs the veil between]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Tho' burdens heavy we here must bear] (Sweney)John R. Sweney (Composer)1251333 24332 11122
[Though rough may be thy path, and long]John Robson Sweney (Composer)555565 45111 77122
[Though waves dash around me, no danger I fear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 32135 55517
[Thou art a Rock in a thirsty land]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355551 23115 61216
[Thou art fairer than the morning]John Robson Sweney (Composer)435611 65125 43223
[Thou art, O Lord, the Truth, the Life]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253515 61535 44265
[Thou art with me, Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)254565 31143 24345
[Thou chief among ten thousand]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412333 55423 44453
[Thou Christ of burning, cleansing flame]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213343 32172 23551
[Thou only art holy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1032165 12234 33216
[Thou ridest to conquer, all glorious thy name]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255345 11146 55633
[Thou to whom my life I owe]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233215 44443 26551
[Thou, whose all pervading presence]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255321 72155 43223
[Thou, whose loving hand provideth]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234535 11532 16532
THOU WILT REMEMBER MEJohn Robson Sweney, 1837-1899 (Composer)413332 35551 65312
[Though kindred ties around us]John Robson Sweney (Composer)633335 53322 44333
[Though my sins were once like crimson red]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)955533 23111 55544
[Though weak my faith, I'm holding on]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[Through this wilderness below]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251544 54334 32246
[Through the gates of pearl and jasper]John Robson Sweney (Composer)634555 55123 56535
[Through the world, with stately tread]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233345 15334 56532
[Through thy all atoning merit]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334565 31651 33234
[Tidings, happy tidings]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1955123 16165 55671
[‘Tis mine to walk in the narrow way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355653 51113 32443
['Tis not of myself, but the gift of thy grace]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253231 71216 55111
['Tis sweet to confess him, our Master and Guide]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251333 21355 55654
['Tis the blessed Savior calling]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 33121 23123
['Tis the hour of social meeting]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334556 54531 23332
[‘Tis the Lord who leadeth me still]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)456532 16153 34513
[‘Tis the Shepherd’s voice we hear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)812333 55432 65123
['Tis thy command that every one]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351113 34565 56421
['Tis well, 'tis well with my soul today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351132 12554 31271
[To Him who from bondage has brought me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312333 21651 12333
[To Jesus’ blood I owe]John Robson Sweney (Composer)212356 51345 14325
[To the cross my steps I bend]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[To the house of his Father the prodigal came]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[To the shadow of the Rock]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234533 21132 17655
[To thee, O Lamb of God]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[To thy cross, dear Christ, I'm clinging]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1532135 56517 65132
[To work! said a bird from the tree top]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255451 36544 43457
[Too long have I wandered, too long roamed afar]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1155123 33412 33212
[Touch my spirit with thy Spirit]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)555543 33211 21235
[Traveler, haste, the day is waning]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)454513 32354 43472
[Traveler, turn, O turn thee backward]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232135 44311 25321
[Tried and loyal soldiers]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1
[Troubled heart, thy fear dispel]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Trust God as a child of his love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351111 71234 53213
[Trust in Jesus, trembling soul] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Trust not the path before thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353121 65351 11232
[Trust on, is not the Savior at thy side]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351176 54653 35444
[Trust the Lord, for he never can fail us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233332 11653 54766
[Trusting along from day to day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251233 32125 71222
[Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)756514 32171 22233
['Twas dark, and I, with inward fear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[‘Twas spoken by the wayside]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453211 23262 17655
[Unfold in beauty, flowers of spring]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353332 34254 31171
[O the unsearchable riches of Christ]John Robson Sweney (Composer)4055553 51111 22211
[Up and away, like the dew of the morning] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)453455 56416 53523
[Up and onward, Christian soldier]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)753451 24321 51234
[Victory, victory, glorious victory] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)615531 15553 34433
[Wait on the Lord, wait patiently]John Robson Sweney (Composer)533347 13517 23454
[Waiteth the golden harvest]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251114 35325 55343
[Waiting by the wayside]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355456 53323 43222
[Wake, brothers, wake, the dawn is now appearing]John Robson Sweney (Composer)253331 21712 67444
[Wake from thy drowsy sleep]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233432 15724 61353
[Walking and talking with Jesus, my Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212355 56112 35456
[Walking in the way with Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)231535 11742 61765
[Walking with Jesus, from morning till night]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455565 35111 11121
[Walking with Jesus, happy each day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355531 17125 55432
[Walking with Jesus our Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)333333 35352 22343
WANAMAKERJohn Robson Sweney (Composer)453234 33212 52123
[Wanderer, come home, you are slighting a Saviour]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Wanderer, come to the only refuge]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353321 61655 77665
[Wand'rer from thy Father's mansion]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[We all have a Father in heaven]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 65351 11777
[We are a little gleaning band] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[We are banded together for Jesus still to live]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312332 21356 53555
[We are coming in our gladness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212355 42315 12354
[We are drifting towards the waters]John Robson Sweney (Composer)433234 43121 25123
[We are free from the chains that bound us here]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 31266 11722
[We are going forth to conquer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355111 11535 66666
[We are going home rejoicing]John Robson Sweney (Composer)555511 23332 11135
[We are going home to glory, we are on the shining way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212315 35117 66222
[Just over the ocean is our home on high]John R. Sweney (Composer)1034556 53212 31351
[We are pilgrims and strangers below]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[We are pilgrims looking home]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2234513 45176 57653
[We are praying, blessed Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432156 14435 65332
[We are soldiers of the Lord] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234554 45345 54453
[We are temperance soldiers, stepping in to line]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233343 21235 12223
[We are traveling home to a goodly land]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[We are traveling on with our staff in hand]John Robson Sweney (Composer)555113 21262 77565
[We are trav’ling on thro’ a world of sin]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[We are going forth with our staff in hand]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)132155 17622 21712
[We cannot fold our hands at ease]John R. Sweney (Composer)312333 55432 11132
[We come again, in bonds of love, an army strong]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)313515 17654 32172
[We come again, O gracious Lord]John Robson Sweney (Composer)355653 51312 13267
[We come in his name, our Redeemer and Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233231 34531 74434
[We come, our Redeemer, to sing of Thy love]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[We come to thee, O Christ our King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251231 34565 34325
[We have a home eternal]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 43321 44446
[We have a tender Shepherd]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 11117 77255
[We have been toiling, dear Master, today]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)456545 17121 17121
[We have heard of a land on whose blue, ether skies]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)854323 51762 34765
[We have taken up the cross] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[We know not why our path at times]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253153 46165 65332
[We live to serve the Master]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253332 15176 65662
[We love to gather with our friends so dear]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251115 12333 34322
[We may sound the depths of ocean]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 33512 33321
[We praise, adore, and bless thee]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253513 21175 57244
[We praise Thee, our Father, we worship in gladness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351113 21222 43233
[We shall know as we are known]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412313 21345 31653
[We shall sing the glad, new song]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255554 21551 11655
[We sing of a land where the servants of God]John R. Sweney (Composer)353215 32531 67651
[We sing of the joys that await us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355451 36544 43472
[We thank Thee, Lord, for every joy]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251113 45651 12343
[We will sweetly sing on the golden shore]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Weary and thirsty, oh, why wilt thou roam]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[Weary child, thy sin forsaking]John Robson Sweney (Composer)1634553 21376 54334
[Weary not, O troubled soul]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232117 65345 1712
[Weary wand'rer in the darkness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1
[Weeping will not save me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)156532 12221 35522
[Welcome to our number]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233345 11777 72223
[Welcome, welcome, gladly welcome]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353155 44332 34567
[We're a band of happy Christians and the subjects to a King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 34321 21165
[We're marching to a country whose fair shores are not in sight]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251512 31345 65355
[We're marching to a land of joy and song] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)451115 35123 33432
[We're sailing on the billows of life's tempestuous sea]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212354 72177 64655
[We're told of a river]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[We've joined the glorious sisterhood, two hundred thousand strong]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 55654 35111
[We've listed in the royal ranks, and girded on the sword]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 13333 21715
[What a blessed friend is Jesus!] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355534 71512 34532
[What a fullness, what a fullness]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 13333 22165
[What a joy to cast my burden on the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212334 33263 27776
[What is life without the story]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256737 55445 65675
[What mercy at the cross we see]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253212 16511 77122
[What sayest thou of Jesus?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 56532 16555
[What shall separate us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)354321 51324 35666
[What! sitting at ease when there's work to be done]John Robson Sweney (Composer)234556 53517 65554
[What though before me it is dark] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255551 61112 27533
[What will you do in the swelling of Jordan]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251233 22165 33512
[Whatsoever burden presses on thy heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433234 33217 15545
[When Christ was born, the hosts on high]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)213313 55356 64655
[When countless numbers came to share]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[When dark and dreary is my road]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)335565 11212 35533
[When darkness is hedging my way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253712 16535 61162
[When darkness shrouds your lonely path]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)653215 45667 62354
[When doubts, distress and fears dismay]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 21355 61653
[When earth's ties are riven]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[When faints the heart beneath the heavy burden]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255565 53511 77712
[When humble and contrite, I come to the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 32161 21322
[When I a ransomed sinner see]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[When I hear the trumpet sounding that shall call forth from their rest]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234323 22134 51712
[When I shall awake in that fair morn of morns] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256515 53432 43476
[When I'm grieving over the blunders]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312332 13565 33321
[When immortal souls are dying]John R. Sweney (Composer)551123 34332 21321
[When Jesus called the little ones]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251131 71252 24712
[When Jesus was a little child] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251133 22617 76535
[When life is full of toil and care]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433323 43135 42124
[When my lifework is ended and I cross the swelling tide]John R. Sweney (Composer)17312333 33213 1165
[When my spirit droops and falters]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234511 36555 52343
[When my warfare is accomplished]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351323 23332 12165
[When on clouds of glory]John Robson Sweney (Composer)433333 32135 56666
[When on earth no more we gather, when this life is o'er]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)312333 32115 76551
[When on earth the Savior dwelt]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232132 17651 17132
[When on the cross, my Savior died]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[When our march is dreary, and hearts are weary]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412332 16116 53555
[When our ships have crossed the ocean]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1512331 23335 54123
[When our vessel is rocked on the ocean of life]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3
[When the cares of life are pressing] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212331 23453 55443
[When the clouds hang dark and heavy]John Robson Sweney (Composer)312332 11135 55435
[When the clouds were dark above me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)454354 33223 43445
[When the fires are brightly burning on the altars here]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212335 32131 56111
[When the heart, made pure, is the temple of the Lord]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)332155 17766 66221
[When the march of life is over] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334555 65321 11165
[When the mists have rolled in splendor] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355531 65333 32521
[When the Savior was born on that wonderful night]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 31122 24223
[When the sheep have all been gathered]John Robson Sweney (Composer)334557 65334 51611
[When the voyage of life is ended]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[When to the Savior's cross we turn]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334555 65333 12234
[When upon life's sea I'm tossing, beaten by the angry waves]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232176 16655 67551
[When we all get home, O happy, happy day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)334551 32161 53455
[When we come with burdened souls]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455111 23234 53232
[When we reach the royal city and our eyes behold the King]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)451334 32232 12165
[Whenever I think of Jesus]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355565 45112 21235
[Whenever we meet, you always say] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)311233 32171 2123
[Whenever ills oppress me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355451 17557 12333
[Where is your faith, my brother?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[Where shall I go, my Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232151 32475 43345
[Where shall we go when the heart is oppressed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)233333 45222 44445
[Wheresoever we be on life's raging sea]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)412333 12177 23425
[Wherever you may be, whatever you may see] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)255332 35611 44443
[Which road are you going, my brother]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251112 12354 33323
[While I am praying for grace day by day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)211133 21165 11132
[While these favored hours are passing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 23353 32212
[While we bow in thy name, O meet us again]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)1555111 11332 22234
[Who can wash a sinner's guilt away?]John R. Sweney (Composer)455653 13511 12223
[Who died for me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)351217 62321 51332
[Who hath sorrow, who hath woe]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)653176 53654 27654
[Whosoever will come to me]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[Why am I troubled though billows may roll]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255511 12321 55565
[Why are you languishing here by the way]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251232 15135 54323
[Why art thou fearful, beloved of the Lord?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)433343 33221 17665
[Why art thou waiting till another day]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[Why cling to earth though sweet and fair]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Why have you wandered from Jesus so long]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)2
[Why leave until tomorrow]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255351 31111 2165
[Why not let the Savior lead us?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232154 56621 74323
[Why stand we here idle? there's work to be done]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)253332 16534 55567
[Will you come, will you come, with your poor broken heart]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)5355132 11356 53523
[With my sin-wounded soul] (Sweney)John Robson Sweney (Composer)255511 17667 15555
[With sin's heavy burden my heart was oppressed]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251116 55111 33555
[With trembling contrition I sought for the gate]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)355555 65111 11222
[Wonderful love does Jesus show]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)4
[Wonderful mercy that sought us]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)432167 15134 51232
[Wonderful tidings mercy is bearing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)353217 64321 75554
[Wonderful words of blessing]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232123 15656 16571
[Work, and let the Master see]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256535 13322 52115
[Work, O work for Jesus; in his blessed service]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455556 51234 31223
[Worthy to be praised is God my Father]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)455345 11767 15666
[Would you rescue the wrecked on life's sin tossed waves?]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212333 43216 51122
[Would you taste the sweetest pleasure]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)256532 13155 62217
[Ye messengers of grace, ye flaming heralds, go] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234555 55434 51556
[Yes, for me, for me He careth] (Sweney)Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)234313 21571 24123
[Yes, I do believe the Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)212313 45176 55532
[Yes, we will praise Him, our wonderful Savior]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)232315 56716 51235
[You are under condemnation, careless sinner]John Robson Sweney (Composer)234555 56511 15554
[You ask what makes me happy, my heart so free from care]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)3955321 35653 32151
[You need not wait any longer]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251117 12432 11216
[You will find me in the sunshine]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)251333 33243 21765
[You're seeking a blessing, then come to the Blesser]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255556 53512 31561
[Youthful voices, happy voices]Jno. R. Sweney (Composer)255111 32234 53213

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