Peter A. Sveeggen

Short Name: Peter A. Sveeggen
Full Name: Sveeggen, Peter A., 1881-1959
Birth Year: 1881
Death Year: 1959 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Peter A. Sveeggen (10)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
A year again is now descendingP. A. Sveegen (Author)4
I know a kingdom without endPeter Andrew Sveegen (Author)2
Make wide the door, unbar the gatePeter Andrew Sveegen, 1881-1959 (Translator)2
My heart is longing to praise my SaviorP. A. Sveggen, 1881-1959 (Translator)8
Ring, O ye bells, O ring outPeter Andrew Sveegen (Author)2
The way that unto Jesus leadsPeter Andrew Sveegen (Author)2
With God in grace I'm dwellingP. A. Sveegen (Author)4
I am so glad each Christmas EveP. A. Sveegen (Author)English18
I am so glad when Christmas comesPeter A. Sveeggen (Translator)English1
Lord our God, with praise we come before youPeter Andrew Sveeggen, 1881-1969 (Translator)English2
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