Salomon Sulzer

Short Name: Salomon Sulzer
Full Name: Sulzer, Salomon, 1804-1890
Birth Year: 1804
Death Year: 1890 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Salomon Sulzer (16)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Aleinu l'shabeiach l'adon hakol] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)251111 11111 671
[Ayn kawmohḥaw vawehlohheem] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)355533 23123 65
[Bar'chu et Adonai ham'vorach] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)255121 23671 21
[Bawrooḥ shehnawsahn tohraw]S. Sulzer (Composer)233123 22171 44
[Hodo al eretz v'shamayim] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)233221 11142 7
[Kawdohsh kawdohsh kawdohsh Ahdohnoy] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)353545 55555 53
[Kee mitseeyohn taytsay sohraw]S. Sulzer (Composer)331232 21714 234
[O Lord, my God, to Thee I pray] (Sulzer)Salomon Sulzer (Composer)136346 543
[On that day the Lord shall be One] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)314331 223
[shehu sam chelkeinu l'yacheid et sh'mo]S. Sulzer (Composer)251111 11117 12
[Sh'mah Yisrawayl] (Sulzer 31231)S. Sulzer (Composer)331231 14123 21232
[Sh'mah Yisrawayl] (Sulzer 53451)S. Sulzer (Composer)253451 14123 2
[The Lord of all, who reigned supreme] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)355177 7671
[Vaanachnu kor'im] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)255511 31111 23267
[Vahahnaḥnoo kohr'eem] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)155511 31111
[Yimloḥ Ahdohnoy l'ohlawm] (Sulzer)S. Sulzer (Composer)253332 22111 23432
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