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Short Name: Christian Strover
Full Name: Strover, Christian, 1932-
Birth Year: 1932
Death Year: 2020

Christian T. Strover (b. Colchester, Essex, England, 1932) received the B.Litt. and MA degrees from Hertford College in Oxford, England. He was director of music at Emanuel School (Battersea Rise), 1956-1997) and organist and choirmaster at Christ Church in Beckenham, Kent, England (1956-2020). He has composed and arranged a number of hymn tunes, some of which appeared in Psalm Praise (1973).

Bert Polman, (revised Dianne Shapiro, from email sent to Hymnary)

Tunes by Christian Strover (9)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ANIMAE HOMINUMChristian Strover (born 1932) (Arranger)156175 61756 71222
BARCHESTER FAIRChristian Strover (born 1932) (Composer)2
EVERSLEY (Perry)Christian Strover (born 1932) (Arranger)132353 53211
SING HOSANNAChristian Strover (Arranger)255532 12161 55532
GOD OF GODSChristian Strover (Composer)3
HAVE YOU HEARD THE RAINDROPSMartyn Christian Tinne Strover (b. 1932) (Composer)633332 21111 22333
BREAD OF LIFE (Toolan)Christian Strover (Arranger)233311 55566 66655
MEPHIBOSHETHM. Christian T. Strover (1932-) (Composer)1055457 54511 71313
SILENCE (Strover)Christian Strover (Composer)2
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