Clarence B. Strouse

Short Name: Clarence B. Strouse
Full Name: Strouse, Clarence B.
Birth Year: 1869
Death Year: 1918

Strouse, a minister, at one time edited The Religious Review of Reviews. Copyright records indicate he was living in Salem, Virginia, in 1901. As of February 1905, he was president of the Florida Winter Bible Conference in Gainesville, Florida.


Texts by Clarence B. Strouse (29)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christian, show your sunshine, Your frowns and cares erasC. B. S. (Author)3
Come unto me ye who labor and are ladenC. B. S. (Author (Chorus))English2
Come with thy load of sinClarence B. Strouse (Author)3
God of nations, now we raiseC. B. S. (Author)3
He will take away your load of guiltClarence B. Strouse (Author)2
I remember well the dayC. B. S. (Author)3
I used to think sweet peace I'd findC. B. S. (Author)English4
If I but trust thy precious bloodC. B. S. (Author)English3
If you are discouraged, in darkness or in doubtC. B. S. (Author)11
If you want to live above this world of sinC. B. S. (Author)3
I'm a pilgrim on my journey, Up the narrow wayClarence B. Strouse (Author)English4
I'm tired, so tired of my strayingC. B. S. (Author)2
Jesus' grace now makes us freeC. B. S. (Author)English5
My heart was sad when I came tonightClarence B. Strouse (Author)2
My Jesus wilt thou hear my humble cryClarence B. Strouse (Author)2
Of all the close friends that to me have been dearClarence B. Strouse (Author)2
Out upon the dreary mountainC. B. S. (Author)English3
Ring, for the world is dyingC. S. B. (Author)English5
Some day I'll bid this world goodbyeClarence B. Strouse (Author)English2
Some day trouble will not comeC. B. S. (Author)English3
Stay firm, the Lord will give theeC. B. S. (Author)English1
The Bible of our fathers is the blessed word of GodClarence B. Strouse (Author)7
The harvest is ripe, the laborers are fewC. B. S. (Author)English3
There's a glorious song of triumphC. B. S. (Author)3
This old world will soon pass awayC. B. S. (Author)2
We'll work for Jesus todayClarence B. Strouse (Author)English3
What will the harvest beC. B. S. (Author)3
Win a soul to JesusC. B. S. (Author)3
Won't you come with us into the promised landC. B. S. (Author)2
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