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Short Name: Iris Stevenson
Full Name: Stevenson, Iris does not have biographical information about this person.

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[This is the Church of God in Christ]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)211233 23133 45545
[Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus]Iris Stevenson (Composer)231165 53455 55653
[Sweep over my soul, sweep over my soul] (Clarke 53243)Iris Stevenson (Harmonizer)253243 21721 65111
[O give thanks unto the Lord] (Stevenson)Iris Stevenson (Composer)215155 11262 66227
[Now tell me what you gonna do]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)256132 11161 11111
MY SOUL LOVES JESUSIris Stevenson (Harmonizer)653321 21165 56161
[Jesus, I'll never forget]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)211112 33332 11111
[Jesus getting us ready for that great day]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)256111 12123 16111
[I've got a feeling] (Traditional)Iris Stevenson (Arranger)116511 65111 66132
[In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth] (Stevenson)Iris Stevenson (Composer)215555 15555
[If I couldn't say a word]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)255611 61556 11631
[I press towards the mark for the prize]Iris Stevenson (Composer)253321 21711 66545
[I love the Lord, he heard my cry] (Smallwood)Iris Stevenson (Harmonizer)134322 54334 56655
IT WAS THE BLOODIris Stevenson (Harmonizer)151122 15112 21511
[I am healed by the wounds in His side]Iris Stevenson (Harmonizer)212343 23313 45554
[He was dying for me]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)213566 51117 65165
[He satisfies, He satisfies]Iris Stevenson (Composer)216717 75671 12321
[He is a wonderful Savior]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)254443 32133 1121
[Hallow this house, O Lord]Iris Stevenson (Composer)333333 22222 25543
[God's not dead!]Iris Stevenson (Arranger)311111 13554 31322
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