Johann Steuerlein

Johann Steuerlein
Short Name: Johann Steuerlein
Full Name: Steuerlein, Johann, 1546-1613
Birth Year: 1546
Death Year: 1613

Johann Steuerlein (b. Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germany, 1546; d. Meiningen, Germany, 1613) studied law at the University of Wittenberg. From 1569 to 1589 he lived in Wasungen near Meiningen, where he served as town clerk as well as cantor and organist in the Lutheran church. From 1589 until his death he lived in Meiningen, where at various times he served as notary public, mayor, and secretary to the Elector of Saxony. A gifted poet and musician, Steurlein rhymed both the Old and New Testaments in German. A number of his hymn tunes and harmonizations were published in Geistliche Lieder (1575) and Sieben und Zwantzig Neue Geistliche Gesenge (1588).

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Texts by Johann Steuerlein (4)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Das alte Jahr vergangen istJohann Steuerlein (Author)German53
Rok stary miji v te dobeJohann Steurlein, 1546-1613 (Author)2
The old year now hath passed awayI. Steuerlein (Author)English22
With this New Year we raise new songsJohann Steuerlein (Author)English4

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