Stephen P. Starke

Short Name: Stephen P. Starke
Full Name: Starke, Stephen P., 1955-
Birth Year: 1955

Stephen P. Starke authored sts. 2-4 of "Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling" in Lutheran Service Book #827

Texts by Stephen P. Starke (42)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All for Christ I have forsakenStephen P. Starke (Translator)English2
All the earth with joy is soundingStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English4
All You Works of God, Bless the Lord!Stephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English7
Almighty Lord, how lovely is that placeStephen P. Starke (Author)2
But man rebels, and for one tast doth chooseStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English2
Awake, O sleeper, rise and seeStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
Christ sits at God's right handStephen P. Starke (Author)English3
Cling tightly to the Word of GodStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
Consider how the birds aboveStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English4
Eat this bread, drink this cupStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)1
Exult today, Jerusalem!Stephen P. Starke (Author)English2
Gracious Savior, grant Your blessingStephen P. Starke (Author)English3
Greet the rising sunStephen P. Starke (Translator)English3
Hark! the voice of Jesus crying, "Who will go and work today?"Stephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author (sts. 2-4))English1
Holy Spirit, the dove sent from heaven (Santo Espíritu, excelsa paloma)Stephen P. Starke (Translator)English, Spanish3
How blest are those who fear the LORD, Who find in God their great rewardStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
In the shattered bliss of EdenStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)1
Jesus, greatest at the tableStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English3
Jesus, once with sinners numberedStephen P. Starke (Author)English3
Jesus sat with his disciplesStephen P. Starke (Author)English5
Lift up your heads, you everlasting doors, And weep no more!Stephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English2
Light of Light, O Sole-BegottenStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
Lord, support us all day longStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English4
My soul rejoices, My spirit voicesStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
New songs of celebration renderStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English1
O gracious Lord, I firmly am believingStephen P. Starke (Translator)English2
¡Oh buen Jesús! Yo creo firmamenteStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Translator)Spanish1
O gracious Lord, with love draw nearStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English4
O sing of Christ, whose birth made knownStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English2
Rebuke me not, O LORD, in wrathStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
Saints, see the cloud of witnesses surround usStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)3
Scatter the darkness, break the gloomStephen P. Starke (Author)English4
Sing praise to the God of IsraelStephen P. Starke (Author)English5
The tree of life with ev'ry goodStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English6
Thee we adore, O hidden [unseen] Savior, TheeStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Translator (sts. 2a, 3))English2
There is a time for ev'rythingStephen P. Starke (Author)English3
This is His body given for youStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author (sts. 1-2))English2
Water, blood, and Spirit cryingStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English3
We live, O Lord, within your graceStephen P. Starke (Author)English2
We praise You and acknowledge You, O GodStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English2
What hope! An Eden prophesiedStephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Author)English3
Why should sorrow ever grieve me?Stephen P. Starke, b. 1955 (Translator (sts. 4-5))English2
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