Louis Spohr

Short Name: Louis Spohr
Full Name: Spohr, Louis, 1784-1859
Birth Year: 1784
Death Year: 1859

Spohr, Ludwig, 1784-1859
Shpor, Lui, 1784-1859
Spohr, L. (Louis), 1784-1859
Shpor, Ludvig, 1784-1859
Spohr, Ludewig, 1784-1859

Wikipedia Biography

Louis Spohr ([ˈluːi ˈʃpo:ɐ], 5 April 1784 – 22 October 1859), baptized Ludewig Spohr, later often in the modern German form of the name Ludwig, was a German composer, violinist and conductor. Highly regarded during his lifetime, Spohr composed ten symphonies, ten operas, eighteen violin concerti, four clarinet concerti, four oratorios, and various works for small ensemble, chamber music, and art songs. Spohr invented the violin chinrest and the orchestral rehearsal mark. His output spans the transition between Classical and Romantic music, but fell into obscurity following his death, when his music was rarely heard. The late 20th century saw a revival of interest in his oeuvre, especially in Europe.

Tunes by Louis Spohr (17)AsInstancesIncipitsort ascending
LAUS SEMPITERNA (Spohr)Ludwig Spohr (1781-1839) (Composer)355623 15544 3
SPOHR (Spohr 55433)Spohr (Composer)755433 21212 31235
GERALD (Spohr)Louis Spohr (Composer)10555431 76665 35435
[Honor to him who freely gives] (Spohr)Spohr (From)255311 17654 34562
FLENSBURGLouis Spohr (Composer)2653511 17654 34562
SPOHR (Spohr 53351)Louis Spohr (Arranged from)19153351 32136 53453
[Chant] (Spohr, Stainer 34533)Spohr (Composer)334533 21427 16217
LEYDEN (Spohr)Louis Spohr, Mus. D. (1784-1859) (Composer)1233234 25176 65543
ANITA (Spohr)Spohr (Composer)233215 54333 12233
CARY (Spohr)L. Spohr (Composer)433214 32543 662
SHELLYL. Spohr (1784-1859) (Composer)233214 32254 36624
[Heilig, heilig, heilig ist Gott]L. Spohr (1783-1859) (Composer)232436 56543 31411
[Lamb of God, I look to Thee] (Spohr)Louis Spohr (Composer)432312 34653 25773
[Bethlehem, Bethlehem, du der Städte Diadem]L. Spohr (Composer)232154 31776 56543
[Chant] (Spohr 14433)Ludwig Spohr (Composer)414433 44562 51562
[Dear Jesus, Thou hast died for me]Spohr (Composer)213422 11654 55176
[Wie ein stolzer Adler]Ludwig Spohr (Composer)311351 51123

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