George Thomas Speer

Short Name: George Thomas Speer
Full Name: Speer, George Thomas, 1891-1966
Birth Year: 1891
Death Year: 1966 does not have biographical information about this person.

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All the saints of earth will gather home, never more in sin to roamG. T. S. (Author)English2
As I go singing of God's loveG. T. Speer (Author)2
As I travel on my way, I'll keep singing every dayG. T. S. (Author)English2
As I travel on toward the setting sunG. T. Speer (Author)English5
As we travel to our home in glory (Speer)G. T. Speer (Author)2
Come on, we're traveling up to gloryG. T. S. (Author)English2
Daily I am travelingG. T. Speer (Author)3
Give thanks unto the God of godsG. T. S. (Author)English2
Going to glory telling the storyG. T. Speer (Author)English2
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I'm so glad I'm saved from sinG. T. S. (Author)English4
Have you ever been born againG. T. Speer (Author)2
I am getting old and gray, as I travel on the wayG. T. Speer (Author)English4
I am going home when thisG. T. Speer (Author)2
I am going up home on some wonderful dayG. T. S. (Author)English2
I am living now in Canaan, Where the fruit so richly growsG. T. Speer (Author)English6
I am longing to see heaven's beautyG. T. S. (Author)English2
I am on my way to the land of day (Speer)G. T. Speer (Author)2
I am serving Christ my SaviorG. T. Speer (Author)3
I have a friend in Jesus (Speer)G. T. Speer (Author)2
I have a friend who is always so lovelyG. T. S. (Author)English2
I have a loving friend on whom I can dependG. T. Speer (Author)3
I have a new house on the hilltopG. T. Speer (Author)English2
I have a precious Savior so wonderful is HeG. T. S. (Author)English2
I have a Savior who loves me I know, He's guiding and guarding wherever I goG. T. Speer (Author)English8
I have a song of praise nowG. T. Speer (Author)2
I have started a journey to a city up yonderG. T. S. (Author)English2
I heard about a man one day, who wasted not his time awayG. T. Speer (Author)English9
I just want to tell you brother, what Jesus did for meG. T. S. (Author)English2
I know that some morningG. T. Speer (Author)2
I love my blessed Lord and King (Speer)G. T. Speer (Author)2
I love my dear Savior who grants me His favorGeorge Thomas Speer (Author)English2
I love the Lord and praise His nameG. T. Speer (Author)English2
I was a poor lost sinner without a hand to guideG. T. Speer (Author)English3
I was kneeling one day, asking God to forgive meG. T. Speer (Author)English10
I was once a poor lost sinner, had no hope withinGeorge Thomas Speer (Author)English2
I was sitting by my window one dark winter dayG. T. Speer (Author)English2
I'm nearing the ending of my journeyG. T. Speer (Author)3
I'm on the road to glory landG. T. Speer (Author)2
I'm waiting the call, I'm ready to goG. T. Speer (Author)English2
I've a home up above, where there's joy peace and loveGeorge Thomas Speer (Author)English2
I've a home way up in glory that the Savior has preparedG. T. S. (Author)English3
Jesus came to give me life, set me free from sin and strifeG. T. Speer (Author)English3
Jesus came to ransom sinnersG. T. Speer (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, is so precious to me (Speer)G. T. Speer (Author)2
Let us sing the praise of Jesus while we journey here belowG. T. S. (Author)English2
Long years ago when out in sinG. T. Speer (Author)English3
Lord, make me a blessingG. T. Speer (Author)2
Lost one, wherever in sin you may roveGeorge Thomas Speer (Author)English2
My soul is now singing praise to Him, heavens wonderful KingG. T. Speer (Author)English2
Out in the low lands of sin life I wandered awayGeorge Thomas Speer (Author)English2
Sing me a song about JesusG. T. Speer (Author)English8
Some morning when this life is o'erG. T. Speer (Author)2
Sometimes I'm lonelyG. T. Speer (Author)2
Thank God for the beautiful sunshineG. T. Speer (Author)2
The fields are white, the laborers fewG. T. Speer (Author)English2
The Lord has been so good to me, He saved and set my spirit freeG. T. S. (Author)English2
The sweetness of a Christian lifeG. T. S. (Author)English2
There is a better country beyond this valeG. T. Speer (Author)2
There's a beautiful home far beyond the blue skyG. T. S. (Author)English2
There's a country far beyond the blue skiesG. T. Speer (Author)English4
There's a glad day coming for allG. T. Speer (Author)2
There's gonna' be a meetingG. T. Speer (Author)2
We are going out to battle, marching onwardG. T. S. (Author)English2
We read in the Bible, that the Bridegroom will comeG. T. Speer (Author)English2
We'll have a good time there, in love rejoicingG. T. Speer (Author)English2
What's the use to worry, when you can prayG. T. Speer (Author)English2
When days are dark and lonely, and clouds are hanging lowG. T. S. (Author)English2
When I start my trip to that homeG. T. Speer (Author)2
When I was a sinner, groping out in darkest nightG. T. Speer (Author)English2
When I was drifting out in sinG. T. S. (Author)English8
When I was just a wayward boy, I had no peace, I had no joyG. T. S. (Author)English2
When I'm sad and blueG. T. Speer (Author)2
When Satan tries to hinder you, there's just one thing for you to doG. T. S. (Author)English2
When the days were dark and hope of life was goneG. T. Speer (Author)English3
When we shall enter our heavenlyG. T. Speer (Author)2
When wicked men were bound deepG. T. Speer (Author)2

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