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Short Name: William Farley Smith
Full Name: Smith, William Farley, 1941-1997
Birth Year: 1941
Death Year: 1997
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OL' SHIP OF ZIONWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)356111 65112 23211
WERE YOU THEREWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)751333 21321 13555
SOON AND VERY SOONWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter)1133321 44333 32122
[Tell me how did you feel when you come out the wilderness]William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)216111 16533 33352
GO DOWN MOSESWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)353322 33155 771
[This is the day] (W. F. Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)255611 12171 61335
[Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Lord] (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)132143 26713 43211
SWING LOWWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)231311 65111 13555
[They crucified my Lord] (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)555575 71567 67565
STEAL AWAYWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)311133 35556 23
STAND BY ME (Tindley)William Farley Smith (Arranger)712333 21567 11355
SOJOURNERWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter)313551 32135 77515
[Praise God, from whom all blessings flow] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)211123 43212 22321
[Upon the mountain when my Lord spoke]William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)711661 65565 32123
[Not my brother, nor my sister]William Farley Smith (Arranger)433313 21111 12233
[Our Father who art in heaven] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)232334 54321 23534
O MARY (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)234433 32222 33222
[O Lamb of God, who bears away our sin] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)212221 33321 21611
MEARWilliam Farley Smith, 1941- (Harmonizer)115533 13223 15455
[We shall overcome]William Farley Smith (Adapter)1255665 43556 6543
LET US BREAK BREADWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)856111 11322 11355
[This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine]William Farley Smith (Adapter)655553 15555 31111
JACOB'S LADDER (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)233335 55322 22466
[I'm gonna sing when the spirit says sing]William Farley Smith, b. 1941 (Arranger)1055511 11113 55511
TRUST IN THE LORD (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)456161 16132 16161
[O John, O John, now didn't you say]William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)111135 56661 53212
[Lord, I want to be a Christian]William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)111335 32111 35653
[Hungry and thirsty, Lord, we come]William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)233353 14323 21716
[Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of hosts] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)266121 33222 12231
[God be with you, God be with you] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)235565 35565 35565
GO TELL ITWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)633216 51222 12323
[Glory be to God on high] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)211234 32122 32176
FIX ME, JESUSWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)213215 16513 21116
[Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down] (35612)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)135612 33333 35611
[Do Lord, do Lord]William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)455611 33321 66111
CAME HE NOTWilliam Farley Smith (Arranger)211176 63271 33323
[You'll hear the trumpet sound] (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)233231 15534 22653
BALM IN GILEAD (Spiritual)William Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)332321 51231 33432
ASCENSIUSWilliam Farley Smith (Adapter and Arranger)653535 35565 432
[Twelvefold Amen] (Smith)William Farley Smith, 1941- (Composer)256111 21716 13356
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