Alfred B. Smith

Short Name: Alfred B. Smith
Full Name: Smith, Alfred B. (Alfred Barnerd), 1916-2001
Birth Year: 1916
Death Year: 2001

Used pseudonym B. C. Laurelton


In 1930, he began playing on radio broadcasts in Jersey City, New Jersey, on "The Old Fashioned Gospel Hour." After meeting Wendell P. Loveless, Alfred enrolled at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and became a member of the WMBI staff.

During service as Minister of Music at The Church of the Open Door in Philadelphia, he taught at The Philadelphia School of the Bible in the fall of 1938. During that year, he wrote "For God So Loved the World" after visiting the ninety-four year-old hymn writer George C. Stebbins.

Smith met Billy Graham when they were both students at Wheaton College. During their long collaboration, they founded Singspiration in 1941.

After graduating from Wheaton, Smith, Graham, and George Beverly Shea started "Youth for Christ" in Chicago.

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Texts by Alfred B. Smith (40)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Yo fui peregrino errabundoAlfred Smith (Author)Spanish3
I know who holds the future, And I know he holds my handAlfred B. Smith (Author)1
With eternity's values in view, LordAlfred B. Smith (Author)English7
When you feel weakest, dangers surroundA. B. S. (Editor)English1
We may sound the depths of all the might oceansAlfred B. Smith (Author)2
There's no one ever loved me like JesusAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
There's a deep, settled peace in my soulA. B. S. (Author)English3
There's a beautiful Rose ever bloomingAlfred B. Smith (Author)3
There is a name from Heaven givenAlfred B. Smith (Author (st. 4))2
The Lord is good. Tell it wherever you goA. B. S. (Author)English3
The Lord has done great things for us whereof we are gladAlfred B. Smith (Author)English1
The gift of everlasting life is mine todayAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
Study to show thyself approved unto GodAlfred B. Smith (Author)English1
Somewhere beyond the blue there's a mansion for meA. B. S. (Author)English4
Show me Thy way, O Lord, And make it plainAlfred B. Smith (Alterer)English1
Savior, I come to Thee, Cleanse me, and set me freeAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
Praise the Lord! I know He's ableA. B. S. (Author)English2
Peace, peace is flooding my soulA. B. S. (Author)English2
Once by the sin of the world I was boundAlfred B. Smith (Author)English4
Oft there comes a gentle whisper over me stealingRev. A. B. Smith (Author)English1
O Jesus, King most wonderfulAlfred B. Smith (Translator)English1
Neither do I condemn thee, O hear the voice of the SaviorA. B. S. (Author)English2
Muy triste vagaba en el mundoA.B.S. (Author)Spanish2
Men's hearts today are failingAlfred B. Smith (Author)2
Joy is dwelling in my heartAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus saves and keeps and satisfies every dayAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus can keep little children, Good all the day, good all the dayAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
I was a sinner lost, bowed down with sinAlfred B. Smith (Author)2
I find my all in JesusA. B. S. (Author)English2
I fell in love with Jesus, At the cross of CalvaryA. B. S. (Author)English3
I do not know what lies aheadAlfred B Smith (Author)English1
I am hiding in the cleft of the RockA. B. S. (Author)English2
His name above all other namesAlfred B. Smith (Author)English1
He's preparing a place for meA. B. S. (Author)English2
He's no longer a strangerAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
He holds my hand, this wonderful SaviorAlfred B. Smith (Author)English2
He bore it all for meA. B. S. (Author)English2
Beyond life's sunset hillsA. B. S. (Author)English2
Be thou exalted forever and everAlfred B. Smith (Author)English1
A pilgrim was I, and a-wand'ring,Alfred B. Smith, 1916-2003 (Author)English34

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