Richard Smallwood

Short Name: Richard Smallwood
Full Name: Smallwood, Richard, 1948-
Birth Year (est.): 1948

Richard Smallwood (b. Washington, D.C., 1948), a composer, arranger, pianist, and innovator in the African American gospel style. Many of his arrangements of gospel hymns appear in Lift Every Voice and Sing (1981). Organized by Smallwood in 1967, the Richard Smallwood Singers have sung and recorded many of his arrangements. He remains their current director. Smallwood has a BM degree from Howard University, Washington, DC.

Bert Polman

Texts by Richard Smallwood (7)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
I love the Lord; He heard my cries And pitied every groanRichard Smallwood, b.1948 (Author)English6
Jesus, you're the center of my joyRichard Smallwood, b. 1948 (Author)English1
Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hillsRichard Smallwood, b. 1948 (Author)English11
O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy nameRichard Smallwood (Author)1
We need the power of the Holy SpiritRichard Smallwood (Author)English6
When I've lost my directionRichard Smallwood (Author)English3
When the glory of the Lord fills this holy templeRichard Smallwood, b. 1948 (Author)English5
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