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Natalie Sleeth
Short Name: Natalie Sleeth
Full Name: Sleeth, Natalie, 1930-1992
Birth Year: 1930
Death Year: 1992

Wikipedia Biography

Natalie Allyn Sleeth (née Wakeley; October 29, 1930 – March 21, 1992) was an American composer of hymns and choral music. Sleeth was born in Evanston, Illinois. She began to study the piano at the early age of four. In 1952, she earned a BA in music theory at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She married the Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Sleeth, a professor of Homiletics.

Tunes by Natalie Sleeth (19)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
[Good news! Good news!] (Sleeth)Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2
GAUDEAMUS HODIENatalie Sleeth, 1930- (Composer)211354 54321 13543
[If you love me, truly love me]Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2
[Everywhere I go, the Lord is near me]Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2
LIGHT ONE CANDLENatalie Sleeth (Composer)211321 51132 12113
['Twas all part of the plan]Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2
[We are all children of the Lord]Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2
[O may the peace of God be with you evermore]Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2
EASTER JOY (Sleeth)Natalie Sleeth (Composer)311511 51234 55645
[Feed my lambs, tend my sheep]Natalie Sleeth (Composer)333333 33332 17112
JUXTAPOSITIONNatalie Sleeth (Composer)355111 33321 75533
WHO'S GOIN' TO TELL THE STORYNatalie Sleeth (Composer)451512 32171 51512
NATALIENatalie Sleeth (Composer)511123 45123 43217
GO YE, GO YENatalie Sleeth (Composer)615156 54551 51232
JOY IN THE MORNINGNatalie Sleeth (Composer)655112 32171 55112
GOD OF GREAT AND SMALLNatalie Sleeth (Composer)611554 65345 14221
PRAISE THE LORD (Sleeth)Natalie Sleeth (Composer)1411171 21753 33234
GO NOW IN PEACE (Sleeth)Natalie Sleeth (Composer)2555455 54515 15154
PROMISE (Sleeth)Natalie Sleeth (Composer)3555123 21555 23432

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