Morgan F. Simmons

Short Name: Morgan F. Simmons
Full Name: Simmons, Morgan F. 1929-
Birth Year: 1929

SIMMONS, MORGANThe Hymnal 1982 (Episcopal), and contributed more than 40 entries regarding texts and tunes for the Companion of that historic hymnal.

Morgan Simmons (from In Melody and Song, Darcey Press, 2014

Tunes by Morgan F. Simmons (10)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
COVINGTON (Miller)Morgan Simmons (Harmonizer)241456 71645 67531
EX MORE DOCTI MYSTICOMorgan F. Simmons, b. 1929 (Arranger)1
FRESH DELIGHTMorgan Simmons (Composer)253512 33251 23425
GRACE ABUNDANTMorgan Simmons (Composer)214567 11654 21612
HEAVENLY FRUITMorgan Simmons (Composer)251712 75123 127
HOBBIEMorgan Simmons (Harmonizer)212356 53216 65
JESU, NOSTRA REDEMPTIOMorgan F. Simmons, b. 1929 (Arranger)1
LAND OF REST (American)Morgan Simmons (Harmonizer)151123 51165 51123
MORNING SONG (Dare)Morgan Simmons (Arranger)151234 32175 51234
THRICEMorgan Simmons (Composer)251234 51456 75512
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