William F. Sherwin

William F. Sherwin
Short Name: William F. Sherwin
Full Name: Sherwin, William F. (William Fisk), 1826-1888
Birth Year: 1826
Death Year: 1888

Sherwin, William Fisk, an American Baptist, was born at Buckland, Massachusetts, March 14,1826. His educational opportunities, so far as schools were concerned, were few, but he made excellent use of his time and surroundings. At fifteen he went to Boston and studied music under Dr. Mason: In due course he became a teacher of vocal music, and held several important appointments in Massachusetts; in Hudson and Albany, New York County, and then in New York City. Taking special interest in Sunday Schools, he composed carols and hymn-tunes largely for their use, and was associated with the Rev. R. Lowry and others in preparing Bright Jewels, and other popular Sunday School hymn and tune books. A few of his melodies are known in Great Britain through I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, where they are given with his signature. His hymnwriting was limited. The following pieces are in common use:—
1. Grander than ocean's story (1871). The Love of God.
2. Hark, bark, the merry Christmas bells. Christmas Carol.
3. Lo, the day of God is breaking. The Spiritual Warfare.
4. Wake the song of joy and gladness. Sunday School or Temperance Anniversary.
5. Why is thy faith, 0 Child of God, so small. Safety in Jesus.
Mr. Sherwin died at Boston, Massachusetts, April 14, 1888.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Sherwin, W. F., p. 1055, i. Another hymn from his Bright Jewels, 1869, p. 68, is "Sound the battle cry" (Christian Courage), in the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905, and several other collections.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by William F. Sherwin (75)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ala! Oho e!Wm. F. Sherwin (Author)Hawaiian3
All praise belongs to thee, O GodW. F. S. (Author)2
All that have life and breathW. F. S. (Author)2
Art thou lost, lost, lostW. F. Sherwin (Author)English3
Behold the Lamb of God, the sacrifice for sinWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)4
Bright jewels of songWm. F. Sherwin (Author)3
Christmas bells are pealing, pealingWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
Come join we now in merry songWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
Come [When] now with joy and singingW. F. S. (Author)English4
Come with hearts and voices now and sing a gospel songWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)English10
Con acentos de alegría Hoy loamos al SeñorWilliam F. Sherwin (1826-1888) (Author)Spanish2
Entreat me not to leave thee, O pilgrimWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)4
Father most holy! To whom all praise belongsWilliam. F. Sherwin (Author)English4
Galilaia la'ela'e eWilliam F. Sherwin, 1826-1888 (Author)Hawaiian3
Galilea a narañgaWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)Tagalog2
Galilee, bright GalileeWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English57
God bless the children every oneW. F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Grander than [the] ocean's storyWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English35
Grant Thy blessing now, O LordWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English3
Hail the day, hail the dayWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Hail the happy day returningW. F. S. (Author)English3
Hark, the Spirit whispers lowWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)5
Holy Spirit, give us lightW. F. S. (Author)English2
How we love the BibleW. F. S. (Author)English2
I am so young, O JesusWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)English5
I need thee, O my GodW. F. Sherwin (Author)7
In the march of life through the toil and strife (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Author)English6
Is thy pathway often drearW. F. S. (Author)English2
It is better to trust in the LordW. F. S. (Author)English5
Lo, a mighty host the army of the LordW. F. S. (Author)English5
Lo the children come with singingWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English3
Lo! the day of God is breaking, See the gleaming from afarW. F. S. (Author)English20
¡Loor a ti, mi Dios, loor a ti!W. S. (Author)Spanish2
Marching on with shout and songW. F. S. (Author)English2
Now [All] hail to thee, fair morningS. (Author)English1
Now thy throne addressingW. F. S. (Author)English4
O come, let us praise the RedeemerWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English4
O Father, in these hallowed courtsW. F. Sherwin (Author)English2
O heavenly guest thy call I hearWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)2
O sinner, the Savior is calling, In love He invites thee to comeW. F. S. (Author)English3
Once more we lift our souls to TheeW. F. S. (Author)English2
Over the ocean, from lands far awayW. F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Over the river they beckon meWm. F. Sherwin (Author)2
Praise the Lord in song, and with glad acclaimWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English7
Schaut, es dämmert fern im Osten!William F. Sherwin (Author)German3
Se, nu Kampens Dag frembryderWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
Shout for joy, come before the LordWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)6
Shout for joy! shout for joy! Wake every tuneful chordWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Siervos de Jesús, hombres de verdadWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)Spanish6
Sing aloud a joyful chorusWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)English5
Sing of Christ, sing of ChristWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Sound the battle cry! See, the foe is nighW. F. S. (Author)English229
Sounding from the bell of timeW. F. S. (Author)2
Speed the gospel armyWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)English4
Stimmt das Kriegslied anWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)German2
Tell thy Savior when the journey seems too wearisomeWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)3
The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, Therefore with gladness our offerings we bring (Sherwin)W. F. S. (Author)English4
The Master is come and calleth for thee (Sherwin)William F. Sherwin (Author)1
To God we lift our joyful songsWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English2
To Thee, O heavenly Father, Our hymns of praise we singWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Up from the sealed tombWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
Wake the song of joy and gladness, Hither bring your noblest laysWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)English14
Wake, wake the song, our glad jubileeWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)English15
Wakristo wote angalieniWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)Swahili1
We gather rejoicing todayWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
We're the children of a King, Though here awhile we roamW. F. Sherwin (Author)English2
While we read Thy holy WordWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English2
Why is Sarah standing thereWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
Why is thy faith in God's great love so smallWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)English3
Why is thy faith, O child of God, so small?W. F. Sherwin (Author)English17
With cheerful songs, eternal KingWilliam F. Sherwin (Author)2
With gladsome hearts our praise we bringW. F. S. (Author)English4
With grateful hearts and songs of joyWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2
With heart and voice, in holy exultationW. F. S. (Author)English4
With return of spring, once again we bringWilliam Fisk Sherwin (Author)2

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