Thomas Shepherd

Short Name: Thomas Shepherd
Full Name: Shepherd, Thomas, 1665-1739
Birth Year: 1665
Death Year: 1739

Shepherd, Thomas, son of William Shepherd, sometime Vicar of Tilbrook, Bedfordshire, and subsequently a Nonconformist Minister at Oundle, and at Kettering, was born in 1665. Taking Holy Orders he held for some time preferment in Huntingdonshire, and in Buckinghamshire. Seceding from the Church of England, he became, in 1694, pastor of the Castle Hill Meeting House (Independent), Nottingham, of which Dr. Doddridge was subsequently pastor. In 1700 he removed to Bocking, near Braintree, Essex, where he began his work in a barn. A chapel was erected for his congregation in 1707. He died Jan. 29, 1739. His publications consisted chiefly of Sermons, His Penitential Cries were a continuance of those by John Mason, who wrote the first six and the version of Ps. 86, and were published with Mason's Songs of Praise in 1693. It must be noted that in D. Sedgwick's reprint of the Songs, and the Penitential Cries, in 1859, Mason's Cries are under the head of Songs, &c, pp. 49-61, and those under Penitential Cries, are all by Shepherd. Some of these Cries are still in common use including, "My God, my God, my Light, my Love " (Longing for God) ; and "When wilt Thou come unto me, Lord" (Communion with God desired).

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Thomas Shepherd (44)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A soul that's burdened with the weightThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Ah me my heart's the seat of warThomas Shepherd (Author)3
Alas, my God, that we would beThomas Shepherd (Author)English2
Among the Jews let every tribeThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Bayantay aya ni JesusThomas Shepherd (Author)Tagalog2
¿Deberá Jesús llevar su cruzThomas Shepherd (Author)Spanish3
Farewell, vain world, I bid adieu, Your glories I despiseThomas Shepherd (Author)English26
God who once more unsealed mine eyesThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Great God thou art a God of graceThomas Shepherd (Author)2
I bless my God for giving graceThomas Shepherd (Author)2
I had a Lord, but ah he's goneThomas Shepherd (Author)2
I have an host of enemiesThomas Shepherd (Author)2
I'll bear the cross for Jesus' sakeThomas Shepherd (Author)English1
¿La cruz tú llevas, oh JesúsThomas Shepherd (Author)Spanish2
Lord, thou hast planted me a vineThomas Shepherd (Author)English2
Man's life a sign, a groan, a cryThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Jesus, keep me near the crossThos. Shepherd (Author)English1
Must Jesus bear the cross aloneThos. Shepherd (Author)English938
Must Simon bear his cross aloneThomas Shepherd (Author)English26
My God, he is the God of graceThomas Shepherd (Author)2
My God, my God, my light, my loveThomas Shepherd (Author)2
My Lord, my God, I once could singThomas Shepherd (Author)2
O Lord, behold a wretched oneThomas Shepherd (Author)2
O that my soul as prosperous wereThomas Shepherd (Author)2
O that my soul were now as fairThomas Shepherd (Author)English5
'r korsetsThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Skal Jesus b're Korset selvThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Surrounding hosts of enemiesThomas Shepherd (Author)2
That heart is harder than a stoneThomas Shepherd (Author)3
The spouse sought her beloved oneThomas Shepherd (Author)2
This empty world has now too longThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Thou spreadest a weekly table, LordThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Though I am fallen from my GodThomas Shepherd (Author)2
To praise redeeming loveThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Today the Lord of hosts invitesThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Trägt Jesus nur das Kreuz alleinThomas Shepherd (Author)German1
Trug Jesus einst des Kreuzes LastThomas Shepherd (Author)German1
What line can fathom, LordThomas Shepherd (Author)2
When, Lord, shall Jew and Gentile raiseThomas Shepherd (Author)2
When wilt thou come unto me, LordThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Where lies a sin, I'll drop a tearThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Whilst others costly offerings bringThomas Shepherd (Author)2
Who can number all the starsThomas Shepherd (Author)2
耶穌豈當獨背十架 (Yēsū qǐ dāng dú bèi shí jià)Thomas Shepherd (Author)Chinese2

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