Calvin Seerveld

Short Name: Calvin Seerveld
Full Name: Seerveld, Calvin, 1930-
Birth Year: 1930

Calvin Seerveld (b. 1930) was professor of aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto from 1972 until he retired in 1995. Educated at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan; the University of Michigan; and the Free University of Amsterdam (Ph.D.), he also studied at Basel University in Switzerland, the University of Rome, and the University of Heidelberg. Seerveld began his career by teaching at Bellhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi (1958-1959), and at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois (1959-1972). A fine Christian scholar, fluent in various biblical and modern languages, he is published widely in aesthetics, biblical studies, and philosophy. His books include Take Hold of God and Pull (1966), The Greatest Song: In Critique of Solomon (1967), For God's Sake, Run with Joy (1972), Rainbows for the Fallen World: Aesthetic Life and Artistic Task (1980), and On Being Human (1988). He credits the Dutch musician Ina Lohr for influencing his compositions of hymn tunes. Most of his Bible versifications and hymns were written for the Psalter Hymnal (1987), on whose revision committee he ably served.

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Wikipedia Biography

Calvin George Seerveld (born 1930) received a BA from Calvin College in 1952 and an MA in English literature and classics from the University of Michigan in 1953. He then went on to study under D. H. Th. Vollenhoven at the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam, where his doctoral dissertation dealt with Croce's aesthetics. It was supervised by Vollenhoven and Carlo Antoni. He then taught philosophy and German at Trinity Christian College and went on to teach philosophical aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.

Texts by Calvin Seerveld (39)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Babylon streams received our tearsCalvin Seerveld (Author)English3
Be just in judgment, fair to allCalvin Seerveld, 1930- (Author)English3
Blest are the contrite heartsCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3
Do not be silent, LORD GodCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Give ear, O earth, attend my songsCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Give glory to God, all you heavenly creaturesCalvin Seerveld (Author)English4
God of Jacob, please rememberCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
God's gift it is to eat and drinkCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Hallelu the LORD our God!Calvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Hear us, O people, hear our pleaCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Holy Spirit, mighty God, tune our ears to hear the WordCalvin Seerveld (Author)English4
How blest are all the people who fear and trust the LORDCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
I was glad they came to call meCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
I worship you, O LORDCalvin Seerveld (Versifier (st. 4))English4
If God does not build up the houseCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
If God the LORD were not our constant helpCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
In the fish for three days buriedCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Jesus lives, and so do weCalvin Seerveld (Translator)English2
Little Bethlehem of JudahCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English4
LORD God of Israel, come among usCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
LORD, my heart is humbled nowCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
LORD, you have searched my life and knowCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3
My God! O my God! Have you left me alone?Calvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Now the solemn feast is doneCalvin Seerveld (Author)English2
O Christ! Come back to save your folkCalvin Seerveld (Author)English2
O Christ, our Lord, dear Son of GodCalvin Seerveld (Author)2
Once I said, "I must keep quiet"Calvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3
Our lives are filled with sorrowsCalvin Seerveld (Author)English2
Praised be the FatherCalvin Seerveld (Author)English2
Savior of the nations, come, Show yourself, the virgin's son (Seerveld)Calvin Seerveld, b. 1930 (Translator (English))English6
The day is coming- God has promisedCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
The LORD is saying, "I will make all things new.Calvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
The mighty deeds the LORD has doneCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3
Trumpet the Name! Praise be to our LORD!Calvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
We know that God works things for goodCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3
When God brought Zion's remnant bandCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English2
Whoever shelters with the LORDCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3
Why, Lord, must evil seem to get its wayCalvin Seerveld (Author)English2
You servants of the LORD our GodCalvin Seerveld (Versifier)English3

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