Clara H. Scott

Clara H. Scott
Short Name: Clara H. Scott
Full Name: Scott, Clara H., 1841-1897
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1897

Clara Harriett Fiske Jones Scott USA 1841-1897. Born at Elk Grove, IL, daughter of a farmer, the family moved to Chicago in 1856. Clara enrolled in the first Chicago Musical Institute, after founders, Chauncy M Cady and William Bradbury, opened it in 1858. Following her graduation from the program, she found employment at the new Lyons Girl’s Seminary (also founded in 1858) in Lyons, IA. While working there, she met Henry Clay Scott, who worked for Scott & Ovington Brothers wholesale crockery company. The two married in 1861 in McGregor, IA. They had two daughters, Medora and Mary. The family moved to Austin, IL, near Chicago in the 1870s. She become a composer, hymnwriter, and publisher. She was the first woman to publish a volume of anthems, ‘The Royal anthem book’ in 1882. Horatio Palmer, a friend, helped her publish her songs. She issued three collections of songs. In 1895 she and her husband, now an invalid, moved to Chicago. In 1897 she was returning to her friend’s house after attending a funeral in DuBuque, IA. She was driving a horse-drawn buggy with two friends, Martha Hay and D D Myers. The buggy’s hold-back strap snapped, spooking the horse, who raced forward, colliding with a coping stone, causing the buggy to roll. Clara and Martha were thrown out and both died instantly. The third lady, D D, was severly injured. Clara’s funeral was well-attended by music writers, teachers, professors, publishers, and friends. Two of her own compositions were sung by a quartet of close friends. She died at Dubuque, IA.

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Texts by Clara H. Scott (25)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Abre mis ojos a la luzC. H. Scott (Author)Spanish14
¡Abre mis ojos! mi JesúsC. H. S. (Author)Spanish2
Always with me, I can neverC. H. S. (Author)English4
Es Cristo de su Iglesia El fundamento fielClara H. Scott (Author)Spanish1
Follow me, said JesusClara H. Scott (Author)English2
God is love, that love surrounds meClara H. Scott (Author)English10
I am so glad that Jesus taughtC. H. S. (Author)English2
I am waiting in the silenceClara H. Scott (Author)English2
I hear a gentle knockingClara H. Scott (Author)English2
I sing of the King of gloryClara H. Scott (Author)English5
Jesus blest the little children, Long years agoC. H. S. (Author)English2
കണ്‍കള്‍ തുറക്ക കാണുവാന്‍ (Kaṇkaḷ tuṟakka kāṇuvān)Clara H. Scott (Author)Malayalam2
My life is in Thee, Thou omnipresent OneC. H. S. (Author)English4
O when shall my weary soul find rest in theeClara H. Scott (Author)2
Öffne mein Auge, dass ich seh'Clara H. Scott (Author)German2
Öffne mein Auge, lass mich seh'nClara H. Scott (Author)German2
Open my eyes that I may seeC. H. S. (Author)English190
Rejoice with me, I've found the wayC. H. S. (Author)English3
Seek the truth as Jesus taught itClara H. Scott (Author)English2
Silently now I wait for Thee (Chorus)Clara H. Scott (Author)English1
There is sweet rest in JesusClara H. Scott (Author)2
They who wait on the LordClara H. Scott (Author)English2
Thou art my Life, Thou art my healthClara H. Scott (Author)English3
Venha, Senhor, meus olhos abrirClara H. Scott (Author)Portuguese2
With stately tread yon mighty orbsC. H. S. (Author)English2

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