Michael D. Schultz

Short Name: Michael D. Schultz
Full Name: Schultz, Michael D.
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Texts by Michael D. Schultz (34)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All nations, join to praise the LORDMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
Dear Jesus, on your pilgrim wayMichael D. Schultz (Translator)English2
Evening and morning, Sunset and dawningMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator (st. 4))English1
From depths of woe, Lord God, I cryMichael D. Schultz (Versifier)English2
From high atop the mount where Moses standsMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
"From youth they oppressed me," let Israel sayMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
God's own Son most holyMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator (sts. 2, 3))1
He whose praise the shepherds soundedMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator)English2
How blest are those the LORD forgivesMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
I come, O Savior, to Thy tableMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator (sts. 3, 5-7))English1
I long to serve my SaviorMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
I sing as I arise todayMichael Schultz, b. 1963 (Author (st. 3, 4))English2
I stand beside your manger here, O Jesus, life from heavenMichael D. Schultz (Translator)English2
In this holy, blest communionMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
Joyously I'll praise my SaviorMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator)English2
Now let us come before HimMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator (st. 4, 7))English1
O God Most High, your saints belowMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
O Lord, in prayer you spent the nightMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Alterer)2
O Lord, take pity once you've seenMichael D. Schultz (Translator)English2
Open, lovely doors, and let meMichael D. Schultz (Translator)English2
Order my life, Lord, as you willMichael D. Schultz (Translator)English2
Praise to you, eternal Father!Michael D. Schultz (Author)English2
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, Waged in blood on CalvaryMichael D. Schultz (Translator (st. 1))English2
The Garden of Gethsemane—They'd often gathered thereMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
Their nails were freshly drivenMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
This brightness, Lord! What shall I sayMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
What do you gain from all your worryMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Author (st. 4))English2
What joy to join the chorusMichael D. Schultz (Translator (st. 1))English2
When Jesus came from Nazareth he walked beside the sea (Stuempfle)Michael Schultz, b. 1963 (Author (st. 5))English1
When training up a childMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
When will I walk the shining streets of goldMichael D. Schultz (Author)English2
With all my heart I praise you, LordMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Translator)English2
Word and water, filled with promiseMichael D. Schultz, b. 1963 (Author)English2
Zion, at thy shining gatesMichael Schultz, b. 1963 (Author (st. 2) and Alterer)English1
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